World Grand Prix (darts)

World Grand Prix (darts)
World Grand Prix
Tournament information
Venue Citywest Hotel
Location Dublin
Country Republic of Ireland
Established 1998
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Sets
"double in, double out"
Prize Fund £350,000 (2009)
Month(s) Played October
Current champion(s)
England Phil Taylor

The World Grand Prix is a PDC darts tournament held in Dublin each October. Its original venue was the Casino Rooms in Rochester, Kent in 1998 and 1999 and then for one year only in 2000 at the Crosbie Cedars Hotel in Rosslare, County Wexford. In 2001 the tournament moved further north to its current home at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin. The event replaced the earlier World Pairs tournament which ran from 1995 to 1997.

The Grand Prix was originally sponsored by bookmakers Paddy Power before Sky Bet took over in 2004. The subsidiary Sky Poker followed as the tournament's sponsor in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, online gambling company Bodog became the event's title sponsor and in 2011 took over as sponsor.

Although he has dominated the event with ten title wins, Phil Taylor has been knocked out of the World Grand Prix three times in the first round. In 2001, he lost 2-1 to qualifier Kevin Painter, in 2004 by 2 sets to 0 to Andy Callaby, and in 2007 he went down 2-0 in sets to Adrian Gray.

The current Champion is Phil Taylor, who defeated Brendan Dolan 6-3 in the final on 9 October 2011.


Tournament format

This tournament has shorter opening rounds, which can lead to some surprise results, and players must commence and finish each leg on a double including the option of the bull.

There have been several different formats for the competition, the 1998 event was played in a matchplay format of legs rather than sets. The following year a group stage was introduced, where there were only four seeded players for the event, and all 4 reached the semi-finals, which is quite unusual in darts tournament history. The group stages were replaced again with straight knock-out for 2000. The present format has been in place since 2003, when the 2nd round was extended from best-of-3 to best-of-5 sets.


Sponsor Years
None 1998 - 2001
Paddy Power 2002 - 2003
Sky Bet 2004 - 2007
Sky Poker 2008 - 2009
Bodog 2010 2011 - present


Venue Years
Casino Rooms, Rochester, Kent 1998 - 1999
Crosbie Cedars Hotel, Rosslare[disambiguation needed ] 2000
Citywest Hotel, Dublin 2001 - present


The list of finals:[1]

Year Winner Score Runner Up
1998 England Phil Taylor 13-8 (legs) England Rod Harrington
1999 England Phil Taylor 6-1 (sets) England Shayne Burgess
2000 England Phil Taylor 6-1 (sets) England Shayne Burgess
2001 England Alan Warriner 8-2 (sets) Netherlands Roland Scholten
2002 England Phil Taylor 7-3 (sets) Canada John Part
2003 England Phil Taylor 7-2 (sets) Canada John Part
2004 England Colin Lloyd 7-3 (sets) England Alan Warriner
2005 England Phil Taylor 90.74 7-1 (sets) England Colin Lloyd 82.05
2006 England Phil Taylor 88.24 7-4 (sets) England Terry Jenkins 82.51
2007 England James Wade 86.03 6-3 (sets) England Terry Jenkins 84.58
2008 England Phil Taylor 97.81 6-2 (sets) Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 90.42
2009 England Phil Taylor 97.07 6-3 (sets) Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 86.62
2010 England James Wade 88.92 6-3 (sets) England Adrian Lewis 89.33
2011 England Phil Taylor 6-3 (sets) Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan


As of 2011:

Player Won Runner-up
England Phil Taylor 10 0
England James Wade 2 0
England Colin Lloyd 1 1
England Alan Warriner 1 1
England Shayne Burgess 0 2
Canada John Part 0 2
England Terry Jenkins 0 2
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 0 2
England Rod Harrington 0 1
Netherlands Roland Scholten 0 1
England Adrian Lewis 0 1
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 0 1

World Pairs winners

The World Pairs event which preceded the introduction of this event was held between 1995 and 1997.[2]

Year Winners Score Runners Up Venue
1995 England Eric Bristow
England Dennis Priestley
14-9 (legs) England Keith Deller
Scotland Jamie Harvey
unknown, Ayr
1996 England Bob Anderson
England Phil Taylor
18-15 (legs) England Chris Mason
England Steve Raw
Willows Variety Centre, Salford
1997 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
Netherlands Roland Scholten
18-15 (legs) Wales Richie Burnett
England Rod Harrington
Butlin's South Coast World, Bognor Regis

Media coverage

The World Grand Prix has been broadcast in the UK by Sky Sports since the first tournament.


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