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The Kontsevich system (Russian: Система Концевича/Sistema Kontsevicha) for the Cyrillization of the Korean language was created by the Russian scholar Lev Kontsevitch (Russian: Лев Концевич) on the basis of the earlier system designed by Aleksandr Kholodovich (Russian: Александр Холодович). It is currently the main system of transcribing Korean words into the Russian language.



Cyrillization systems for Korean were developed domestically in both North and South Korea; Kontsevich carried out work on the systemisation of these rules. In contrast with some systems of romanization of Korean, the transcription is based primarily on the pronunciation of a word, rather than on its spelling. For example, the tensification of "ㅈ" in 한자 (漢字) is not represented in romanizations, where the word is typically spelled as "hanja"; however, it is represented in the Kontsevich transcription, which spells the word with a double "ч" as Ханчча (Hanchcha).


Hangul Cyrillic Transcribed
К- / -г- / -к K / -g- / -k g / k
Н N n
Т- / -д- / -т T / -d- / -t d / t
-Р- / -ЛЬ R / -l' r / l
М M m
П- / -б- / -п P / -b- / p b / p
С / -т S / -t s
-Н (-нъ) -n (-n') ng
Ч / -дж- / -т Ch / -dzh - t j
ЧХ / -т Chh / -t ch
КХ / -к Kh / -k k
ТХ / -т Th / -t t
ПХ / -п Ph / -p p
Х H h
КК Kk kk
ТТ Tt tt
ПП Pp pp
СС / -т SS / -t ss
ЧЧ Chch jj


  1. The jamo ㅇ has no transcription in the initial position
  2. Basic transcription correspondences are indicated in capital letters
  3. Transcriptions in initial position are indicated preceding a single hyphen.
  4. Transcriptions in medial position (between vowels or after the resonant consonants М, Н, НЪ, ЛЬ, and Р) are indicated between two hyphens.
  5. Transcriptions in final position are indicated following a single hyphen.


Hangul Cyrillic Transcribed
А A a
Я Ya ya
О O eo
Ё Yo yeo
О O o
Ё Yo yo
У U u
Ю Yu yu
Ы Y eu
И I i
Э è ae
ЙЯ Yya yae
Е / е E / e e
ЙЕ / -е- Yye / -e- ye
ВЕ Ve oe
ВИ Vi wi
ЫЙ / -и- Yi / -i- ui
ВА Va wa
ВО Vo wo
ВЭ wae
ВЕ Ve we

Transcription of medial consonants

Some letters are transcribed differently in the middle of a word when following certain other letters.

End of first syllable Н (N) НЪ (N') М (M) ЛЬ (L') К (K) П (P)
Beginning of second syllable
К (K) НГ (NG) НГ (NG) МГ (MG) ЛЬГ (L'G) КК (KK) ПК (PK)
Н (N) НГ (NG) НН (NN) МН (MN) ЛЛ (LL) НН (NN) МН (MN)
Т (T) НД (ND) НД (ND) МД (MD) ЛЬТТ (L'Tt) КТ (KT) ПТ (PT)
ЛЬ (L') ЛЛ (LL) НН (NN) МН (MN) ЛЛ (LL) НН (NN) МН (MN)
М (M) НМ (NM) НМ (NM) ММ (MM) ЛЬМ (L'M) НМ (NM) ММ (MM)
П (P) НБ (NB) НБ (NB) МБ ЛЬБ (L'B) КП (KP) ПП (PP)
С (S) НС (NS) НС (NS) МС (MS) ЛЬСС (L'Ss) КС (KS) ПС (PS)
Ч (Ch) НДЖ (NDZh) НДЖ (NDZh) МДЖ (MDZh) ЛЬЧЧ (L'Cch) КЧ (KCh) ПЧ (PCh)
ЧХ (Chh) НЧХ (NChh) НЧХ (NChh) МЧХ (MChh) ЛЬЧХ (L'Chh) КЧХ (KChh) ПЧХ (PChh)
ПХ (Ph) НПХ (NPh) НПХ (NPh) МПХ (MPh) ЛЬПХ (L'Ph) КПХ (KPh) ППХ (PPh)
ТХ (Th) НТХ (NTh) НТХ (NTh) МТХ (MTh) ЛЬТХ (L'Th) КТХ (KTh) ПТХ (PTh)
Х (H) НХ (NH) НХ (NH) МХ (MH) РХ (PH) КХ (KH) ПХ (PH)


English Hangul (Hanja) RR
(RR transliteration in parentheses)
(Latin transliteration in parentheses)
“wall” 벽(壁) byeok
“on the wall” 벽에 byeoge
“outside” 밖에 bakke
“kitchen” 부엌 bueok
“to the kitchen” 부엌에 bueoke
Wikipedia 위키백과(百科) wikibaekgwa
Hangul 한글 hangeul or han-geul
Hanja 한자 (漢字) hancha or han-cha
character, letter 글자( - 字) geulja
“(an) easy” (+ noun) 쉬운… swiun…
“Four seasons are distinct.” 사계절(四季節)이 뚜렷하다. Sagyejeori tturyeotada.
(Sa-gye-jeol-i ttu-lyeoshada.)
Сагеджори ттурётхада.
(Sagedzhori tturyothada)
“Just check the line colour and width you want.” 원(願)하시는 선(線) 색(色)깔과 굵기에 체크하시면 됩니다. Wonhasineun seon saekkkalgwa gukgie chekeuhasimyeon doemnida.
(Won-ha-si-neun seon saegkkal-gwa gulg-gie che-keu-ha-si-myeon doebni-da.)
Вонхасинын сон сэкккальгва куккие чхекхыхасимён твемнида.
(Vonhasinyn son se`kkal'gva kukkie chhekhyhasimyon tvemnida.)


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