Gas (disambiguation)

Gas (disambiguation)

Gas may refer to:

Science and technology: gases and liquids

* Gas, one of the phases of matter
* Gasoline, a refined fossil fuel, also called petrol
* Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), also called "cooking gas", which includes propane and butane
* Autogas, a type of LPG used in motor vehicles
* Natural gas, a gaseous fossil fuel consisting primarily of methane
* The medical effects of gas being generated in the gastrointestinal tract:
** bloating
** burping
** flatulence
* Gassing, destructive gas generation in batteries
* See for a list of gases

Science and technology: other meanings

* The GNU Assembler

Biological effects

* As an anaesthetic
* As a poison, see:
** Gas chamber
** Poison
** Toxicology


* "Gas" (film), a 2004 film starring Flex Alexander and Khalil Kain
* Gas (musician), an ambient music project by German producer Wolfgang Voigt
* "Gas", the moniker used by British electronic music artist Mat Jarvis
* "Gas-s-s-s", also called "Gas! or It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It", a 1971 Roger Corman movie
* Gas (comic), a British adult comic

Other uses

* Gas, Eure-et-Loir, a commune in Eure-et-Loir, France
* Gas, Kansas, a town in the United States
* Bristol Rovers FC, an English professional football team so nicknamed for their original proximity to a local gasworks
* Gas, an Italian designer clothing label
* "Gas, gas, gas!", in military usage, a verbal warning of an imminent or occurring chemical weapon attack
* GAS (company), one of the SABIC subsidiaries.
* German "-gasse" or "-gaße" in street names means "lane".
* Slang for "diffuse or profuse talk"

As an acronym

GAS may stand for:
* The Children’s Global Assessment Scale, used by psychiatrists to assist with assessing children under 18
* Galpin Auto Sports, a customising garage featured on the television show Pimp My Ride
* The General Adaptation Syndrome, a model describing responses to stress
* Generalized Audit Software
* Getaway Special, an experiment bay on the Space Shuttle
* The Great American Songbook, a genre of American popular music
* Gunner's Auxiliary Sight, a backup targeting system for the main gun of the M1 Abrams tank
* Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids television network
* Streptococcus pyogenes, a bacterium commonly known as Group A Strep, or GAS

See also

* Gassing
* Gass
* gas giant, a type of planet
* gaslight
* LP gas
* natural gas

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