History of Capri

History of Capri

The Island of Capri is situated in the Gulf of Naples, between Italian Peninsula and the islands of Procida and Ischia. Of limestone origin, its lower section is to the center, while its sides are high and encircle you for more from frightful precipices, where finds numerous coves. Its orography is composed, to the west, from the slopes of the Mount Solaro and, to east, from the Mount Saint Michele.

The historian and Greek geographer Strabo thought that Capri broke off from the mainland. His theory has been confirmed recently, is from the geologic analogy that alloy the island to the peninsula sorrentina is from some archaeological discoveries.


The first discoveries of the prehistoric age were more than two thousand years ago, when, in roman age, from the diggings for the construction of the first imperial factories they came to the light remains of animals before tens of migliaia of years and traces of life of men primiti you of the age of the stone. The vicissitude is documented from Svetonio (75-140 b.c.) that it describes to the interest shown from the emperor Augusto in guarding rests of primordiale life finds again to you to Goats in its house, used nearly after first museum of the history of paleontology and paletnologia (Caesarum Vitae, 2, 72).

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