Episode Four (The Office, Series Two)

Episode Four (The Office, Series Two)

UK Office episode
name = Episode Four

ep_num = 10
date = October 21, 2002
series = 2

Episode Four is the fourth episode of the second series of "The Office". It was originally broadcast on 21 October, 2002.


Tim has started seeing Rachel, a fellow employee — which naturally gets right up Dawn's nose. Gareth is trying to impress the visiting office computer geek, and it's Brent's big day: the day of his management presentation. His ultra-unorthodox approach, rambling monologue, and use of both a book of Native American wisdom and a Tina Turner song ensure that it is a session not likely to be forgotten by those in attendance.


* David Brent - Ricky Gervais
* Tim - Martin Freeman
* Gareth - Mackenzie Crook
* Dawn - Lucy Davis
* Neil - Patrick Baladi
* Rachel - Stacey Roca


* Lee - Joel Beckett
* Ray - Tom Goodman-Hill
* Jude - Jennifer Hennesey
* Simon - Matthew Holness
* Keith - Ewen Macintosh
* Speaker 1 - Che Walker
* Speaker 2 - Richard Wills-Cotton


The song David Brent plays after his management presentation is "The Best" by Tina Turner.

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