Small Faces (1967 album)

Small Faces (1967 album)

Infobox Album | Name = Small Faces
Type = Studio album
Artist = Small Faces

Released = June 1967
Recorded = Olympic Studios, London, flagicon|England
Genre = British Invasion Mod Psychedelic rock
Length = 30:24
Label = Immediate
Producer =
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
Last album = "From the Beginning" (1967)
This album = "Small Faces" (1967)
Next album = "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake" (1968)
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Type = Studio album

Lower caption = "There are but Four Small Faces" American release

"Small Faces" was the second official studio album by the English rhythm and blues band Small Faces. It peaked at number 12 in the UK Album Chart [cite book
last = Hewitt
first = Paulo
last2 = Hellier
first2 = John
title = Steve Marriott - All Too Beautiful...
publisher = Helter Skelter
isbn = 1-900924-44-7
pages = pp.149
] and was their first LP for Immediate in 1967. Confusingly, their previous debut album released on Decca in 1966 is also entitled "Small Faces".

Album profile

At the time of the release of this album, an unofficial second album "From the Beginning" was released by Decca. Small Faces had transferred to the Immediate label headed by Andrew Loog Oldham.

At the beginning of "All Our Yesterdays" Steve Marriott can be heard in an exaggerated cockney voice announcing "And now for your delight, the darling of Wapping Wharf launderette, Ronald the 'Leafy' Lane!!!".

An alternative version of the Immediate "Small Faces", entitled "There are But Four Small Faces", was released in the United States somewhat belatedly through Columbia Records distribution. [cite web
title = "Small Faces There Are But Four Small Faces"
publisher = Artistdirect
url =,,164560,00.html
accessdate = 2007-08-17

Track listing

UK version: "Small Faces"

ide one

#"(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me" (Lane/Marriott) 2:16
#"Something I Want to Tell You" (Marriott/Lane) 2:10
#"Feeling Lonely" (Marriott/Lane) 1:35
#"Happy Boys Happy" (Marriott/Lane) 1:36
#"Things Are Going to Get Better" (Marriott/Lane) 2:39
#"My Way of Giving" (Marriott/Lane) 1:59
#"Green Circles" (Marriott/Lane/O'Sullivan) 2:46

ide two

#"Become Like You" (Marriott/Lane) 1:58
#"Get Yourself Together" (Marriott/Lane) 2:16
#"All Our Yesterdays" (Marriott/Lane) 1:53
#"Talk to You" (Marriott/Lane) 2:09
#"Show Me the Way" (Marriott/Lane) 2:08
#"Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire" (Marriott/Lane/Ian McLagan) 2:05
#"Eddie's Dreaming" (Marriott/Lane/McLagan) 2:54

(USA version): "There are but Four Small Faces"

#"Itchycoo Park" (Lane/Marriott) 2:50
#"Talk To You" (Marriott/Lane)
#"Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire" (Marriot/Lane/Ian McLagan)
#"My Way of Giving" (Marriott/Lane)
#"I'm Only Dreaming" (Marriott/Lane) 2:25
#"I Feel Much Better" (Marriott/Lane/McLagan) 3:57
#"Tin Soldier" (Marriott/Lane) 3:23
#"Get Yourself Together" (Marriott/Lane)
#"Show Me the Way"
#"Here Come the Nice" (Marriott/Lane) 3:03
#"Green Circles" (Marriott/Lane)
#"(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me" (Marriott/Lane)

Combined version "Small Faces"

Castle Communications released a combined version of the two albums on CD in 1997, it retained the original UK track listing, with the five USA tracks added at the end.

#"(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me"
#"Something I Want to Tell You"
#"Feeling Lonely"
#"Happy Boys Happy"
#"Things Are Going to Get Better"
#"My Way of Giving"
#"Green Circles"
#"Become Like You"
#"Get Yourself Together"
#"All Our Yesterdays"
#"Talk to You"
#"Show Me the Way"
#"Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire"
#"Eddie's Dreaming"
#"Here Come the Nice"
#"Itchycoo Park"
#"I'm Only Dreaming"
#"Tin Soldier"
#"I Feel Much Better"

ee also

* Small Faces discography


*Paolo Hewitt John Hellier (2004). "Steve Marriott - All Too Beautiful...". Helter Skelter Publishing ISBN 1-900924-44-7.
*Paolo Hewitt/Kenney Jones (1995) "small faces the young mods' forgotten story" - Acid Jazz ISBN 0 9523935 0 6

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