"Uphollow" is a rock band formed in 1993 based in Denver, Colorado, currently under the Hill Billy Stew Records record label. They are known for their mathematic approach to song-writing and their use of a Cello.


After forming in 1993, Uphollow (then consisting of songwriters Ian O'Dougherty and Whit Sibley, with drummer Josh Kennedy) released two 7"s, "Where Do We Go From Here?" with 8 Bucks, and a split with Ed Temple (Neenah, WI). Uphollow then released their first album "Mission to the Moon" in 1995, a wild Punk rock-influenced rock disc. After touring the United States for 2 years, the band replaced Josh Kennedy with drummer Justin Ferreira and released the dense, ambitious Rock Opera"Soundtrack to an Imaginary Life". This album represented a drastic musical step away from the faster, simpler Punk-rock of their first album towards more Progressive Rock/Math Rock. It is a 40-minute tale of an observer writing himself into a story, 'rear window' meets 'adaptation' meets jethro tull.

Then all of their gear was stolen. They went their separate ways and wrote many songs.

After the addition of cellist/vocalist/song-writer Ian Cooke in 2001, the group released their third album and second concept album, "Ten Fingers", in 2002. Based on the natural laws of the Golden Mean, "Ten Fingers" held a math-based style similar to their previous album, but less dense due to it being an Ian O solo album essentially. He played all the instruments, with the exception of drums and cello.

Their most recent album, "Jackets For The Trip", was released in 2005. Their first non-concept album since "Mission to the Moon", "Jackets For The Trip" features smoother, more varied songs, ranging from cello rock to acoustic folk to 70s-style epic ballad, as well as songs written by three of the band's members (O'Dougherty, Sibley, and Cooke). It also features a DVD with visuals for all of the songs by Zach Putnam and a complete 5.1 mix by Robert Ferbrache (in DTS and Dolby).

Throughout their shows and tours, Uphollow played with Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Built to Spill, The Dresden Dolls, The Decemberists, Rocky Votolato, Richard Buckner, Jimmy Eat World, Smile, Planes Mistaken For Stars, DeVotchKa, The Elected, Braid, Les Savy Fav, Pedro The Lion, Superdrag, The Make-Up, Hot Water Music, The Long Winters, All Night Radio, etc. ..


*Ian O'Dougherty (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Piano/Percussion)
*Whit Sibley (Bass/Vocals/Guitar)
*Ian William Marshall Cooke (Acoustic Cello/Electric Cello/Piano/Percussion)
*Justin Ferreira (Drums)


*"Mission to the Moon" - 1995
*"Soundtrack to an Imaginary Life" - 1998
*"Ten Fingers" - 2002
*"Jackets For The Trip" - 2005

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* [http://www.uphollow.com Official website]
* [http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=61068& Jackets For The Trip
* [http://www.myspace.com/uphollow Myspace
* [http://www.myspace.com/iancooke Ian Cooke
* [http://www.myspace.com/ianomusic Ian O

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