Ogre Tribe Org

Ogre Tribe Org

The Ogre Tribe Org (鬼族オルグ Onizoku Orugu?) is a fictional race of Oni born from the sadness and madness of humans from the Japanese Super Sentai series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. They often take the forms of idols deep within an underground cavern known as the Matrix (鬼洞窟(マトリックス) Matorikkusu?). There are two types of Orgs: the basic multi-horned variety and the one-horned Orgs that possess greater power. Within the Matrix is the Org Master (オルグマスター Orugu Masutā?, 1-49), a stone face worshipped by the Orgs due to its power to create new Orgs. It was soon revealed in the finale that the Org Master was a figurehead, only a symbol of the true power of its creators who are the true Org leaders, the Highness Duke Orgs. In the end, Futaro managed to seal the Org Master so no more Orgs can be created and that the Highness Dukes' power is decreased as a result. The powerless Org Master was later destroyed when the Matrix caved-in.


General Orgs

The Highness Duke Orgs (ハイネスデュークオルグ Hainesu Dūku Orugu?) or General Orgs are the real rulers of the Orgs, using the Org Master which gives life as a figurehead. One by one, a Highness Duke awakens only to be killed by the Gaorangers.


Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru (百鬼丸 Kyūkyoku Orugu Hyakkimaru?, 23, 33, 37): Seen in flashbacks, Hyakkimaru is the Org that was responsible for destroying Gao God one thousand years earlier before he himself was killed by Gao Hunter, which was powered by Rouki's evil energy. As by its name, Hyakkimaru was created by many Highness Duke Orgs joining together into a single form. His shadowy silohete resembles Rakushaasa.


Ultimate Org Senki (究極オルグセンキ Kyūkyoku Orugu Senki, Thousand Demon?, 49-51): The King of all Orgs (Also known as Master Org), the source of the Orgs' power after the Org Master was sealed. Senki was created when the Org Heart merges the remnants of the three Highness Dukes, fulfilling the prophecy of the "Last Org Advent". Stronger than Hyakkimaru was, Senki overpowers the Gaorangers, destroying all the Power Animals and bringing the Animarium down. He then attacked the city, but the Power Animals are all revived and countless others arrive to help. All the Power Animals are able to destroy Senki's physical body, while the Gaorangers contributes their energy to Hyakujuuken and used it to destroy Senki's heart so he could not revive himself. The Highness Dukes' combined weapon, which is also Senki's default weapon, is the All-Carnage Ogre Blade (修羅百鬼剣 Shura Hyakkiken?). This weapon is the Highness Dukes' own version of the Gaoranger's Hyakujuuken, which is a combination of Shuten's axe, Ura's fan, and Rasetsu's fork and knife.

Senki is voiced by Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔 Gōri Daisuke?).


Highness Duke Org Shuten (ハイネスデュークオルグ シュテン Hainesu Dūku Orugu Shuten?, 2-14, 47-49) is the first of the Highness Dukes to be awakened, this cyclops-like (he had one main eye) multi-eyed Org wants to take over the world. Short-tempered, he wields the Highness Axe (ハイネスアックス Hainesu Akkusu?) and can stretch his arms. He once attempted to obtain Gao Elephant's Gao Jewel while it was dormant, but is forced to leave both it and the scroll behind when the orb left painful scars on his palms. He attempts to have the Dukes find ideal Orgs with his detached eye, only to anger the Org Master with his repeated failure. Seeking to redeem himself, Shuten attempts to destroy the Gaorangers by blocking the Gao Soul, knocking them around in human form while the Dukes take their Gao Jewels. But at the last second, Pyochan restores the Gao Souls, with Gao Red defeating Shuten with Gao Mane Buster. Refusing to accept defeat, Shuten takes TsueTsue's staff to perform the Highness Duke secret technique to enlarge at full power. But Shuten was not much for the SoulBird-powered Gao Muscle and Gao King. Though he survives the Super Animal Heart, Shuten is killed by Ura, who drains and absorbs all his power. Shuten is later resurrected, fighting Gao Red and Gao Yellow in a vain attempt to protect the red idol on the mountain that powers the barrier protecting the Matrix. Though he was killed, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create Senki.

Shuten is voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹 Inada Tetsu?).


Highness Duke Org Ura (ハイネスデュークオルグ ウラ Hainesu Dūku Orugu Ura?, 14-24, 26-30, 47-49) is the second Highness Duke to be awakened, in response to Shuten's failure, he was effeminate with a nose-like face and ear-like projections on his back. Obsessed with collecting beautiful items, he is the one who awakens Rouki. He uses a magic mirror to see things at a distance and carries a fan as his weapon. Through Rouki, Ura gains the four Power Animal orbs that Rouki had stolen and uses them to create Chimera Org. However, the Org is beaten by the newly transformed Gao Silver, who also kills Ura. But Ura's crown survived and, after TsueTsue used it to briefly become Onihime, Ura regenerates himself from it. From there, Ura cultivates the displaced Thousand-Year Evil, making it stronger with each host he creates for it. Soon enough, Ura captures Gao Silver to have him reabsorb the evil power. However after Gao Silver rejects it, Ura is able to absorb it to evolve into a more powerful form, Ultimate Form Ura (ウラ究極体 Ura Kyūkyokutai?, 30-31), which was his actual plan from the beginning. With his new power, Ura kills the Gaorangers with only Kakeru and Shirogane the sole survivors of the first attack. The two Gaorangers try to fight Ura on their own until the others provide Gao Red with the Falcon Summoner and Gao Falcon as Gao God revives them to aid in forming Gao Icarus, engaging in a dogfight before purging his body of the Thousand-Year Evil with Icarus Dynamite. Restored to normal, Ura is wounded by Gao Silver who destroys his crown so Ura would be killed for good by the Gaorangers' Hyakuujuuken. Ura was later resurrected, fighting Gao Silver and Gao White in a vain attempt to protect the green idol in the forest that powers the barrier protecting the Matrix. Though he was killed, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create Senki.

Ura is voiced by Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保 Nishiwaki Tamotsu?).


Highness Duke Org Rasetsu (ハイネスデュークオルグ ラセツ Hainesu Dūku Orugu Rasetsu?, 32-44, 47-49) is the final Highness Duke to be awakened, a hermaphrodite with a mass of mouths with both male and female voices who referred himself as the "Prince of Despair". He is ravenous with an appetite for anything within reach, using a knife and fork as his weapons. He treats the Duke Orgs like dirt, painfully transferring their powers to certain Orgs. His very plan from the beginning was severing the ties between the Gaorangers and the Power Animals, using Kurushimemas Org to obtain Kakeru's G-Phone to implant a bug-extension of him into it to pinpoint Gao 's Rock. But he had an alternate motive in getting Tetomu, whose cooking he obsessed for. He almost got Tetomu as his chief, sacrificing TsueTsue in the process while removing the Gaorangers from the picture, if the Power Animals hadn't drove him away. Refusing to accept defeat, Rasets decides to complete his plan on Christmas, with his bug destroying the G-Phones prior to the fight while he smashes the G-Brace Phone. Rasets then ingests his creation to assume giant size to destroy Gao 's Rock. But before Rasets can eat the gang, the Power Animals arrive, with Gao Deers restoring the Gaorangers' transformation devices. Gao Muscle and Gao Hunter managed to wound the Highness Duke Org enough for Gao Kentarus to land the deathblow. Rasets is later resurrected as the leader of the other Highness Duke Orgs, fighting Gao Black and Gao Blue in a vain attempt to protect the blue idol within the lake that powers the barrier protecting the Matrix. Though he was killed, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create Senki.

Rasets is voiced by Hiromi Nishikawa (西川 宏美 Nishikawa Hiromi?) and Hidekatsu Shibata (柴田 秀勝 Shibata Hidekatsu?).


Lost Highness Rakushaasa (はぐれハイネスラクシャーサ Hagure Hainesu Rakushāsa?, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): A hairy Org that wielded a trident-like weapon who happened to be most powerful of the Highness Duke Orgs, but his immense power caused his horn to be damaged and sent him into a coma. Once awaken, he starts to gather the fighting spirit of strong-willed warriors to fully heal his horn, using the fighting spirit the male Gaoranger core members. He manages to make Yabaiba and TsueTsue stronger and upgrades the Orgettes, giving them all golden horns. He was able to make himself grow. It takes the combined force of all previous Sentai heroes to destroy him. His hairy tendrils emerge from his remains and he takes back the power he gave to Yabaiba and TsueTsue to revive himself one more time. He is defeated by the Hyakujuuken and then again by the mecha of all of the Red warriors with Gao King, and finally killed by the Gaoranger Storm. He is the only Highness Duke not to be revived in the series' finale. He bears some resemblance to Hyakkimaru.

Duke Orgs

The Duke Orgs (デュークオルグ Dūku Orugu?) serve under the Highness Duke Orgs. They are identified by their single horn.


Duke Org Yabaiba (デュークオルグ ヤバイバ Dūku Orugu Yabaiba?, 1-26, 31-Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger): A crazed pierrot-like master of knives who claimed himself to Gao Yellow's greatest rival (Though the feeling wasn't mutual). He commonly blurts out "That's yabai-bad" (これはヤバイバ Kore wa yabai-ba!?) whenever things got wrong for him and the other Orgs. While affected by residual energy from the Thousand-Year Evil, Yabaiba became Armored Yabaiba (装甲ヤバイバ Sōkō Yabaiba?, 26-31), which lasted until Ura was killed for good. While attempting to impress Rasetsu, Yabaiba enlisted the aid of his brother Juggling Org, forming Team Circus to kill the Gaorangers. When his brother was overwhelmed by Gao King, Yabaiba eats the Org Seeds to grow large and fight alongside Juggling Org, until he died while the seeds' effect wore off and restored Yabaiba to normal size. Though he failed to impress Rasetsu, Yabaiba earned TsueTsue's respect and fell in love with TsueTsue over the course of the series, devastated by her death. After Yabaiba managed to conceal the Matrix's whereabouts with massive landscaping, he receives a message from beyond the grave, provided the means to revive TsueTsue: Using a fishing rod and her horn energized with the power that killed her. Using Steam Engine Org as a sacrificial lamb, Yabaiba succeeds in reeling TsueTsue out of hell, only to find the Highnesses were revived as a result. Though he began to question the intention of their masters', he followed TsueTsue out of love. After surviving the cave-in of their base, Yabaiba followed TsueTsue as they teamed up with the Jakanja in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger. He was finally killed by the two teams' Victory Gadget/Hyakujuuken combo along with TsueTsue.

Yabaiba is voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一 Sakaguchi Kōichi?).


Duchess Org TsueTsue (デュークオルグ ツエツエ Dūku Orugu Tsuetsue?, (1-26, 31-42, 51-Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai): An arrogant Org priestess whose magic is great. She developed an instant hatred of Gao White for calling her "Grandma". She is in charge of reviving and enlarging the minor Orgs by using special soybeans called Org Seeds (オルグシード Orugu Shīdo?) fired from her staff and chanting "Org Seeds, please allow the fallen to regain their enormous wicked power! Ogres Come in! Blessings go out!" (オルグシードよ、消えゆかんとする邪悪に再び巨大なる力を!鬼は内!福は外! Orugu Shīdo yo, kiyukan to suru jaaku ni futatabi kyodai naru chikara o! Oni wa uchi! Fuku wa soto!?). When Ura was seemingly dead, she temporarily used his crown to become the Highness Duchess Org Onihime (ハイネスデュークオルグ オニヒメ Hainesu Dūku Orugu Onihime?, 25). While affected by residual energy from the Thousand-Year Evil, TsueTsue became Armored TsueTsue (装甲ツエツエ Sōkō Tsuetsue?, 26-31). Her obsession for praise from the Highness Dukes led to her being tricked by Dorodoro into cutting off her horn in order to capture Tetomu without being affected by the sacred spring, even saying that it would grow back. Though she was near-death, TsueTsue couldn't see that she was only a pawn as she then was used by Rasetsu as a shield from the Hyakujuuken. But she was soon revived when Yabaiba energized TsueTsue's severed horn with the Hyakujuuken's power, and used it as a fishing lure to bring her back from hell. As she was reeled out of hell, she carried the three Highness Dukes with her, rewarded her loyalty with the title of Org Shaman TsueTsue (オルグの巫女 ツエツエ Orugu no Miko Tsuetsue?, 47-51) and a new staff. Afterwards, she was even more insane and driven even more for one purpose, serving the Highness Dukes to the point of creating the Org Heart that fused the Highness Dukes into Senki. After surviving the cave-in of their base, TsueTsue teamed up with the Jakenja in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger to get her revenge on the Gaorangers. Though she was killed by the two teams' Victory Gadget/Hyakujuuken combo, TsueTsue was resurrected a second time in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai by a combination of a Gōdom Engine and Chronos's magic (strangely, though she was destroyed on the battlefield, Chronos revived her in the Matrix) and assisted Chronos, Gajah, and Meemy, only to be used in the end as an ingredient to create a new Precious, the Staff of the Three Philosophers (3賢者の杖 Sankenja no Tsue?), that powered Chronos up. After Chronos was destroyed by Burning Legend DaiVoyager, so too was the staff, and TsueTsue along with it.

Tsuetsue is played by Rei Saito (斉藤 レイ Saitō Rei?).


Duke Org Rouki (デュークオルグ 狼鬼 Dūku Orugu Rōki?, 15-23, 26, 30): An Org born from the mass of evil energy contained inside the Dark Mask, the Thousand-Year Evil (千年邪鬼 Sennen Jaki?), called himself the most powerful warrior of the Orgs. Rouki wields the Crescent Moon Blade (三日月剣 Mikazukiken?) which can perform the Crescent Wave (クレセントウェーブ Kuresento Wēbu?) and Moonlight Sonic (ムーンライトソニック Mūnraito Sonikku?) attacks, and like TsueTsue, he has his own Wolf Seeds (ウルフシード Urufu Shīdo?) that can enlarge Orgs by the command "Wolf Seeds, allow the fallen to regain their enormous wicked power!". Long ago, Shirogane used the mask to evoke his three Power Animals' combination at the cost of becoming Rouki himself. Vainly attempting to control himself, Shirogane had his allies seal him away into a stone coffin. But once released by Ura, Rouki is bent on exacting his 1,000 year grudge on the Gaorangers with no memory of his human life. In the process, while the taking Gao Jewels of Gao Elephant, Gao Giraffe, Gao Bear, and Gao Polar, Rouki begins to recover his memory as Shirogane. When the time of the full moon came, when his power is at its zenith, Ura implants a special grasshopper to modify Rouki's memory and willingly give the Gao Jewels to the Highness Duke. By then, the Gaorangers learned the truth and Shirogane was finally freed from the evil energy when the Gaorangers used Gao King Striker to force Gao Hunter apart and break the curse. However, Rouki was then released from his imprisonment and he attempted to kill Silver for using him and his power. Rouki was eventually defeated when Gao Silver joined forces with the other Gaorangers and Rouki was finally killed by Gao Hunter Justice with the Dark Wolf Mask destroyed. But the Thousand-Year Evil Rouki was made of escaped and scattered, with Ura cultivating it in various Orgs. Each time an Org is killed, the evil energy become even stronger. When Gao Deers sealed the energy, Ura had the Dukes capture Shirogane, who forced him to reabsorb the stronger evil energy, and become Rouki again but he was able to reject the power, unaware that it was all part of Ura's plan. But thanks to Gao Icarus, the Thousand-Year Evil was finally destroyed for good.

Rouki is voiced by Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史 Takemoto Eiji?).

Three Org Brothers

The Three Org Brothers (オルグ三兄弟 Orugu Sankyōdai?, Movie) showed up on a peaceful island a year before the Gaorangers were transported there. They captured a group of the natives and forced them to dig for a ruby Demon's Castle.


Zeus Org (ゼウスオルグ Zeusu Orugu?) is the oldest brother with power over thunder (although ironically enough, in the actual myths Zeus was the youngest brother). He wielded a sword shaped like a thunderbolt and his special attack was called Devil's Thunder. He was the leader of the Orgs on an island in another dimension and forced the natives to mine for a special ruby that contained GaoKong's power. Zeus was successful in slaying Kaito who was attempting to protect the Princess and then fought GaoSilver, who fended him off until the rest of the Gaorangers arrived and defeated him, causing his flaming body to fall into the ocean below. Zeus resurrected as a giant and revived his brothers just in time for the eclipse to summon GaoKong occurred. Destroyed by GaoKnight.


Poseidon Org (ポセイドンオルグ Poseidon Orugu?) is the middle brother with power over water. He wielded a trident. When the Orgettes kidnapped Tetomu, Poseidon wanted her as a companion and invited her to a drinking game at dinner with his brothers. Having won the contest, Tetomu was awarded half of the ruby by Poseidon. When GaoRed and Kaito attempted to rescue Tetomu, Poseidon attempted to fend them off and despite being drunk, was an effective fighter. It wasn't until GaoYellow joined them that he was bested. He later joined his brothers in fighting the Gaorangers and the islanders and was destroyed, along with his brother Hades, by the Gaorangers before being resurrected as a giant by Zeus. He was the first to attempt to attack GaoKnight but was destroyed by a quick stroke by GaoKnight's sword.


Hades Org (ハデスオルグ Hadesu Orugu?) is the youngest brother with power over wind. He wielded a scythe. Killed by Gao God.

Kyurara and Propela

Duke Org Kyurara & Propela (デュークオルグ キュララ&プロプラ Dūku Orugu Kyurara to Puropura?, 32-33): A tank-based Org and a helicopter-based Org respectively, both are Rasetsu's two personal Duke Orgs. On Rasetsu's order, Kyurara and Propla start systematically destroying Tokyo to sooth their master's ravenous urges to "eat human dreams". The Gaorangers managed to pinpoint their next attack to be at Shinweiya. Though defeated, Rasetsu transfers some of TsueTsue and Yabaiba's energy into the Duke Orgs to boost his power, turning them into berserkers. Gao Red managed to destroy Propela with the Falcon Summoner, and then he and the other Gaorangers managed to destroy Kyurara with Hyakujuuken. But, Kyurara and Propela were quickly revived and overpowered Gao King and Gao Hunter Justice, though they were both destroyed by Gao Icarus.


Duke Org DoroDoro (デュークオルグ ドロドロ Dūku Orugu Dorodoro?, 42-43): A ninja Duke Org who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to aid Rasets, bent on achieving his master's goal no matter the cost. A master of Org Ninpo, he created illusions of Shrine Bell Org, Tire Org, Clock Org, Magic Flute Org, and Animal-Tamer Org to distract the Gaorangers while he had TsueTsue capture Tetomu for him. Later, DoroDoro then uses his Shadow Clone Ninpo to create the Kage Rangers (影レンジャー Kagerenjā?), shadow-clones of the Gaorangers, whom they could not destroy without killing themselves in the process. But it was by dumb luck while following Rasets' order to punish Yabaiba that his Ninpo backfired on him, creating "Kage DoroDoro" that the Rangers destroyed with the Falcon Summoner, the Kage Rangers died along with him. Yabaiba made one final attempt to please Rasets order by revive Dorodoro. On Rasets' order, DoroDoro takes the Rangers in another dimension where the spirits of dead Orgs reside. However, with Tetomu's help, Gao Lion evoked the formation of Gao Kentaurus who destroys DoroDoro to bring the gang back to the real world.


Orgettes (オルゲット Orugetto?, 2-51) are minions created from a pink liquid. Considered the lowest class of Orgs because of their small, undeveloped horns. Armed with clubs that also function as flamethrowers. A different class of red-skinned colored Orgettes were responsible for Muraki losing her voice, because she saved Shirogane from their attack thousands of years ago. They were all destroyed when the 100 Power Animals at gathered to battle Senki.

Baron Orgs

An Org Spirit can acquire a physical form by fusing into an inanimate object, transforming into a creature based on the object and can assume its original form for disguise. The Orgs of modern day that are multi-horned desire to become Duke Orgs themselves, usually accepting the offer a Duke Org gives them in return for their own desires coming true. Whenever an Org is killed, TsueTsue would wield her staff at the oozy remnants, chanting as the Org Seeds spit out of the staff and onto the puddle, recreating the Org as a giant.

  • Turbine Org (タービンオルグ Tābin Orugu?, 1, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): Turbine Org was capable of generating strong gusts of wind from his eyes. The first Org encountered in the series, he as pursued by the Gaoranger until he was aided by Plugma Org. The duo's attack on an electric dam ended badly when Plugma was killed, but Turbine receives aid from the Duke Orgs by being enlarged. He is killed by the combined energy breams of the five Totem Power Animals. Briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Turbine Org was killed for good by Big One's Big One Finish.
  • Plugma Org (プラグマオルグ Puraguma Orugu?, 1, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): Able to generate electrical current, Plugma Org appeared to aid Turbine Org in fighting off the Gaoranger before Gao Red was found. He is the first to be killed by the Hyakujuuken. Briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by MegaPink's Capture Sniper.
  • Barbwire Org (ハリガネオルグ Harigane Orugu?, 2): The result of an Org Spirit entering barbed wire, Barbwire Org terrorized people until the Dukes Orgs found him, offering him aid in his destructive urges. Kakeru attempted to try a less violent-method to deal with the Org, only to learn that Orgs have no hearts. Barbwire overpowered the Gaoranger until they use Hyakujuuken to kill him. But he was quickly revived by TsueTsue into a giant and is the first to be killed by Gao King's Animal Heart.
  • Camera Org (カメラオルグ Kamera Orugu?, 3): The result of an Org Spirit acquiring a camera, any picture Camera Org took caused the photographed person to turn invisible and die over time, their life force sucked into his film. Gaku attempts to fight the Org on his own, but the Dukes intervenes and helped Camera Org take Gao -Yellow's picture. He is later upgraded by Shuten to take pictures on his own as he hunts after the other Gaorangers until Gao Red gets take the film of the Org, restoring his victims to normal. Gao Yellow arrives and shatters the Org's camera lens, making him unable to take pictures as Gao Red uses Gao Mane Blaster to weaken the Org before the gang uses the Hyakujuuken to destroy him. TsueTsue revives the Org into a giant, with Gao King's Animal Heart used at close-range to kill Camera Org.
  • Shrine Bell Org (ツリガネオルグ Tsurigane Orugu?, 4, 42-43): The result of an Org Spirit acquiring a temple bell at the Laiwen Shrine, Shrine-Bell Org enjoys the sound of banging himself with his mallet and is able to trap anyone inside the large bells he creates. He was soon found by the Org Dukes, whom he follows so his sound can be heard globally in return for guarding the temple grounds. Shrine-Bell Org managed to trap Kai in his giant bell until Soutarou frees him. Shrine-Bell Org is then defeated by Gao Blue and Gao Black before being killed by the Hyakujuuken and then revived into a giant. Shrine-Bell Org attempts to trap Gao King in his bell, but was trapped instead and killed by Gao King's Animal Heart.
  • Tire Org (タイヤオルグ Taiya Orugu?, 5, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, 42-43): An Org Spirit acquiring a tire, Tire Org loves traveling and can turn into a giant tire. He was causing massive traffic damage until the Org Dukes gave him the offer to travel the world if he helps them, abducting Tetomu in the process. Though destroyed by Gao Red's Gao Mane Buster, TsueTsue revives Tire Org, who is the first to be killed by Gao King Sword & Shield. Tire Org is briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by Super Armor Shine GingaBlue's Rapids Stroke.
  • Wedding Dress Org (ウェディングドレスオルグ Wedingu Doresu Orugu?, 6, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): An Org Spirit acquiring a wedding dress, Wedding Dress Org was stealing brides and turning them into wedding mannequins as his base with the aid of Saori Shimada in return of giving her youth. This infuriated Soutarou, who knocked the Org out from his hideout as the others arrived and Duke Orgs offer aid. Wedding-Dress is destroyed by Hyakujuuken with his weapon taken by Gao Black. TsueTsue enlarges Wedding-Dress Org, who battles Gao King and is destroyed by Gao King Sword & Shield's Evil Crasher with his victims restored. Wedding Dress briefly revived as a phantom illusion in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was destroyed by Gao Red's Gao Mane Buster.
  • Boat Org (帆船オルグ Hansen Orugu?, 7, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, 43): An Org Spirit from the sea finding a sunken boat, the armoured Boat Org was intercepted by the Gaorangers, but escapes underwater after wounding Gao Blue. Gao Blue battles the Org the next day until the other Gaorangers arrive, but in spite of the Duke Orgs' aid, Boat Org attacks Gaoranger and Orgette alike. Gao Blue manages to use the crane to get the bottle on the monster's shoulder before the gang kills him with the Hyakujuuken. TsueTsue revives Boat Org, who overpowers Gao King Sword & Shield. It was by Gao Giraffe's arrival that Boat Org was the first to be killed by Gao King Spear. Briefly revived as a phantom in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by Gao Red's Gao Mane Buster.
  • Signal Org (シグナルオルグ Shigunaru Orugu?, 8, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): An Org Spirit acquiring a signal light in Higahiku, Signal Org can use three beam attacks: Green for memory-erasing, Yellow for slow-mo, and Red for explosive attacks. Signal Org was causing traffic accidents until he blew his cover in front of Kakeru and Sae and ran for it, until the Org wipes out Kakeru's memory. In spite of memory loss, Gao Red managed to wound Signal Org using the Hyakujuuken on his own before killing the Org, restoring his memory as a result. TsueTsue then revives Signal Org, who is destroyed by Gao King Spear. Briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by GoYellow's V-Slash.
  • Cell Phone Org (携帯電話オルグ Keitai Denwa Orugu?, 9, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): An Org Spirit acquiring a cell phone, Cell Phone Org can use his Super Electro-Magnetic Wave (超電磁波 Choudenjiha?) to negate even the G-Phones, which he wanted. The Gaorangers were unable to change until they managed to destroy his antenna and cancel the field. Though killed with the Hyakujuuken, TsueTsue revives Cell Phone Org, who was destroyed by Gao King Double Knuckle. Briefly revived as a phantom in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by Gao Red's Gao Mane Buster.
  • Bulldozer Org (ブルドーザーオルグ Burudōzā Orugu?, 10, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai): An Org Spirit acquiring a bulldozer, Bulldozer Org possessed great physical strength and a strong liking for deforestation, wandering aimlessly through the Sacred Forest until the Dukes ran into him by accident. Deciding to use him, TsueTsue enlarged Bulldozer Org to attack the Gaorangers while they were looking for the Kage Mushroom to heal Gao Lion. Bulldozer Org manages to overpower the Power Animals until Gao Gorilla arrives and manhandles the Org. Bulldozer Org is then the first to be killed by Gao Muscle. The Org was briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, only to be killed for good by Red Falcon's Falcon Break.
  • Samurai Doll Org (武者人形オルグ Mushuningyō Orugu?, 11): As a result of Shuten transferring the Dukes' powers into a samurai doll, SamuraiDoll Org is stronger than previous Orgs with a knowledge in the fighting arts, using his Orgken katana for his "Full Moon Cut" attack and a pistol. The Gaorangers were overpowered by him, but Gao White refused to give up and defeats SamuraiDoll Org with her Byakko Cross Cut before the team kills him with Hyakuujuuken. But TsueTsue revives the Org, who overpowers Gao Muscle until Gao Tiger intervenes, with Gao Muscle defeating SamuraiDoll Org as he came to respect the Gaorangers as true warriors.
  • Copy Org (コピーオルグ Kopī Orugu?, 12): A Org Spirit entering the copy machine, Copy Org is able to assume the forms of other people with his scanner. Though Shuten saw him useless, he decided to have the Org aid the Dukes. There, Copy Org completely overwhelms the Gaorangers with his shape-shifting powers while attempting to smash the Gao Egg. Once the Gaorangers assume their fighting forms, Copy Org creates the Copy Sentai Copyranger (コピー戦隊コピーレンジャー Kopī Sentai Kopīrenjā?) to help him fight. Once his creations were destroyed, Copy Org was destroyed by Hyakujuuken. But Copy Org is revived a giant and overpowered Gao Muscle until Gao Elephant and Gao Giraffe came to the rescue, allowing Gao Muscle to destroy the Org.
  • Freezer Org (フリーザーオルグ Furīzā Orugu?, 13): An Org Spirit acquiring a freezer, Freezer Org was found by the Duke Orgs, bringing him to aid Shuten in fighting the Gaorangers with his freezing attacks. He was overwhelmed by Gao Red, Gao Black, and Gao Blue before being destroyed by the Gao Mane Blaster. At Shuten's order, TsueTsue revives Freezer Org into a giant. Gao Muscle battles Freezer Org, with the Org enduring Muscle Lariat thanks to Shuten transferring a bit of his power to him. With the new-found power, Freezer Org grappled Gao Muscle and sacrifices himself to place the giant into a deep freeze as part of Shuten's master plan to wipeout the Gao Soul.
  • Vacuum cleaner Org (掃除機オルグ Sōjiki Orugu?, 15): He was recruited by TsueTsue and Yabaiba to suck in lovely things they wanted to give to Ura. The Gaorangers intercept them at Sadogashima, but the Orgs were too busy with their gold to actually fight. But by the time the Gaorangers find them at the Fine Arts Museum, the Vacuum Cleaner Org was forced to fight with his various attachment-weapons before being killed by Hyakujuuken. TsueTsue revives Cleaner Org, only for him to be destroyed by Gao King Sword & Shield.
  • Bus Org (バスオルグ Basu Orugu?, 17): Acquiring a tour bus as his vessel, TsueTsue and Yabaiba enlisted Bus Org to help them capture Gao Jewels by setting up news on Gao Elephant's whereabouts as bait. Once at the hill, the Org assumes his true form after the passengers got out of him. Though Gao Blue managed to mortally wound him, Bus Org was quickly revitalized by the evil spirits on the hill. With Gao White's aid, Gao Blue managed to wound Bus Org with Surging Thrust before the others arrive to use Hyakujuuken to finish the Org off. TsueTsue quickly revived Bus Org, who is destroyed by Gao King's Super Animal Heart.
  • Clock Org (時計オルグ Tokei Orugu?, 18, 42-43): A wandering nobody who acquired a longcase clock, Clock Org is able to stop/alter time around him. Rouki recruits Clock Org at Chenho Lake to handle the other Gaorangers while Rouki duels Gao Red. Once the team managed to destroy the cuckoo on the Org's forehead, they returned to normal time and the Gaorangers use Hyakujuuken to destroy Clock Org. But Rouki revives Clock Org, supporting the Org in Gao Hunter Evil until Gao King destroys the Org.
  • Glasses Org (メガネオルグ Megane Orugu?, 19): Acquiring a pair of glasses, Glasses Org can possess the women's bodies. TsueTsue and Yabaiba enlist Glasses Org by having her possess Shichan and use her to get to Soutarou, tricking him into giving the Dukes his Gao Jewel before forcing him to fight the other Gaorangers. But Shichan regains control at the last second and removes the glasses, forcing Glasses Org to fight the other Gaorangers herself until she is destroyed by the Gao Mane Blaster. TsueTsue revives Glasses Org who overpowers the Power Animals until Gao Black regains his Gao Jewel and Gao Bison manages to destroy the Org's barrier, allowing Gao King to destroy her with Surging Arrow.
  • Bike Org (バイクオルグ Baiku Orugu?, 20): The first Org Gao Yellow fought, the Org was originally called Scooter Org (原付きオルグ Gentsuki Orugu?), who was sealed after Gaku was unable to kill him in his first mission. A year later, Rouki found the released the Org, who had evolved into a stronger version. Seeing Bike Org as a kindred spirit, Rouki recruits him to his cause. While Bike Org attacks Gao Yellow, Rouki handled the other Gaorangers. In the end, Bike Org was wounded by Gao Yellow's Noble Slash before being killed by Hyakujuuken. Though Rouki revived him, Bike Org was destroyed by Gao Muscle.
  • Human Body Specimen Org (人体標本オルグ Jintai Hyōhon Orugu?, 21): Though a loser Org who acquired a skeleton, TsueTsue decide to use him in a scheme to win Ura's favor by setting up a haunted house to lure the Gaorangers into their trap. But the Gaorangers' turn the tables on the Orgs, resulting in a fight between the two present groups until Rouki arrives to kill the Gaorangers himself, with Rouki wounding Human Specimen Org and forcing the Orgs to retreat. Though Yabaiba was attempted, TsueTsue reasons him that the Org deserves another chance, which ended with the Org killed by the Hyakujuuken and then by Gao King.
  • Lawnmower Org (芝刈り機オルグ Shibakariki Orugu?, 22): As a result of an Org Spirit acquiring a lawnmower, Lawnmower Org can disguise himself as a riding lawnmower and takes pride in his soccer field lawn. During his fight with the Gaorangers, he was wounded by Rouki before being killed by the Gaorangers' Hyakujuuken, only to be resurrected and he destroyed by Gao King after he managed to do serious damage to Gao Bison during the battle.
  • Chimera Org (キマイラオルグ Kimaira Orugu?, 24): Created by Ura from a mud puppet infused with the Gao Jewels he obtained. Chimera Org is made up of the traits from these four Power Animals. Intend on modifying his creation with the other Gao Jewels, Ura sent Chimera Org at the Gaorangers, with it able to withstand the Hyakujuuken. Shirogane attempted to fight the Org until his Power Animals return to him and allow Shirogane to transform into Gao Silver and killed the Org with his "Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs" attack. TsueTsue revives Chimera Org, who is then destroyed by Gao King Striker and Gao Hunter Justice .
  • Karaoke Org (カラオケオルグ Karaoke Orugu?, 25): As a result of Onihime having an Org Spirit acquiring a karaoke machine, Karaoke Org can steal people's speaking abilities and replace them with cat sounds. Yabaiba used him hoping to gain a promotion from Onihime, unaware that she was actually TsueTsue. The Org can use his Speaker Attack, emitting crushing sound waves and attack with CD in his Laser-Disc Cutter attack. The Org overwhelm the Gaorangers with his ability until Gao Silver arrives destroys him with his "Full-Moon", restoring the others. Once TsueTsue returned to normal, she revived Karaoke Org, who is then destroyed by Gao King Striker and Gao Hunter Justice.
  • Thousand-Year Evil Orgs (Sennen Jaki Orugu, 27-29): Orgs Ura powers using the Thousand-Year Evil of Rouki.
    • Vase Org (ツボオルグ Tsubo Orugu?, 27): Created by Ura from a mud puppet infused with the Thousand-Year Evil, Vase Org could suck anything he marks with seal paper into his vase. Taking advantage of Gao Hunter Justice and Gao King's sparing, Vase Org seal Gao King and Gao Hunter Justice into his vase. Once healed after his first fight, Vase Org attacks the Oyu district and battles the Gaorangers, destroyed by the Hyakujuuken. TsueTsue revives the Org, only from him to be destroyed by Gao Muscle Striker.
    • Bowling Org (ボウリングオルグ Bōringu Orugu?, 28): Created by Ura from a mud puppet infused with the Thousand-Year Evil, Bowling Org was sent to "bowl" the city down with his Striker Ball until the Gaorangers intervene. The Org proves tough enough that Kai master the Tornado Spin bowling technique to counter the Org's attacks, weakening the Orb for the Gaorangers to use their signature attacks TsueTsue revives Bowling Org, who overpowers Gao King and Gao Hunter Justice. He was then destroyed by Gao King Another Arm with its Tornado Gao Madillo Spin attack.
    • Tombstone Org (墓石オルグ Hekaishi Orugu?, 29, 43): As a result of Ura infusing the tombstone he made for the Gaorangers with the Thousand-Year Evil, Tombstone Org possessed a harden body. Though easily defeated by Gao Mane Buster, TsueTsue revives Tombstone Org, who manages to damage Gao King Another Arm-Spear. But Gao Deers arrive and entraps Tombstone Org with its effect. But the Org breaks lose and it overpowers Gao Muscle Striker until he is fatally wounded in battle, with the Thousand-Year Evil manifesting. But once Gao Deers arrives to heal the Power Animals, Gao King Cross Horn traps Tombstone Org with Bubble Capture as he dies, keeping the evil that created him trapped inside.
  • Blacksmith Org (カジヤオルグ Kajiya Orugu?, 35): A Org Spirit acquiring various blacksmith materials, Blacksmith Org raided Tsubakuro City for ideal metal to create tableware for Rasetsu. Gao White attempts to fight him, but she loses and he takes her Juuou Sword as its density was the perfect material. He also steals Juuou Swords of Gao Yellow, Gao Blue, and Gao Black with the Dukes' help. With Futaro's help, Sae managed to find the Org's hideout too late. Assuming fighting form, Gao White battles the Org until Gao Red and the others arrive. The Gaorangers managed to kill the Org with Hyakujuuken and then with Gao Icarus (after it overwhelmed Gao Hunter Justice), restoring the Juuou Swords to normal.
  • Magic-Flute Org (魔笛オルグ Mateki Orugu?, 36, 42-43): An Org Spirit acquiring a flute, its body was shaped like an ocarina. Magic-Flute Org was able to breakup Tetomu and Shirogane. Finding it lovely, Rasetsu sends the Dukes to find him for dining entertainment. During that time, Magic-Flute uses his power to cause kids to dance uncontrollably until the Gaorangers interfere. The Dukes manage to save him, bringing him to Rasetsu who enhances him with the Dukes' energy, allowing him to control adults. He managed to force the Gaorangers to dance until Tetomu and Shirogane momentarily negate the Org's music with their own until an infuriated Rasetsu attacked them, but Gao Deers arrives to fully break the spell. Though killed by the Gaorangers' Hyakujuuken, TsueTsue revives Magic-Flute Org, who uses his music to drown out Juuou Swords' call until Gao God emerges and destroyed the Org's flute with his arrow, allowing Gao Icarus to be summoned and kill Magic-Flute Org.
  • Juggling Org (ジャグリングオルグ Jaguringu Orugu?, 37): The younger brother of Yabaiba, whose aid he enlists to gain praise from Rasetsu, forming Team Circus. They make a few vain attempts to attack Kai, Gaku, and Futaro at an amusement park in the guise of mascots until they capture Futaro. Gao Blue and Gao Yellow are forced to take a beating until the others arrive and save Futaro. Though killed by Hyakujuuken, Yabaiba uses TsueTsue's staff to revive his brother, who has a hard time fighting Gao King on his own until Yabaiba uses the Org Seeds to aid Juggling Org. But Gao Hunter Justice arrives in time, wounding Juggling Org for Gao King to finish off.
  • Animal Tamer Org (猛獣使いオルグ Mōjūtsukai Orugu?, 38, 42): A Org who refers to himself as a master beast tamer, recruited by the Duke Orgs at northern Kanto for his abilities, so Yabaiba can avenge his brother's death. Once force-fed Org Seeds, he succeeds in taking control of Gao King, Gao Muscle Striker, Gao Elephant and Gao Giraffe, with Gao Hunter Justice immune. Futaro arrived in time to free Gao King Sword & Shield and Gao Muscle Striker from Animal Tamer Org's control, who uses their attacks to destroy his control whip. The Gaorangers than summon Gao Icarus to finish the Org off.
  • Monitor Org (モニターオルグ Monitā Orugu?, 39): An Org Spirit acquiring a monitor and various pieces of garbage, Monitor Org was able to trap people in any monitor as part of Rasetsu's plan to ally Futaro. Learning the Org's weakness is his remote control hand, Gao Silver and Gao Red cripple the Org before killing him with their trademark attacks, freeing everyone he captured. TsueTsue revives the Org, who Gao King destroys. But a piece of Monitor Org attaches to Gao King, giving Rasetsu control in order to force Futaro to reveal himself as Gao God, who uses his Power Arrow to destroy the control device.
  • Tinplate Org (ブリキオルグ Buriki Orugu?, 40): An Org Spirit acquiring a toy robot, Tinplate Org can shoot fire from its hands or use its toy-themed weapons. It attacked a factory as part of Rasetsu's part to kill the Gaorangers while the Power Animals were taken by Gao God, while proving Gao God's assumptions. But the plan backfired and the Gaorangers refuse to give up. Once Gao Silver arrived, the tables turned as Tinplate Org is destroyed with the evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs attack. Though TsueTsue revives Tinplate Org, Gao Hunter Justice assumes Moon Blue form to battle the Org, destroying it with Gao God's help.
  • Kurushimemas Org (クルシメマスオルグ Kurushimemasu Orugu?, 41): The greatest actor among the Org, Rasetsu enlisted him in a plan to turn children into his favorite drink, Dream Juice. To accomplish that, Kurushimemas Org assumes the guise of Christmas Org (クリスマスオルグ Kurisumasu Orugu?), giving presents to children as a sign of good will, but actually giving them the stockings that would trap the children to begin the process. Furthermore, he tricked Kakeru into thinking the Orgs are tired of fighting. As a result, Kakeru befriends the Org by giving him his G-Phone. Once the trap is sprung, Kurushimemas Org assumes his true form and attacks the other Gaorangers until Kakeru manages to break free before using the Hyakujuuken with extreme prejudice on the Org. TsueTsue revives Kurushimemas Org, who died in spite of aiding Rasetsu in his master plan.
  • New Year's Org (正月オルグ Shōkatsu Orugu?, 46): A strange Org Yabaiba encounters two weeks after Rasetsu's death. Though he saw the Org too useless to help him, he decided to use the Org to protect the location of the Matrix. Killed by Gao Muscle and Gao Hunter Justice.
  • Steam Engine Org (蒸気機関オルグ Jōkikikan Orugu?, 47): An Org that was created near a train station at Sakitomo and was the strongest Org, overpowering the Gaorangers as he withstood their attacks without breaking a sweat. At the last second, Yabaiba attacks Steam Engine Org and holds him for the Hyakujuuken to kill him. Getting the energy he needed, Yabaiba revives Steam Engine Org who wanted to kill him when the Power Animals arrive to fight. But like before, Steam Engine Org proves too powerful and cripples most of the Power Animals in the process. The remaining Powers Animals combine into Gao Icarus Another Foot & Arm, who succeed in killing Steam Engine Org with Icarus Breaker.


  • Snowman Org (雪ダルマオルグ Yukidaruma Orugu?, EX): Appeared on the Gao Access CD. After some help from Gao Panda, it was killed by Gao King.

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