Dave and the Giant Pickle

Dave and the Giant Pickle
Dave and the Giant Pickle

DVD cover art
Directed by Phil Vischer
Written by Phil Vischer
Starring Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki
Chris Olsen
Lisa Vischer
Tod Carter
Music by Kurt Heinecke
Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki
Editing by Mike Nawrocki
Studio Big Idea Productions
Distributed by Lyrick Studios
Release date(s) March 1996 (1996-03)
Running time 27 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Dave and the Giant Pickle is the fifth episode in the VeggieTales animated series. Also, this video was the first time Larry the Cucumber was LarryBoy. It was released in March 1996 on VHS. Subtitled "A Lesson in Self-Esteem", it sends the message that with God's help humans can accomplish anything we set our minds to. The lesson is illustrated through a retelling of the Bible story of David and Goliath from the Book of Samuel.



The countertop opens with Larry the Cucumber dressed as the superhero Larry Boy. Backed by a cardboard cityscape, Larry declares that the world needs a hero, a hero, a superhero. He utters his catchphrase for the first time: "I am that hero!" and then gets stuck to the wall, prior to contemplating the idea of joining the naked wizard sect of his neighbourhood courgette group. Bob the Tomato enters and asks about the superhero costume; Larry explains that he doesn't feel special, that "plain old Larry" is "plain old boring". This of course dovetails with the viewer's letter, and Bob gets a letter from Myra Egleston of Youngstown, Pennsylvania about self-esteem and starts the story.

The story begins in the desert near Jerusalem Israel where Dave and his brothers are tending a flock of sheep. These sheep tend to tip over a lot which keeps the shepherds busy. Worse, Dave's brothers are constantly picking on him, by purposely tipping over their sheep, and forcing Dave to pick them up, or making him get them food, when he is working.

Jesse, their father, comes with the news that the Philistines are attacking. King Saul is gathering an army to face the threat and all the brothers run to volunteer. But Dave is stopped by Jesse who tells him that "Big people do big things and little people do little things." Dave must stay and tend the sheep. Meanwhile, Larry asks about the Philippines and Bob says the Philippines are a group of Islands off the coast of southeast Asia, but the Philistines were an empire that hated Israel and the Lord, and they wanted to take the Israelites as their slaves.

At King Saul's camp, the Israelites and the Philistines make a deal to end the war quickly. They agree to have their champions, their two greatest fighters, face off; the tribe whose champion is victorious shall win the war, and the losing tribe will become their slaves. Since the Philistines were all Peas, this seemed like a good idea to King Saul until they brought out their champion: the massive and towering Goliath, the Giant Pickle.

The episode breaks here for Silly Songs with Larry, a number in which Larry, lying on a psychiatrist's couch confesses his love for his lips and his fear of losing them.

Naturally no one would fight Goliath. For forty days he awaited an adversary. Then one day Dave is sent to the camp to deliver some pizza to his brothers, and he is ashamed at the sight of his brothers and the rest of the Israelites cowering in fear. He goes to King Saul and tells him that he will fight Goliath. King Saul is skeptical but grants his permission. He attempts to make Dave over with his royal armor and sword, but they are much too big. Dave resolves to go into battle just as he is.

Dave goes into battle armed only with stones and his faith in God while Goliath dons boxing gloves. The battle is short; Dave slings a stone at Goliath and hits him just above the eyes. Goliath stands dazed for a couple of seconds, and then falls to the ground knocked out and Israel are victorious. Finally realizing they had lost, the Philistines retreat from the battlefield before they can become the slaves of Israel.

Back on the countertop Bob explains that through God all things are possible. This means that little people can do big things and that Larry doesn't need to dress up as a superhero to be special. Larry-Boy then gets himself stuck on the camera and asks for Bob's help.



In addition to the ubiquitous "VeggieTales Theme" and "What We Have Learned," this episode contains the following two songs:

  • Big Things Too!, sung by Dave (Junior Asparagus)
  • I Love My Lips (Silly Song), sung by Larry with Archibald Asparagus

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