Lords of Coucy

Lords of Coucy

The Lords of Coucy ( _fr. Sire de Coucy) were a medieval lordship based on the fortress at Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique, in Picardy. The fortress was founded by Herve, archbishop of Rheims, and remained under the fluctuating control of these archbishops for some time until probably the later part of the 10th century. The exact status of Coucy becomes obscure for a nearly a century before the emergence of Lord Aubrey. The lords of Coucy become, especially in the 13th century, one of the most powerful sub-comital magnates in western Europe, and forged links with royal families such as those of France, England and Scotland. It was eventually absorbed at the end of the 14th century by Louis of Valois, Duke of Orléans.

List of known lords of Coucy

* 1059: Aubrey or Albéric, lord of Coucy. Founder of the abbey of Nogent-sous-Coucy.
*?: Dreux or Dreux de Boves.
* 1080 - † 1116: Enguerrand I known as Enguerrand de Boves, son of predecessor. Count of Amiens.
* 1116 - † 1130: Thomas, or Thomas de Marle; son of predecessor.
* 1130 - † 1149: Enguerrand II known as de Fère or de Marle, lord of Coucy, Marle, Fère, Crécy, Vervins, Pinon, Landousies, Fountains and some other places; son of predecessor, died during the crusade.
* 1149 - † 1191: Raoul I, son of predecessor. Killed during the third crusade.
* 1191 - † 1242: Enguerrand III known as "the Great", Count of Roucy; son of predecessor. Known also as the "builder", because of his castle construction.
* 1242 - † 1250: Raoul II; son of predecessor; died in the Battle of el-Mansourah.
* 1250 - † March 20 [1311] : Enguerrand IV; younger brother of predecessor.
* 1311 - ap. 1321: Enguerrand V, lord of Coucy, Marle and La Fère, Oisy and Havraincourt en Cambrésis , Mont-Mirel, Condé-en-Brie, and Châlons-le-Petit; nephew of his predecessor.
*1321 - 1335: William, lord of Coucy, Marle, La Fère, Oisy and Mont-Mirel; son of his predecessor.
* 1335 - 1347: Enguerrand VI, lord of Coucy; son of his predecessor.
* 1347 - February 18 1397: Enguerrand VII , lord of Coucy, earl of Bedford, made count of Soissons by the king of England; son of his predecessor.
* 1397 - November 15 1400: Mary , daughter of her predecessor.
* November 15 1400: Louis of Valois, Duke of Orléans purchased the lordship of Coucy.

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* [http://perso.orange.fr/chateau.coucy/gb/histry.htm The Coucy Castle: History]

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