Gilgamesh (disambiguation)

Gilgamesh (disambiguation)

Gilgamesh may refer to:

* Gilgamesh, legendary king of Uruk
* "Epic of Gilgamesh", a poem about the aforementioned king
* Gilgamesh (opera), an opera in three acts by Rudolf Brucci
* Gilgamesh (anime), an anime directed by Masahiko Murata
* Gilgamesh (band), a jazz fusion band in the 1970s led by keyboardist Alan Gowen
* The western pronunciation of girugämesh, a current visual kei Japanese rock band
* Gilgamesh (Fate/stay night), a fictional character in the TYPE-MOON anime, visual novel and manga series, "Fate/stay night"
* Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy), a recurring character in the Square Enix video game series "Final Fantasy"
* Gilgamesh flood myth
* Gilgamesh the King, a 1984 novel by Robert Silverberg
* Gilgamesh Night, a softcore porn Japanese variety TV show
* Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, the "jeune premier" in Girl Genius.
* The Forgotten One, who was also called Gilgamesh, an Eternal in the Marvel Comics universe.
* In "Batman The Animated Series", "Project: Gilgamesh" was a Cuban government experiment that attempted to create super-soldiers using convicted felons serving life in prison and a highly addictive steroidal compound known as "Venom". It is this project that spawned the villain Bane.
* Gilgamesh, often called Gil for short, the hero of Namco's classic series The Tower of Druaga.
*Gilgamesh, a weapon in Devil May Cry 4.
*Girugamesh, a Japanese rock band.

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