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Juniper Networks

Infobox_Company | company_name = Juniper Networks
company_type = Public (NASDAQ|JNPR)
company_slogan = Juniper Your Net.
foundation = February 6, 1996
location_city = flagicon|USASunnyvale, California
location_country = USA
key_people = Kevin Johnson, CEO
Pradeep Sindhu, CTO
num_employees = 6,111 (03/31/2008)
industry = Networking hardware
products = Routers, Firewalls, Intrusion detection systems, VPN hardware
revenue = profit USD 2.8361 billion (2007)
net_income = profit USD 360.8 million (2007)
homepage = []

Juniper Networks, Inc. (nasdaq|JNPR) is an information technology company based in Sunnyvale, California and founded in 1996. The company designs and sells Internet Protocol network products and services. Juniper also partners with Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, and Alcatel-Lucent to provide IP/MPLS network solutions to customers. Juniper's products include "T-series", "M-series", "E-series", "MX-series", and "J-series" families of routers, "EX-series" Ethernet switches, "WX-series" WAN optimization devices, and "SRC" Session and Resource Control appliances.


Juniper was founded by Pradeep Sindhu, Dennis Ferguson, and Bjorn Liencres in February 1996 in California. Scott Kriens (formerly of Stratacom) became CEO in October 1996, and is credited with leading Juniper's commercial success. It was reincorporated in March 1998 in Delaware. Juniper went public on June 25, 1999.


Juniper's history of acquisitions includes:
* November 1999 - Intellectual property design firm Layer Five, for $19 million.
* December 2000 - ASIC design firm Micromagic, for $260 million.
* November 2001 - CMTS startup Pacific Broadband, for $200 million.
* May 2002 - The intellectual property of Nexsi Systems.
* July 2002 - Unisphere Networks, a subsidiary of Siemens, for $585 million.
* April 2004 - NetScreen Technologies, for $3.4 billion. NetScreen acquired Neoteris prior to this acquisition.
* April 2005 - Kagoor, for $65.7 million.
* July 2005 - Peribit Networks, for $337 million.
* July 2005 - Redline Networks, for $132 million.
* October 2005 - Acorn Packet Solutions, for $8.7 million.
* December 2005 - Funk Software, for $122 million.


Router products

* "E-series" routers are broadband edge routers. The E series was developed by Unisphere, which Juniper acquired in 2002.

: The E series routers run the [ JUNOSe] operating system.

* "J-Series" routers are small customer-premises equipment.
* "M-series" routers are multiservice edge routers.
* "T-series" routers are large core routers.
* "MX-series" routers are Ethernet services routers.: The J, M, T, and MX series routers run the FreeBSD-derived Juniper operating system [ JUNOS] .

While the E, M, and T series are all high speed ASIC based devices capable of terminating multiple broadband optical connections, the J series is much lower in speed. Capable of terminating DS3 (45 Mbit/s) and slower lines, the J-series product line is aimed at corporate branch offices and service provider premise equipment. In the fall of 2006, the J series got a refresh of the modular products offering significantly increased performance to meet updated WAN technologies requirements. In the same announcement Juniper shared that it would co-operate with Avaya to integrate Avaya IP Telephony in the J series of routers.

Other products

* "EX Series" Switches [] - Juniper's new switch line-up runs JUNOS and is available now in 1U form. Chassis-based switches will follow later in 2008.
* "SRX Series" Dynamic Service Gateways [] . A series of devices running JUNOS with enhanced services, this series also include the SRX 5800, the worlds fastest firewall. Combines Security (S) Routing (R) and Switching (X) in one chassis.
* "NetScreen" and "SSG series" firewalls - The SSG Series runs the ScreenOS operating system and provide firewall, anti-virus, intrusion protection and VPN services. Added to the product lineup after purchase of the NetScreen Technologies company, they do not run the JUNOS that the higher-end products do. Instead they run ScreenOS which provides a sophisticated mid-tier level of service. While capable of complex configurations, these are targeted mostly to small and medium sized business.
* "Secure Access" SSL VPN gateways - Secure Access products provide SSL based VPN services to remote users without specialized clients.
* "NSM" Network and Security Manager (formerly Netscreen Security Manager, renamed Aug. 2008) - This is an enterprise-wide management tool for Juniper devices which allows for a single-point bastion control over multiple Juniper devices as well as serving as a syslog host & configuration backup repository, as well as the NSMXpress appliance that furthermore provides distributed hierarchical features.
* "IDP" Intrusion detection and prevention appliances - []
* "WX" and "WXC - series" WAN Accelerators -
* "DX-series" Application accelerators - [ discontinued]
* "UAC" Unified Access Control - []
* "Steel Belted Radius" - Including HA AAA solution, IMS Server, SIM/SS7 Server
* "Odyssey Access Client" - 802.1x supplicant
* "Security Threat Response Manager (STRM)"- []

Discontinued products

* "VF-series" Session Border Controllers - VF-series provides scalability and security processing for VoIP traffic. Juniper announced End-of-Life (EOL) for all four of its VF-series products in 2006.

* "DX-series" - Juniper announced End-of-Life (EOL) for all the DX-series (3200 and 3600 models) in mid 2007 and early 2008. [ Full details available]

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