What Witches Do

What Witches Do

"What Witches Do", a book by the late Stewart Farrar, is an eye-witness account of Wiccan practices.


Mr. Farrar was a practicing witch and a member of an active coven. In this book, he explores his version of the fundamental beliefs and premises of Witchcraft and explains his interpretation of its symbolism. The ceremonies presented are primarily from Alexandrian Wicca, as practiced by the author and his wife, Janet Farrar.

Much of the book concerns itself with quoting participants in Wiccan rites, with some academic description for the uninitiated. At the time of the book's writing, the author was studying Witchcraft with Maxine and Alex Sanders,cite web | title=Farrar, Janet (1950-) and Stewart (1916-2000) | work=www.themystica.com | url=http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/f/farrar_janet_and_stewart.html | accessdate=August 29 | accessyear=2007 ] with whom Farrar collaborated on the book.cite web | title=Priestess of the Goddess: TWPT talks with Maxine Sanders | work=The Wiccan/Pagan Times | url=http://www.twpt.com/sanders.htm | accessdate=August 29 | accessyear=2007]

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