Butter pie

Butter pie

A butter pie is a savoury pie originating from Lancashire in North West England. It contains sliced potatoes, onion, butter, salt and pepper in a light pastry casing. It has no relation to the butter tart, which is a sweet dish popular in Canada and Scotland.

The Butter pie can be widely found in Chorley, Blackburn, Bolton, Bury, Lancaster, Preston and Wigan. and can rarely be found outside the historic boundaries of Lancashire. The pie is stocked by some supermarkets, fish and chip shops, sandwich shops and local corner shops within Lancashire.

The pie is thought to have been created for workers from Lancashire's Catholic community, to consume during their lunch break on days (mainly Friday) where meat could not be eaten. To the older generation, they are sometimes known as 'Catholic Pies' or 'Friday Pies'. In more recent decades it has become popular with vegetarians and is often served as a vegetarian alternative alongside Lancashire Hotpot.

The pie can also be enjoyed in the Lancashire area, often in the Wigan area on a savoury barm cake, accompanied with the counties 'Best Butter' for a true carb treat!

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