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title = BOTS

developer = Acclaim Games
genre = Massively multiplayer online game
modes = Single player, multiplayer
media = Download (470.5 MB), CD-Rom (3.99 USD, 4.99INTL For shipping and handling)
platform = PC Windows
requirements = Pentium III
128 MB RAM
32 MB Video card
Sound card
DirectX 9.0
input = Keyboard, Mouse

"BOTS!!" (or "BOTS") is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) created by Acclaim Games. It is a multi-player online robotic fighting game, featuring fast-paced action. Players choose from one of three basic BOTS and upgrade their character throughout the game. There are multi or single player story modes that include Sector (Player/Team vs Virus), PVP (Player/Team vs Player/Team) and Base (Base vs Base).


Players begin games by joining rooms. Each room has a room master who is responsible for beginning the level and choosing what level the room will play. When the session is over, players receive points, experience, rankings, Gigas (the common type of money) (in-game currency), and may receive special recognition based on their gameplay. There are four possible titles players may receive depending on how well they played and the mode of play: MVP(Sector,Player Vs. Player and Base mode), Winner of 2nd Prize(Player Vs. player), Boss Killer(Sector mode), and Base Strike Specialist(Base mode). BOTS also awards players with items that can be bought with gigas and Acclaim coins (must be bought with real money) which are tokens that may be used to buy special items by participating in weekend events(see BOTS!! homepage for more details, events vary from time to time)or by doing other contests hosted by players/BOTS!! staff in the message boards.

Bot Types

There are Three different models of BOT that a player can choose from when signing up for the game: Patch, Surge, and Ram. The three models do not offer much intrinsic difference in gameplay, as they all have identical movesets. If by chance you receive a plus item for your model it will do various things to your Bots stats. Also, a Model will have a higher addition to their related stat every level. For example, The Ram model will have more transformed attack then any other bot model of its level. The Patch is related to normal attack power, and the Surge has HP and attack rate.

Basic Models


Possessing strong physical power, Patch was originally designed as heavy construction machinery. But later it was remodeled as combat machinery. ["A direct quote from"] Specialty: Trans attack, trans defence and chance of critical hit will increase better than other BOTS!!


Designed only for combat purposes, Surge can smoothly move around on any kind of terrain by its antigravity cyber core but provides less control than the other bots. It uses powerful laser attacks to penetrate heavy metals. ["A direct quote from"] Specialty: Evade, speed and gun damage are increased more than other BOTS!!


Created on the concept of an insects' adaptability. Using its unique arm, Ram is a multi-task machine with hidden weapons and quick attacks. This Bot can transform into many different virus(enemies). ["A direct quote from"] Specialty: Ram has the best Transformation abilities, like transformation speed, transformation gauge and a high chance of getting a special transformation than the other bots.

Transformed Models

Transformed Bots, up to double the size of their untransformed counterparts, are gifted with an exponentially greater amount of power, as reflected in their dramatic increases in attack strength and defense ratio. Bots can stay transformed for a limited amount of time, shown by the transformation gauge underneath their HP bar; this amount of time is directly influenced by their Transformation Gauge stat, which is affected by parts that are equipped (most notably shields and arm parts). It should be noted though, that transformed Bots are unable to use any equipped skill or gun. Once the transformation gauge runs out, the Bot reverts to its usual, smaller stature, and its gun and Skills are re-activated. The appearance of the transformed Bot is based not only on the model they've chosen, but the body upgrade equipped to that Bot. In certain situations, players can transform into a sector's boss, such as the Bugbears, CodeRed, Love Bug, and Kowbat. The chance of a special transformation increases with the player's Special trans stat. The player also has the opportunity to purchase a trans pack using Acclaim Coins, which enables them to transform into something other than the standard model but it is not necessary to use acclaim coins in order to obtain a transformation pack, transformation packs can be obtained in coin drop boxes from in sector.

Bot Stats

There are 3 basic stats, each linked to a part of the bot(arm, head or body), which will go up with every new achieved level, and is not affected by the chosen Bot. Furthermore, each bot has 1 or 2 other stats per piece of armor, making the difference between the bots, Making for a Total of 13 stats.


The Hp (Health points) reflect the total damage that a Bot can take before being destroyed. It can be refilled with either a silica pack(but referred in the game as "Hp packs") or a rebirth pack. Equipped heads will also give a Hp bonus, with more powerful heads giving more Hp.


The Attack stat reflects the amount of damage a Bot can do against a normal enemy virus.Equipped arms will give an Attack bonus.Also the Minibell mini bot has been known to add a few more points to a Bots!! attack

Trans attack

The Trans attack stat reflects the damage that a Bot can deal in a transformed stat.Equipped body's will give a Trans attack bonus. Higher Trans attack means your BOT's transformed version will do more damage in turn, getting you more points.

Other Stats

These stats usually only go up with the correct model and/or plus/coin item, although some of these stats will go up on other models, but not with every new level.

Surge Stats

Evade (MIS)

This stat is found on Surge heads, yellow E.F.s, Coin items and some Mini bots. This will add to the Percentage of allowing an enemy's attack to miss you, making your bot receive no damage at all, while also making you unable to move for a second.

Speed (BST)

This adds to your Bots speed while running. This Stat is mostly affected by equipped wings and surge bodys that have a plus stat Ex +1,2,3,4 or +5.

Ranged Attack (GUN)

This Stat Affects the additional damage(on top of the normal damage the equipped gun) of a gun. These can be found on Surge arms,patch arms,ram arms.

Patch Stats

Critical (CRT)

This stat is usually found on Patch heads, E.F.s, Coin items and mini bots. This will add to the percentage of your 4th attack to knock your enemy far away and will double your normal damage. Critical is also in effect with the passive ability "Counter".

Trans Bot Attack (TA)

This skill reflects the damage of all your attacks when fighting a transformed bot or Boss virus. It is usually found in +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 Patch bodies, coin flags and Coin mini bots.

Transformed Bot Defense (TD)

This stat reduces the damage you take from boss viruses or transformed enemies. It can usually be found in shields, armparts, coin flags, coin mini bots, or in +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 Patch arms.

Ram Stats

Transformation speed (MX)

Decreases the time it takes for a bot to go into a transformed state.Only Ram +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 body parts, coin flags or Coin Mini bots have this stat.

Special Trans (SP)

This stat is usually found on Ram heads +1/+2/+3/+4/+5, E.F.s, Coin items and Mini bots. This allows a Bot To transform into one of the following (Boss)viruses: Mandragore, Blaster, Bugbear Alpha/Beta, Melissa, or Kowbat.

Transformation Gauge (TG)

Increases the time a Bot stays transformed. Can be found on Ram arms +1/+2/+3/+4/+5, shields/arm parts.

Rare Stats


This Stat Can only be obtained by buying the E.F. Lucky Aura.Such E.F. can only be obtained By coins.Luck from the E.F. will only work if the player('s) with this E.F. remain alive throughout the level.


Skills are part of the Gear page on the shop menu, they are abilitys that give the BOTS advantages in battle. EXAMPLE: Ion Wave: allows the BOT that equips it to punch the ground and send an wave of ions around the BOT that can knock down and damage their enemys.

Game modes

Sector battle (Player vs. Virus)

In Sector mode, a group of players (max. 8) must face viruses in different levels.Each level gives different viruses and different obstacles.Each part of a level contains viruses which must be destroyed in order to advance to the next part. At the end of each level, a boss virus must be fought.When a boss is successfully destroyed an item may drop. The likelihood of an item appearing is based on the number of players in group or whether any of them have a Lucky item attached. The reward is obtained by whichever player first reaches it, meaning that players who did very little to help defeat the boss are able to receive the item, while a player who dealt the most damage or final blow to the boss might receive nothing.The person who plays the level the best (Having the most virus kills) is titled the "MVP" and receive a small experience bonus equal to the number of people in the group.The player who deals the most damage to the boss and is hit the least is titled "Boss Killer No. 1" and also receives a small experience bonus. Bonus exp can also be received by wearing coin items. It is 2 exp per coin item (so if a pair of wings and two flags were equipped, the player would receive 6 more exp)

In sector only, it is now possible to obtain drop coin items. In each sector there are barrels, which can be broken by either jumping up and then attacking, shooting, or hitting it in trans. Often nothing comes out of the barrel. If Lucky is equipped, the chances of getting a drop is higher than non-luckies. However some barrels will reveal viruses instead (either Ganda or Slapper/Prototype).

Elite Levels

Elite levels occur in sector mode on level numbers ending in eight: 8, 18, 28, etcetera, up to 98. These levels reward approximately twice the normal amount of experience and Gigas, but are also far more difficult than usual to complete.They also have more percentage of dropping a box.

Player battle PVP

In PVP battles, live players battle each other. This can be done in both solo games and team games. When a player has no more hitpoints left, he is destroyed and Bot-stract (The use of Bot-stract allows the player to start a game already transformed but it has not been enabled yet) is left behind which can be collected by any player.

Base battles

In Base battles, 2 teams of players whilst trying to destroy the opponents base. This is done in the same way a player can be destroyed, although a base has no movement capabilities at all. A base is able to defend itself with its turret by shooting longe range lasers or a short ranged wide-angle shot. Players can also be destroyed by each other, although they will respawn after a while. Each player starts with 5 respawn turns, and when these run out, a player cannot respawn anymore and at the last few respawns, you will have less HP. If he has no more respawns he is unable to play for the rest of the game except for being able to use their mercenaries unless they have lost all their lives as well. When a base is destroyed, the game is ended and an additional goldbar may be dropped to the destroyed base. The game is ended and Experience and gigas are given out to the winning team and get gold.


Events happen every weekend, or around holidays. Events include things like these: rewards, double experience/gigas, extra coins, and such. To get a reward, you must get a current amount of drop items, such as treasure chests, each day of the event. There might also be a special boss, the special boss will always appear randomly in sector mode. The special boss has a higher drop rate, meaning whenever it is defeated, the player(s) are more likely to receive a drop.


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