Arcadia (disambiguation)

Arcadia (disambiguation)

Arcadia may refer to:


* Arcadia, a region in Greece
* Arcadia Ægypti, a region of Roman-controlled Egypt
* Arcadia Planitia, a plain on the planet Mars
* Arcadia, New South Wales, Australia
* Arcadia, Victoria, Australia
* Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa
* Arcadia Beach, Odessa, Ukraine

In North American history
*Acadia, former French colony ("l'Acadie") named after the Greek Arcadia, in parts of the present Canadian New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, and the American state of Maine
** The Acadians, its inhabitants and their descendants
** Cajuns, corruption of "Arcadians", expelled to Louisiana in the Great Upheaval of 1755
** Acadia Parish, Louisiana, settled by them
** Acadian French
** Cajun French

In Canada:
*Arcadia, Nova Scotia
*Arcadia, Alberta

In the United States of America:
*Arcadia, California
*Arcadia, Florida
*Arcadia, Indiana
*Arcadia, Iowa
*Arcadia, Kansas
*Arcadia, Louisiana
*Arcadia, Maryland, a town which was the model for Arcadia in the television show "Joan of Arcadia"
*Arcadia, Missouri
*Arcadia, Nebraska
*Arcadia, New York
*Arcadia, North Carolina
*Arcadia, Ohio
*Arcadia, Oklahoma
*Arcadia, Virginia
*Arcadia, Wisconsin
*Arcadia College, Missouri
*Arcadia Lake, Oklahoma
*Arcadia Township, Lapeer County, Michigan
*Arcadia Township, Manistee County, Michigan
*Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania


* The Arcadia Conference, a World War II military conference held in Washington, D.C.
* The Parliament of Finland, located on "Arkadianmäki", or the "Arcadia Hill" in Helsinki


* "Arcadia" (ship), the second largest ship in the Peninsular & Oriental cruise fleet, introduced in 2003
* "Ocean Village" (ship), a P&O cruise ship that sailed under the name "Arcadia" from 1997 to 2003
* SS "Arcadia" (1954), a P&O ocean liner and cruise ship until scrapped in 1979
* SS "Arcadia" (1888), the first P&O ship to carry the name
* USS Arcadia (AD-23), a destroyer tender in the United States Navy
* "Arcadia", a ship built and launched in 1817 at Arcadia, Nova Scotia
* ARCADIA, a fictional passenger zeppelin ship in the 2000 PC game Crimson Skies


* Arcadia Entertainment, a Canadian television production company
* Arcadia Group, a British group of retail clothing companies owned by Sir Philip Green
* Arcadia Publishing, United States publisher of local community histories
* Arcadia Systems, the arcade-games division of Mastertronic, which was also used as a software label
* Arcadia Corporation, the original name of video game company Starpath

Art and entertainment

* "Arcadia", a Renaissance pastoral poem by Jacopo Sannazaro
* The Countess of Pembroke's "Arcadia", a 16th century work of literature by Sir Philip Sidney
* "Et in Arcadia ego" ("I am even in Arcadia," implied to be said by Death), two paintings by Nicolas Poussin
* "Arcadia of My Youth", an anime film depicting the origin of Leiji Matsumoto's seminal character Captain Harlock
* "Arcadia" (computer game), a 1982 computer game
* The Emerson Arcadia 2001, a video game console
* Arcadia (band), a 1980s synth-pop band created by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran
* "Arcadia" (play), a 1993 play by Tom Stoppard
* Arcadia (The X-Files), an episode of "The X-Files" regarding a gated community named "The Falls at Arcadia"
* "Skies of Arcadia" (originally "Eternal Arcadia"), a 2000 role-playing game for the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube video game consoles
* "Arcadians," a song by the Norwegian musician Sivert Høyem
* "Joan of Arcadia", a 2003–2005 United States television drama on CBS
* Arcadia (Social Gaming) a Social Gaming 3D virtual world

Fictional places

* Arcadia (utopia), a rural idyll in a fantasy realm, another world, or an alternate dimension (often the realm of Faerie), in many pieces of fiction
* Arcadia (Dungeons & Dragons), an Outer Plane of existence in the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game, aligned between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Good
* Arcadia (The Longest Journey), one of the twin worlds in the computer adventure game "The Longest Journey"
* Neo Arcadia, a place in the "Mega Man Zero" game series
* Arcadia, a garden in the game BioShock
* Archadia, an empire in the game Final Fantasy 12

See also

* Arkadia
* Acadia (disambiguation)

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