Airplane (disambiguation)

Airplane (disambiguation)

The term airplane typically refers to any powered fixed-wing aircraft, also known as an "aeroplane".

Airplane or Aeroplane can also refer to:
* "Aeroplane (Curt Smith Album)" is the name of the second solo album from Curt Smith.
* "Aeroplane (song)" is the name of a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers from their album One Hot Minute.
* Common Aeroplane is a species of Australian butterfly Phaedyma shepherdi
* "Airplane!", a 1980 American comedy film.
* "", the 1982 sequel to the film "Airplane!".
* "Airplane (album)", a 1998 album by Rusted Root.
* "Airplane (song)", a 1977 song by The Beach Boys.
* Jefferson Airplane, often referred to as "the Airplane", an American rock music band.
* An aircraft category rating in the United States

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