Directory Services Restore Mode

Directory Services Restore Mode

Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) is used on a Microsoft Windows Domain Controller to take the Active Directory on that machine offline.


How to Boot

To reboot into DSRM mode, reboot your PC, and press [F8] during the startup sequence. You'll see the following options

Safe Mode
VGA Mode
Last Known Good
Directory Services Restore

Select Directory Services Restore Mode


In Windows 2000, the DSRM password is typically created as a null value (blank), which is also the Recovery Console password. In Windows Server 2003, a DSRM password must be defined when DCPromo is run...

Partial Depreciation

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server has introduced a new Active Directory "Recycle Bin" feature, which works analogous to the well-known Windows deleted files wastebin. [1] Using the ADRB functionality allows on-line restoration of accidentally deleted AD objects, alleviating the need to take a DC off-line for minor recovery tasks (e.g. revive a few users or OU). The new "AD Recycle Bin" facility is currently only available in fully Windows 2008 R2 based server environments.

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