Live! (Voltaire album)

Live! (Voltaire album)

Infobox Album | Name = Live!
Type = Live Album
Artist = Voltaire

Released = 2006
Recorded = Austin, Texas
Genre = Dark cabaret
Length =
Label = Self Released
Last album = "Deady Sings!"
This album = "Live!"
Next album = "Ooky Spooky"

"Live!" (2006) is a live album by the dark cabaret/darkwave artist Voltaire. It was released in 2006. This album features only Voltaire's vocals and guitar playing, along with sounds of the crowd. All albums before this have featured musicians in Voltaire's band.

Track listing

The tracks marked with an asterisk are monologues.

#"I am Rammstein!"*
#"Ex-Lover's Lover" (Originally from "The Devil's Bris")
#"Bella Morte Girls"*
#"Zombie Prostitute" (Released on "Ooky Spooky" and "Zombie Prostitute...")
#"Cartoon Network"*
#"BRAINS!" (Originally from "Boo Hoo")
#"God Thinks" (Originally from "Almost Human")
#"Zombie Jesus"*
#"Goodnight Demonslayer" (Originally from "Then and Again")
#"Comin' Out for Christmas"
#"Poopin' On the Enterprise"*
#"The USS Make Shit Up" (Originally from "Banned on Vulcan")
#"Heath, Ohio"*
#"Sexy Data Tango" (Originally from "Banned on Vulcan")
#"Lucas Is a Noodler"*
#"Cantina" (Released on "Ooky Spooky", a demo has also been released on "Zombie Prostitute...")
#"The Vampire Club" (Originally from "Boo Hoo")
#"Austin, Texas"*
#"When You're Evil" (Originally from "The Devil's Bris")
#"Hell in a Hand Basket" (Released on "Ooky Spooky". A live version of the same song can also be found on "Zombie Prostitute...") [ [] Projekt Records' page on the album]


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