Treaty of Belgrade

Treaty of Belgrade

The Treaty of Belgrade ( _ru. Белградский мир) was the peace treaty signed on September 18, 1739 in Belgrade, Serbia, by the Ottoman Empire on one side and the Habsburg Monarchy on the other. This ended the hostilities of the two-year Austro-Turkish War of 1737-39, in which the Habsburgs joined Imperial Russia in its fight against the Ottomans. With the Treaty of Belgrade, the Habsburgs ceded Northern Serbia with Belgrade to the Ottomans, and Oltenia, gained by the Treaty of Passarowitz in 1718, to Wallachia (an Ottoman subject), and set the demarcation line to the rivers Sava and Danube. The Habsburg withdrawal forced Russia to accept peace at the Russo-Turkish War, 1735-1739 with the Treaty of Nissa, whereby it was allowed to build a port at Azov, gaining a foothold on the Black Seacite book | title = The Historians' History of the World | author = Henry Smith Williams | publisher = Hooper and Jackson LTD | year = 1909 | page = p.410 ] .

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