Kim Jong-jik

Kim Jong-jik

Infobox Korean name

caption=Shrine to Kim Jong-jik in Miryang.
rr=Gim Jong-jik
mr=Kim Chongjik
hangulja=계온 "or" 효관
hanjaja=季? "or" 孝盥
rrja=Gye-on "or" Hyogwan
mrja=Kyeon "or" Hyogwan

Kim Jong-jik (1431 – 1492), often known by his pen name Jeompiljae, was a leading Korean Neo-Confucian scholar in the early Joseon Dynasty. He was born in Miryang in Gyeongsang province, to a yangban family of the Seonsan Kim lineage. He passed the "jinsa" literary licentiate examination in 1453 and the higher examination in 1459.

After passing the examination, Kim entered government service, holding a wide range of positions. He earned the special favor of King Seongjong, as well as the enmity of the Hungupa (Loyal Retainers) faction.

After his death, Kim Jong-jik's writings became the basis for the Muo massacre of scholar of 1498 under the rule of Prince Yeonsan. His students included Kim Goeng-pil, who was killed in the subsequent Gapja massacre of scholar along with many others. Later Kim Jong-jik's memory was rehabilitated, and he was enshrined in various "seowon" including Yerim Seowon in Miryang and Geumo Seowon in Gumi.

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