Hungarian Democratic Republic

Hungarian Democratic Republic

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Magyar Népköztársaság"
conventional_long_name = Hungarian Democratic Republic
common_name = Hungary
continent = Europe
region = Hungary
country = Hungary|
event_start = Established
year_start = 1918
date_start = November 16
event_end = Downfall
year_end = 1919
date_end = March 21

event1 =
date_event1 =
event2 =
date_event2 =
event3 =
date_event3 =
event4 =
date_event4 = |
p1 = Austria-Hungary
flag_p1 = Flag of Hungary (1867-1918).svg
s1 = Hungarian Soviet Republic
flag_s1 = Red flag.svg|

flag_type =

symbol =
symbol_type =

coa_size = 85px

image_map_caption =
capital = Budapest
national_motto =
national_anthem =
common_languages = Hungarian
currency = Korona
government_type = Republic|
title_leader = Prime Minister
leader1 = Mihály Károlyi
year_leader1 = 1918 – 1919
leader2 = Dénes Berinkey
year_leader2 = 1919
title_deputy = President
deputy1 = Mihály Károlyi
year_deputy1 = 1919
deputy2 =
year_deputy2 =
legislature =
house1 = |
stat_year1 =
stat_area1 =
stat_pop1 = |
footnotes =

Hungarian Democratic Republic was an independent republic proclaimed after the collapse of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1918.


The Hungarian Democratic Republic was created by revolution that started in Budapest on October 31, 1918. Official proclamation of the republic was on November 16, 1918 and its president became Mihály Károlyi. This event also marked independence of Hungarian state which was ruled by Habsburg Monarchy for several centuries. Another revolution from March 21, 1919 marked the end of the Hungarian Democratic Republic and creation of new republic known as Hungarian Soviet Republic.


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*Hungarian Soviet Republic
*History of Hungary

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