John II, Duke of Lorraine

John II, Duke of Lorraine

John II of Anjou (Nancy, 1425 – December 16, 1470, Barcelona) was Duke of Lorraine from 1453 to his death. He inherited the duchy from his mother, Duchess Isabelle, during the life of his father, Duke René of Anjou, also Duke of Lorraine and titular king of Naples. As heir-apparent of Naples, he was styled the Duke of Calabria, and spent most of his time engaging in plots for Angevin recovery of Naples. In 1466, the Catalonians chose his father as King of Aragon, and he was created Prince of Girona, as heir-apparent. He went into Catalonia to press the family's claims, but died, supposedly by poison, in Barcelona.

By his marriage to Marie de Bourbon (1428–1448), daughter of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, he had four children:
# Isabelle (b. 1445), d. young
# René (b. 1446), d. young
# Marie (b. 1447), d. young
# Nicholas (1448–1473).

He also had several illegitimate children:
* John (d. 1504), Count of Briey, married Nancy St. Georges
* Albert, seigneur d'Essey
* Jeanne d'Abancourt, married Achille, Bastard of Beauveu
* a daughter named Marguerite
* another daughter, married Jean d'Ecosse

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