Western Qin

Western Qin

The Western Qin (zh-stp|s=西秦|t=西秦|p=Xīqín; 385-400, 409-431)) was a state of Xianbei ethnicity during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China. Note that the Western Qin is entirely distinct from the ancient Qin Dynasty, the Former Qin, and the Later Qin.

All rulers of the Western Qin declared themselves "wang", translatable as either "king" or "prince."

Rulers of the Western Qin

Temple namesPosthumous namesFamily names and given nameDurations of reignsEra names and their according durations
"Chinese convention: use family and given names"
Liezu (烈祖 Lièzǔ)Xuanlie (宣烈 Xuānliè)乞伏國仁 Qǐfú Guórén385-388Jianyi (建義 Jiànyì) 385-388
Gaozu (高祖 Gāozǔ)Wuyuan (武元 Wǔyuán)乞伏乾歸 Qǐfú Gānguī388-400,409-412Taichu (太初 Taìchū) 388-400
Gengshi (更始 Gèngshǐ) 409-412
Taizu (太祖 Taìzǔ)Wenzhao (文昭 Wénzhāo)乞伏熾磐 Qǐfú Chìpán412-428Yongkang (永康 Yǒngkāng) 412-419
Jianhong (建弘 Jiànhóng) 420-428
Did not existHouzhu (後主 Hoùzhǔ)乞伏暮末 Qǐfú Mùmò428-431Yonghong (永弘 Yǒnghóng) 428-431

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