Hospital Conde S. Januário

Hospital Conde S. Januário

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Region = Macau Peninsula
State = Macau
Country = China
HealthCare = Medicare
Type = acute care
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Emergency = Yes
Affiliation= None
Beds = 476
Founded = 1989
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Website = Hospital Center of CSJ
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Hospital Conde S. Januário is an acute care hospital in Macau, run by the public sector. Opened in 1989, it has 476 beds and offers 22 different services, both for inpatients and for outpatients. The hospital is colloquially known as 'Hill-top Hospital 山頂醫院' by the majority of local people. Herein, the 'Hill' refers to the Guia Hill (東望洋山 or 松山).

Currently there is no western-style medical school in Macau, so all indigenous intending doctors have to either qualify overseas, or qualified doctors have to be brought in from outside.

Currently the hospital is not engaged in international healthcare accreditation.

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* [ Hospital Center of CSJ]

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