Margaret of Scotland (Queen of Norway)

Margaret of Scotland (Queen of Norway)

Infobox Norwegian Royalty|majesty|consort
name =Margaret of Scotland
title =Queen consort of Norway

reign =1281- 9 April 1283
spouse =Eric II
issue =Margaret, Maid of Norway
royal house =House of Dunkeld
father =Alexander III of Scotland
mother =Margaret of England
date of birth =28 February 1261
place of birth =
date of death =9 April 1283
place of death =
place of burial=Bergen|

Margaret of Scotland (28 February 1261–9 April 1283) (Old Norse:"Margrét Alexandersdóttir"; modern Norwegian: "Margrete Alexandersdotter") was queen of Norway, married to King Eirik II of Norway.


She was born at Windsor Castle, the daughter of King Alexander III of Scotland and his first wife, Margaret of England. She married Eirik in Bergen in 1281.

She died in Tønsberg, presumably during or shortly after giving birth to Margaret, who became (arguably) queen regnant of the Kingdom of Scotland in 1286. The date of her death is given as 9 April 1283 in the "Gesta Annalia", but the "Chronicle of Lanercost" states her death as 27/28 February 1283. She was buried in the old cathedral of Bergen. This cathedral was demolished in 1531, the site, in present day Bergenhus Fortress, is marked by a memorial.


succession box | title=Queen Consort of Norway| before=Ingeborg Eriksdotter
1263-1280| after=Isabel Bruce
1287-1299| years=1281-1283

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