Episode One (The Office, Series One)

Episode One (The Office, Series One)

UK Office episode
name = Episode One

ep_num = 1
date = July 9, 2001
series = 1

Episode One is the first episode of the first series of "The Office". "Downsize" is an alternate title for the episode. It was originally broadcast on 9 July, 2001.


A documentary crew films the everyday activities of the Slough branch of fictional paper merchant Wernham Hogg. The regional manager of the branch is David Brent, an irritating, middle-aged man who thinks he is as likable as he is entertaining. Among Brent's employees are Dawn Tinsley, Brent's reluctant receptionist; Tim Canterbury, a well-liked sales representative; and Gareth Keenan, the sycophantic assistant to the regional manager.

Early in the day, Jennifer Taylor-Clarke visits David for a meeting to inform him that Wernham Hogg can't run both a Slough branch and a Swindon branch. One of the branches will inevitably be merged with the other, depending on which is the most efficient. David panics at the thought of the Slough branch closing and his employees being made redundant, but he promises to keep Jennifer's announcement under wraps. However, rumours quickly spread around the office.

In addition to hiring a new forklift driver, David shows new temporary employee Ricky Howard around the office. During Ricky's tour, Tim sparks conflict with Gareth after he discovers his stapler inside a jelly. Rather than punishing Tim, David focuses more on trying to come up with a joke for the situation. Later, after Gareth forbids Tim from using his stapler, Tim takes it and ends up dropping it out of a window after a humorous argument.

After various employees confront David about the rumours, David holds a meeting and explains the situation to everyone. Employees are immediately worried for their jobs.

At the end of the day, Tim invites Dawn to go out with him and some other employees for an "end of the week drink". Unfortunately, their conversation is interrupted by Lee, Dawn's fiancé.

Before Dawn leaves, David tells her that she is being fired for stealing Post-it notes. He subsequently backtracks, claiming it was only a joke once she begins crying. Ricky watches, silently horrified at the behaviour of his new boss.


* David Brent - Ricky Gervais
* Tim - Martin Freeman
* Gareth - Mackenzie Crook
* Dawn - Lucy Davis
* Ricky - Oliver Chris
* Jennifer - Stirling Gallacher


* Lee - Joel Beckett
* Malcolm - Robin Hooper
* Sanj - Paul Sharma
* Joan - Yvonne D'Alpra

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