Jason Pearson

Jason Pearson

__NOTOC__Jason Pearson is an American comic book artist and creator of "Body Bags". He debuted in comics with a back-up story in "Legion of Super-Heroes" #22 in 1991, and Pearson called series writer Keith Giffen one of his mentors [http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14689] . Pearson is also a former member of the Atlanta, Georgia-based Gaijin Studios, and has participated in several Gaijin Studios-related projects.

In 1992, Gaijin Studios were in talks with Image Comics to do an 11-issue anthology series entitled "Ground Zero", featuring the work of the current studio members. The series was to have debuted Pearson's "Body Bags", but Image ultimately passed on the series. Pearson continued developing the concept of "Body Bags", and it ultimately saw print as a four issue miniseries as the debut title for the Blanc Noir line of titles produced by Gaijin Studios for Dark Horse Comics.

In 1998, Pearson began work on a sequel to "Body Bags". Intended as a six issue miniseries, Pearson had begun illustrating it when he was struck for an illness that left him unable to work for several months. When he returned to work, he found himself unhappy with the work he had done so far and opted to focus on other work for the time being. He did several short stories for America's Best Comics and Wildstorm. His first full issue after "Body Bags" was "Global Frequency #11", which itself was delayed numerous months before release.

In 2004, Wildstorm announced and solicited a four issue miniseries written and drawn by Pearson called "Redbird", but the series was delayed and ultimately cancelled before it saw print. In an interview for Newsarama.com [http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14689] prior to the cancellation, Pearson said that "Redbird" was intended to be a trilogy of miniseries for the character.

In 2005, 12 Gauge Comics reprinted the original "Body Bags" four issue miniseries in a collected edition. Later, they released the first new "Body Bags" material in years, "Body Bags: 3 The Hard Way". In addition to publishing "Body Bags" through 12 Gauge, he is also on staff as the Director of Development.


Comics series

*"Body Bags: One Shot"
*"Body Bags: 3 The Hard Way" (2005), featuring one new story and reprints of short stories appearing in "Dark Horse 97 Annual" and "Dark Horse 2000 Annual"
*"Global Frequency" #11 (2004) with writer Warren Ellis
*"Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight" #118 (1999) with writer Greg Rucka and artist James A. Hodgkins
*"Witchblade" #24 (1998) with writers David Wohl and Christina Z. and artist Randy Green
*"Body Bags" TPB (1997), collecting "Body Bags: Father's Day" 4-issue miniseries
* "Body Bags" four-issue miniseries (1996-7)
*"" #1-3 (writer and penciller, 1995)
*"Vanguard" #2 (1993), with writer Gary Carlson
*"Uncanny X-Men Annual" #17 (1993), with writer Scott Lobdell
*"Legion of Super-Heroes" #26 - 30, 32, 34 - 36, 38 (1992) with writers Tom & Mary Bierbaum and layout artist Keith Giffen
*"Starman" #35 (1991) with writers Peter David and Keith Giffen

Comic anthologies

*"The Ride #2" (2004), 12 page story
*"Coup D'Etat: Afterword" (2004), 2 page story on with writer Micah Wright
*"Tom Strong's Terrific Tales" #8 (2003), 8 page story with writer Alan Moore
*"Eye of the Storm Annual" (2003), 12 page story, "Time To Kill", with writer Geoff Johns
*"Hellboy: Weird Tales" #4 (2003), 12 pages story, "The Dread Within"
*"Many Worlds of Tesla Strong" #1 (2003), 20 page story with writers Alan Moore and Peter Hogan
*"X-Men Unlimited" #39 (2003), 18 page story, "The Final Alternative"
*"Tom Strong's Terrific Tales" #5 (2003), 8 page story, "Collect the Set!", with writer Alan Moore
*"Ultimate Spider-Man Special" #1 (2002), 6 page story with writher Brian Michael Bendis
*"Batman: Gotham Knights" #22 (2001), 8 page story, "The Bottom Line", with writer Michael Golden
*"Dark Horse Maverick 2000" (2000), 6 page story, "Body Bags: Well, It's About Time"
*"Grendel: Black, White & Red" #4 (1999), 8 page story, "Devil's Cage", with writer Matt Wagner
*"Dark Horse Presents Annual 1997" (1998), 12 page story, "Body Bags"
*"Men's Adventure Comix" #7 (1996), 6 page story, "Action Figures"
*"Shi: Senryaku" #2 (1995), 2 page story
*"Men's Adventure Comix" #1 (1995), 12 page story with writers George Cargonne & Tom Thornton
*"Green Lantern Quarterly" #6 (1993), 4 page story, "The Book of Equals", with writer Gerard Jones
*"Namor Annual" #3 (1993), 4 pages of the story "Under The Skin" with writer Ron Marz
*"Legion of Super-Heroes" #24 (1991) 5 page story, "The Adventures of B.I.O.N. Defender of Humankind" with writers Keith Giffen and Tom & Mary Bierbaum
*"Legion of Super-Heroes" #23 (1991) 7 page story with writers Keith Giffen and Tom & Mary Bierbaum
*"Legion of Super-Heroes" #22 (1991) 7 page story with writers Keith Giffen and Tom & Mary Bierbaum
*"Hero Alliance Quarterly" #1 (1991), 12 page story, "Past Perfect", with writer Michael Buckley

Covers & pin-ups

*"Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files" (2003), pin-up of Thunder
*"Thundercats Sourcebook" (2003), pin-up of Bengali, Lynx and Pumyra
*"Wildstorm Summer Special" (2001), pin-up of Taboo
*"JSA Secret Files" (1999), pin-up of the Star-Spangled Kid
*"Ghost" (1999), pin-up of Ghost
*"Dark Horror of Morella" #1 (1999), pin-up
*"Savage Dragon" #53 (1998), pin-up
*"Ghost" #33 (1998), character design of Silhouette
*"Vampirella: Crossover Gallery" (1997), 2 page pin-up of Body Bags & Vampirella
*"Wildstorm Swimsuit '97" #1 (1997), "Wetworks" pin-up & " Ivana & Bliss pin-up
*"JLA Gallery" (1997), pin-up
*"Penthouse Comix" #14 (1996), cover pin-up
*"'Foot Soldiers" #2 (1996), pin-up
*"High Impact Studios Lingerie (1996), pin-up
*"Gen¹³" #6 (1995), 2 page pin-up
*"WildC.A.T.s Sourcebook" #2 (1994), pin-up of Voodoo
*"Savage Dragon" #11 (1994), pin-up
*. Covers for issues #1-7(1994)
*"Vanguard" #2 (1993), pin-up
*"Supreme" #6 (1993), pin-up
*"Youngblood Yearbook" #1 (1993), pin-up
*"Homage Studios Swimsuit Special" #1 (1993), pin-up
*"Amazing Spoof Heroes Swimsuit Issue" #4 (1993), pin-up
*"Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special" #3 (1992) , pin-up of Sade
*"Who's Who in the DC Universe" #11 (1991), pin-up of Legion of Super-Heroes supporting cast
*"Who's Who in the DC Universe" #10 (1991), pin-up of Thorn
*"The Justice Machine" #6 (1990) cover pin-up
*"Pitt Trading Card Series" Card #37 Pin-up of Pitt


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