Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Assemblée legislative du Manitoba
Founded 1970 (1970)
Type Unicameral
Speaker Vacant
since October 4, 2011
Premier Greg Selinger, NDP
since October 19, 2009
Leader of the Official Opposition Hugh McFadyen, PC
since April 29, 2006
Government House Leader Jennifer Howard, NDP
since November 8, 2010
Official Opposition House Leader Mavis Taillieu, PC
since March 25, 2011
Members 57
Political groups
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Crown Corporations
  • Human Resources
  • Justice
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Private Bills
  • Public Accounts
  • Social and Economic Development
Voting system Single-member district plurality
Last election October 4, 2011
Meeting place
Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and the lieutenant governor form the Legislature of Manitoba, the legislature of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Fifty-seven members are elected to this assembly in provincial general elections, all in single-member constituencies with first-past-the-post voting. The Manitoba Legislative Building is located in central Winnipeg, at the meeting point of the Wolseley and Fort Rouge constituencies.

The current Premier of Manitoba is Greg Selinger, and the current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba is George Hickes, both of the New Democratic Party.

Historically, the Legislature of Manitoba had another chamber, the Legislative Council of Manitoba, but this was abolished in 1876, just six years after the province was formed.


Current members

Name Party Riding
     Allan, NancyNancy Allan NDP St. Vital
     Altemeyer, RobRob Altemeyer NDP Wolseley
     Ashton, SteveSteve Ashton NDP Thompson
     Bjornson, PeterPeter Bjornson NDP Gimli
     Maloway, JimJim Maloway NDP Elmwood
     Helwer, RegReg Helwer Progressive Conservative Brandon West
     Braun, ErnaErna Braun NDP Rossmere
     Gaudreau, DaveDave Gaudreau NDP St. Norbert
     Briese, StuStu Briese Progressive Conservative Agassiz
     Caldwell, DrewDrew Caldwell NDP Brandon East
     Chomiak, DavidDavid Chomiak NDP Kildonan
     Cullen, CliffCliff Cullen Progressive Conservative Spruce Woods
     Blady, SharonSharon Blady NDP Kirkfield Park
     Rowat, LeanneLeanne Rowat Progressive Conservative Riding Mountain
     Dewar, GregoryGregory Dewar NDP Selkirk
     Driedger, MyrnaMyrna Driedger Progressive Conservative Charleswood
     Pedersen, BlaineBlaine Pedersen Progressive Conservative Midland
     Eichler, RalphRalph Eichler Progressive Conservative Lakeside
     Friesen, CameronCameron Friesen Progressive Conservative Morden-Winkler
     Wishart, IanIan Wishart Progressive Conservative Portage La Prairie
     Gerrard, JonJon Gerrard Liberal River Heights
     Goertzen, KelvinKelvin Goertzen Progressive Conservative Steinbach
     Graydon, CliffCliff Graydon Progressive Conservative Emerson
     Ewasko, WayneWayne Ewasko Progressive Conservative Lac Du Bonnet
     Chief, KevinKevin Chief NDP Point Douglas
     Howard, JenniferJennifer Howard NDP Fort Rouge
     Allum, JamesJames Allum NDP Fort Garry-Riverview
     Irvin-Ross, KerriKerri Irvin-Ross NDP Fort Richmond
     Pettersen, ClarenceClarence Pettersen NDP Flin Flon
     Jha, BidhuBidhu Jha NDP Radisson
     Crothers, DeanneDeanne Crothers NDP St. James
     Marcelino, TedTed Marcelino NDP Tyndall Park
     Smook, DennisDennis Smook Progressive Conservative La Verendrye
     Lemieux, RonRon Lemieux NDP Dawson Trail
     Mackintosh, GordGord Mackintosh NDP St. Johns
     Maguire, LarryLarry Maguire Progressive Conservative Arthur-Virden
     Marcelino, FlorFlor Marcelino NDP Logan
     Wight, MelanieMelanie Wight NDP Burrows
     McFadyen, HughHugh McFadyen Progressive Conservative Fort Whyte
     Melnick, ChristineChristine Melnick NDP Riel
     Mitchelson, BonnieBonnie Mitchelson Progressive Conservative River East
     Nevakshonoff, TomTom Nevakshonoff NDP Interlake
     Oswald, TheresaTheresa Oswald NDP Seine River
     Reid, DarylDaryl Reid NDP Transcona
     Robinson, EricEric Robinson NDP Kewatinook
     Rondeau, JimJim Rondeau NDP Assiniboia
     Saran, MohinderMohinder Saran NDP The Maples
     Schuler, RonRon Schuler Progressive Conservative St. Paul
     Selby, ErinErin Selby NDP Southdale
     Selinger, GregGreg Selinger NDP St. Boniface
     Stefanson, HeatherHeather Stefanson Progressive Conservative Tuxedo
     Struthers, StanStan Struthers NDP Dauphin
     Swan, AndrewAndrew Swan NDP Minto
     Taillieu, MavisMavis Taillieu Progressive Conservative Morris
     Whitehead, FrankFrank Whitehead NDP The Pas
     Wiebe, MattMatt Wiebe NDP Concordia
     Kostyshyn, RonRon Kostyshyn NDP Swan River
Speaker of the Assembly

Current standings by party*

Affiliation Members
     New Democratic Party 37
     Progressive Conservative 19
     Liberal Party 1
Total Seats 57
Government Majority (absolute) 17

*The seating arrangement is viewable at the official website.[1]


Changes since the 2007 election

  1. Jim Maloway, NDP MLA for Elmwood, resigned to run in the 2008 federal election on September 8, 2008.
  2. Oscar Lathlin, NDP MLA for The Pas, died on November 1, 2008.
  3. Bill Blaikie (NDP) was elected MLA for Elmwood in a by-election on March 24, 2009.
  4. Frank Whitehead (NDP) was elected MLA for The Pas in a by-election on March 24, 2009.
  5. Gary Doer, NDP MLA for Concordia and former Premier of Manitoba, resigned to become Canada's Ambassador to the United States on October 19, 2009.
  6. Matt Wiebe (NDP) was elected MLA for Concordia in a by-election on March 2nd, 2010.
  7. Kevin Lamoureux Liberal MLA for Inkster, resigned to run for the Liberals in the federal by-election in Winnipeg North.


  1. ^ Seating Arrangement and Current List. The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba. Retrieved 31 March 2011.

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