The Office Christmas specials

The Office Christmas specials

UK Office episode
name = Specials (Parts One and Two)

ep_num = 13, 14
date = December 26, 2003
December 27, 2003
series = specials

The Office Christmas specials are two 45-minute episodes of "The Office" that conclude the series. Although they have a Christmas theme, in most non-UK releases they are known as The Office specials. They were first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 26 December (Boxing Day) and 27 December, 2003. These two episodes conclude the series, marked by its dark humour, by providing a hopeful ending where the characters are given the possibility of moving beyond the limited lives shown in the earlier episodes.


Part One

Three years after the documentary that made them famous, a different documentary crew revisits the office to see what the staff are doing now. After being made redundant from Wernham Hogg, David is now a travelling salesman, who following a failed album featuring a cover version of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" now leeches off what little fame he has in a series of demeaning nightclub appearances alongside a crowd of minor celebrities. Dawn lives in Florida, trapped in a miserable existence with Lee, who is bouncing from job to job as they live with his sister rent-free and hidden from immigration authorities. In the office, Gareth is now the general manager and Tim is still trapped in a job he hates with an obnoxious, pregnant desk mate he loathes.

Despite leaving Wernham Hogg three years ago, David Brent still visits the office to see the staff and "keep up the morale". This does not sit well with Gareth or David's nemesis Neil Godwin, and it appears to the viewer that David is depressed and misses his old job. When the programme makers offer to fly Dawn and Lee back for the office Christmas Party, along with the appearance of David Brent, the scene is set for a reunion.

Part Two

With Gareth's help, David searches online for a date to the Christmas party. His first three matches are complete disasters: on Date #1 David makes awkward talk about breasts; Date #2 never gets off the ground, as the caller mocks the manager on "The Office" documentary before realising who David is; and on Date #3 David meets someone he immediately finds unattractive and boring. Dawn returns for the Christmas party with Lee, and her friendship with Tim is still as strong as ever.

As Dawn and Tim recreate old times by winding up Gareth, David pushes Neil's patience too far when he brings his puppy into the office to show to the staff. This leads to David getting a warning from Neil to stay away as he is disrupting work, which leads to David addressing the employees saying he is barred as "the regime don't like it".

At the Christmas party Dawn and Tim once again get close, Dawn saying how her dreams of being an illustrator are over, Lee saying how finding work is more important, and that to make a living painting, "You have to be good". David meanwhile gets to know Carol, his attractive blind date, and things are going well for both of them. As the night draws to a close, Dawn is told by Lee that they need to leave in order to catch the flight back to Florida. Reluctant to leave, Dawn tries to delay, telling Lee that they have yet to hand out Secret Santa presents. To this Lee replies "You'll cope", and goes off to get ready to leave. Whilst he is absent, Dawn and Tim awkwardly say their goodbyes and hug. Lee returns with Dawn's Secret Santa present and the two leave together, for what seems to be the last time.

In the taxi, Lee is asleep, with Dawn in the back, quietly shedding tears as she looks at her Secret Santa present: an oil painting set from Tim with the words, "Never give up" written next to Dawn's sketch of Tim, which she had made earlier in the day. David walks his date to her car, where she thanks him and kisses him goodnight, gesturing for him to call her. Returning to the office, he is subject to a cruel remark from Chris Finch about his date, and David tells him earnestly to "fuck off", leaving Finch at a loss for words.

In the final scenes, Dawn returns to the office, having left Lee, and kisses Tim. Soon, the whole office crew gathers for a group picture, and David achieves what he had been trying to do for the entire programme: he makes the office laugh.


* David Brent - Ricky Gervais
* Tim - Martin Freeman
* Gareth - Mackenzie Crook
* Dawn - Lucy Davis
* Neil - Patrick Baladi
* Anne - Elizabeth Berrington


* Finchy - Ralph Ineson
* Lee - Joel Beckett
* Keith - Ewan Macintosh
* Agent - Steve Brody
* Carol - Sandy Hendrickse


The following songs are featured in the specials.

Part One

*"If You Don't Know Me by Now" - David Brent
*"Hot Hot Hot" - Buster Poindexter

Part Two

*"Turn Around" - Phats and Small
*"Merry Christmas Everyone" - Shakin' Stevens
*"The Look of Love" - ABC
*"Last Christmas" - WHAM!
*"You're a Superstar" - Love Inc.
*"Sing it Back" - Moloko
*"Merry Xmas Everybody" - Slade
*"2 Become 1" - Spice Girls
*"Back for Good" - Take That
*"Mary's Boy Child" - Boney M
*"Be With You" - Atomic Kitten
*"Only You" - Yazoo

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