Are You My Neighbor?

Are You My Neighbor?

name = Are You My Neighbor?

caption =
writer = Phil Vischer
director = Phil Vischer
distributor = Word Audio
Everland Entertainment
(1995 to 1999)
Lyrick Studios
(2000 to 2003)
Sony Wonder
(2003 to 2007)
Warner Home Video (2007 to present)
starring = Phil Vischer,
Mike Nawrocki,
Lisa Vischer,
Dan Anderson,
Kristim Blegen,
Jim Poole
music = Kurt Heinecke,
Phil Vischer,
Mike Nawrocki
released = February 1995 (VHS release) March 14,2006 (DVD release)
runtime = 30 minutes
language = English
preceded_by = "God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!"
followed_by = "Rack, Shack, and Benny"
imdb_id = 0284604

"Are You My Neighbor?" is the third episode of the "VeggieTales" animated series. It was released in February of 1995 on VHS. Subtitled "A Lesson in Loving Your Neighbor", it features two short stories that teach viewers that they should love people even if they seem different or strange to them. The first story, based on the Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan, features two cities called Flibber-O-Loo and Jibberty-Lot whose citizens despise each other because of their differing head gear. The second is a parody of "" is which the crew must repair their starship before it is struck by a meteor made entirely of popcorn.


The Story of Flibber-o-loo

*The Flibber-o-Loo Boy (the victim)-Larry the Cucumber
*The Mayor-Archibald Asparagus
*The Nurse-Archibald Asparagus's wife
*The Jibberty-Lot Boy (the Samaritan)-Junior Asparagus

The Hairbrush Song

*Larry the Cucumber
*Pa Grape
*Junior Asparagus
*Bob the Tomato
*The Peach (debut)

The Gourds Must Be Crazy

*Junior Asparagus as himself
*Junior's Dad as himself
*Bob the Tomato as himself
*Larry the Cucumber as himself
*Scooter as himself (debut)
*Jimmy and Jerry Gourd as themselves (debut)


*Opening Countertop
*The Story of Flibber-o-loo
*Silly Song: The Hairbrush Song
*The Gourds Must Be Crazy
*Closing Countertop





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