Winmau World Masters

Winmau World Masters

The Winmau World Masters is one of the longest running professional darts tournaments, which began in 1974 - even before the current World Professional Championship. The tournament has been sponsored by Darts board manufacturer, Winmau for 30 years and they have currently extended their contract to sponsor the event until 2010.

It is the final leg of the BDO’s Grand Slam title of televised majors, along with the Topic International Darts League, the Bavaria World Darts Trophy and the Lakeside World Professional Championship.


1974-1975 Phonogram
1976-present Winmau


[ [ Masters venues] Superstars of Darts forum] 1974-1976 West Centre Hotel, Fulham
1977-1981 Wembley Conference Centre (finals were played at Horticultural Hall, Victoria, London in 1978 due to electrician's industrial action at Wembley)
1982-1989 Rainbow Suite, Kensington
1990-1991 Ramada Inn. Lillie Road, West London
1992-1995 Earls Court, London
1996-1997 Paragon Hotel, Lillie Road, London
1998-2001 Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green Surrey
2002-2005 Bridlington Spa Royal Hall
2006-now Leisure World, Bridlington


Most tournament wins "5 - Eric Bristow". Bob Anderson has three successes followed by Dave Whitcombe, John Lowe and Raymond van Barneveld who have won the Masters twice each. Anderson is the only player to achieve the hat-trick by winning in three successive years.

Youngest champion Michael van Gerwen (2006) aged 17 years, 174 days eclipsed the record of Eric Bristow

Joint World Championship & Masters Champions Only four players have ever won the World Masters and the World Professional Championship in the same season. Eric Bristow achieved the feat three times (1979 Masters 1980 World, 1983-84 and 1984-85). Bob Anderson (1987 - 88), Richie Burnett (1994 - 95) and John Walton (2000 - 01) were the others. There have been two other instances of players holding both championships at the same time (Phil Taylor 1990 and Raymond van Barneveld 2005) - but these were not during the same season which is considered to end with the World Championship.

There are 11 players who have won the Masters and World Professional during their careers - Bristow, Anderson, Walton and Burnett plus John Lowe, Phil Taylor, Dennis Priestley, Steve Beaton, Les Wallace, Andy Fordham and Raymond van Barneveld.

Previous Winners

Men's Final Results

Women's Champions

1982 Ann Marie Davies WAL
1983 Sonja Ralphs ENG
1984 Kathy Wones ENG
1985 Lilian Barnett NZL
1986 Kathy Wones ENG
1987 Ann Thomas WAL
1988 Mandy Solomons ENG
1989 Mandy Solomons ENG
1990 Rhian Speed WAL
1991 Sandy Reitan USA
1992 Leeanne Maddock WAL
1993 Mandy Solomons ENG
1994 Deta Hedman ENG
1995 Sharon Colclough ENG
1996 Sharon Douglas SCO
1997 Mandy Solomons ENG
1998 Karen Smith ENG
1999 Francis Hoenselaar NLD
2000 Trina Gulliver ENG
2001 Anne Kirk SCO
2002 Trina Gulliver ENG
2003 Trina Gulliver ENG
2004 Trina Gulliver ENG
2005 Trina Gulliver ENG
2006 Francis Hoenselaar NLD
2007 Karin Krappen NLD

Boys Champions

1986 Harith Lim SIN
1987 Sean Bell ENG
1988 Sean Dowling ENG
1989 Dennis Beisser ENG
1990 Craig Clancy ENG
1991 Michael Barnard ENG
1992 Leeanne Maddock WAL [ ]
1993 Jamie Caven ENG
1994 Steven de Brucker BEL
1995 Martin Whatmough ENG
1996 Carsten Hoffmann GER
1997 Aaron Turner ENG
1998 Paul Higgins WAL
1999 Martin Brown ENG
2000 Danny Ballard ENG
2001 Stephen Bunting ENG
2002 Sean McDonald SCO
2003 Kirk Shepherd ENG
2004 Oskar Lukasiak SWE
2005 Jonny Nijs NLD
2006 Maarten Pape NED
2007 Shaun Griffiths ENG

Girls Champions

1999 Janine Gough WAL
2000 Janine Gough WAL
2001 Anastasia Dobromislova RUS
2002 Lynsey McDonald SCO
2003 Stevis Riggs ENG
2004 Irene Adrianova RUS
2005 Laura Tye ENG
2006 Kimberley Lewis WAL
2007 Kimberley Lewis WAL

Media coverage

The Winmau World Masters currently gets shown live by the BBC.


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