Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

The "Journal of Egyptian Archaeology" or JEA (ISSN|0307-5133) is a scientific journal containing scholarly articles and reviews of recent books of importance to Egyptology.

It is one of the most well-known and respected Egyptological journals, and has been published annually since 1914 by the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) of London, United Kingdom. It is issued around the beginning of each year to all "Category 1" members of the Society, as part of their yearly subscription.

Previous issues of the JEA may be obtained from the Egypt Exploration Society's distributors: Oxbow Books (Oxford, UK), and the David Brown Book Company, (Connecticut, USA).

As is normal with Egyptological journals, articles written in other languages, principally German and French, are accepted for publication.

From the publication of JEA 93 (2007), the Journal's editorial board will be located at the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, University of Liverpool, England. The Editor-in-Chief is Dr Mark Collier, a philologist of the ancient Egyptian language.

External links

* [ JEA Webpage] (at the EES website)
* [ JEA back issues catalogue] (Oxbow Books, UK)
* [ JEA back issues catalogue] (David Brown Book Company, USA)
* [ TOCS-IN (Table Of Contents-Index)] -contains searchable index of article titles from a limited number of issues (1992-99).

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