Universe (disambiguation)

Universe (disambiguation)

The Universe is everything that physically exists.

Universe might also refer to:

*Universe (mathematics), a class large enough to contain all sets one may wish to use
*Universal set, a set which contains all objects, including itself
*Universe (economics), a population to be studied or measured

In publications:
*"Universe" (book), a 2005 non-fiction book by nine British authors
*"The Universe" (newspaper), a newspaper for Roman Catholics
*"", a Transformers comic series and toy line
*"Universe", the first part of the "Orphans of the Sky" novella by Robert A. Heinlein
*"Universe", a series of science fiction anthologies edited by Terry Carr

In visual media:
*"Universe" (documentary), a 1960 documentary film
*"The Universe" (TV series), a 2007 documentary television series
*"Universe (video game), a 1994 adventure game by Core Design
*"Dance Dance Revolution Universe", a North American series of music video games by Konami
*"Dancing Stage Universe", a European series of music video games by Konami

In computing:
*UniVerse, an operating environment/multi-value database system
*"Electric Image Animation System" or "Universe", a 3D computer graphics package published by EI Technology Group

In music:
*Ibanez Universe, a guitar by the Ibanez company
*"Universes" (album), an album by Perth band Birds of Tokyo
*"Universe", a song by Savage Garden
*"Universe", a song by Slade
*"The Universe!", a song by Do Make Say Think

In other uses:
*The Universe (Dubai), a man-made archipelago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ee also

*Observable universe, a region of space surrounding Earth
*Fictional universe, a self-consistent setting for several stories
*Universe of discourse, the relevant set for a purpose
*Multiverse (disambiguation)
*Parallel universe (disambiguation)
*Universal (disambiguation)
*University (disambiguation)

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