List of Parliaments of England

List of Parliaments of England

:"This article is a List of Parliaments of England. Devolved English Parliament is about the debate on a devolved parliament for England."List of Parliaments of England is a list (broken down by reign or republican regime) of the Parliaments, from the reign of King Henry III (when the Curia Regis developed into a body known as Parliament) to the creation of the Parliament of Great Britain in 1707. For later parliaments, see the List of Parliaments of Great Britain. For the history of the English Parliament, see Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The '-Plt' column in the list is the number of the Parliament, counting backwards from the one elected in 2005. This is not a conventional way of referring to Parliaments. The Parliaments of England are often referred to by the number counting forward from the start of the reign of a particular monarch (or republican regime), unless the Parliament came to be known by a particular title, e.g. Parliament of Merton.

elected Parliament before 1241

Notes:-:¹ The presiding officer of the House of Commons was initially known as the "Prolocutor" and sometimes as the "Parlour", but the term most often used was "Speaker" and this became the title always used from the 1540s onwards.:² No commoners were summoned.
*(a) 1st: For the first time since 1264-65 the representatives of the communities of the Realm are known to have been summoned to Parliament.
*(b) 2nd: The knights of the shires only were summoned to this Parliament.
*(c) 19th: Knights only summoned 13–14 June 1290. Assembled 23 April 1290 Lords and 15 July 1290 Commons. After this Parliament it became fairly usual for the representatives of the counties, cities and boroughs to be summoned to attend Parliament and from 1320 they were always included.
*(d) This Parliament included Scottish members.
*(e) 29th: Model Parliament summoned 30 September, 1 and 3 October 1295. This is the traditional start of the regular participation of the Commons in Parliament.
*(f) 33rd: Summoned 30 September 1297 (peers) and 6 October 1297 (knights of the shire). Assembled 9 October 1297 Lords and 15 October 1297 Commons. Met in London.
*(g) 34th: Met in York.
*(h) 35th: Summoned 10, 11 and 13 April 1298.
*(i) 40th: Met in Lincoln. Dissolved 27–30 January 1301.
*(j) 42nd: Summoned 14, 20 and 24 July 1303. Met in London.
*(k) 45th: Assembled and dissolved 30 May 1306.
*(l) 46th: Met in Carlisle. Deemed dissolved when writs "de expensis" were issued 20 January 1307 (burgesses only) and 19 March 1307 (knights only).

=Parliaments of Edward II=

*(a) 14th: Known as the Wonderful Parliament.
*(b) 15th: Known as the Merciless Parliament.

=Parliaments of Henry IV=

*(a) 3rd: Known as the Parliament of 1425.
*(b) 4th: Known as the Parliament of Bats. Met at Leicester.
*(c) 21st: Known as the Parliament of Devils. Met at Coventry.
*(d) 23rd: This Parliament was held during a period when King Henry VI was restored to the throne. It ended when King Edward IV deposed Henry for the second time.

=Parliaments of Edward IV=

=Parliaments of Henry VIII=

=Parliaments of Elizabeth I=

*(a) Speakers of the Long Parliament (including times when it sat as the Rump Parliament): Lenthall 3 November 1640-26 July 1647; Pelham 30 July 1647-5 August 1647; Lenthall 6 August 1647-20 April 1653 (restored to the Chair by the Army and sat until Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament) and 26 December 1653-13 January 1660 (when the Rump was restored); Say 13 January 1660-21 January 1660 and Lenthall 21 January 1660-16 March 1660.

The Long Parliament (Royalist phases)

These parliaments included representatives of Scotland and Ireland.

Note: The Convention Parliament of 1660 is often referred to as the 1st Parliament of Charles II. As it was not summoned by the King, the Convention Parliament is not included in this part of this list. However, it should be noted that many sources will give the above four Parliaments a number one higher than this list does.

=Parliaments of James II=

On the 29 April 1707, the Parliament of Great Britain was constituted. The members of the 2nd Parliament of Queen Anne became part of the 1st Parliament of Great Britain.

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