Internet Infidels

Internet Infidels

Internet Infidels, Inc. is a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based nonprofit educational organization founded in 1995 by Jeffery Jay Lowder and Brett Lemoine that maintains [ The Secular Web] , an online library of resources pertaining to nontheistic viewpoints, including agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism and secularism. [cite book |first= George A. |last=Ricker |title=Godless in America: Conversations with an Atheist |year=2006 |publisher=iUniverse |id=ISBN 059539101X |pages=page 154 |] The site has been referred to by one of its critics, Christian apologist Gary Habermas, as "one of the Internet's main Web sites for skeptics" [cite book |first=Gary R. |last=Habermas |authorlink=Gary Habermas |title=The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus |year=2004 |publisher=Kregel Publications |id=ISBN 0825427886 |pages=page 298] and by skeptical physicist Taner Edis as "a major Web site serving nonbelievers" [cite book |first=Taner |last=Edis |year=2005 |title=Science and Nonbelief |publisher=Greenwood Press |id=ISBN 0313330786 |pages=page 174] ; it has used the slogan "Culture jamming theistic memes since 1995". [cite book |first=Taner |last=Edis |year=2005 |title=Science and Nonbelief |publisher=Greenwood Press |id=ISBN 0313330786 |pages=page 174]


Richard Carrier, former editor-in-chief, said "… the mission of the Internet Infidels has always been to defend and promote Metaphysical Naturalism." [Cite web |first=Richard |last=Carrier |authorlink=Richard Carrier |title=Defining Our Mission |publisher=Internet Infidels |url= |accessdate=]

The Secular Web

The primary website maintained by Internet Infidels Inc. is called the [ Secular Web] . On that site, the [ Library] section includes articles on nontheism, including historical and modern works arguing for nontheism or against a particular religious belief, usually Christianity, but also including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Mormonism. Also included are transcripts of formal debates, such as "God or Blind Nature?" [cite web |first=Paul |last=Draper |authorlink=Paul Draper (philosopher) |title="God or Blind Nature? Philosophers debate the evidence |publisher=Internet infidels |url= |accessdate=] . Materials in the Library are only added after successfully passing a peer-review process.

Another website maintained by Internet Infidels Inc. is the [ Kiosk] , which features shorter and more informal articles than the Library. Articles in the Kiosk also undergo a peer review process.

The organization also operates a set of discussion forums known as the [ Internet Infidels Discussion Boards] (IIDB).

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*Secular Coalition for America
*Metaphysical naturalism


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