Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

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| population_blank1 = Santaisabelinos|population_blank1_title=Gentilic|

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Santa Isabel (IPA2|ˈsantaˈisaˌβel) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the southern coast, south of Coamo; east of Juana Díaz; and west of Salinas. Santa Isabel is spread over 7 wards and Santa Isabel Pueblo (the downtown area and the administrative center of the city).

Santa Isabel is known as "La Ciudad de los Potros" ("The City of the Colts").


Santa Isabel was founded on October 5, 1842 by Antonio Vélez.


The flag is divided horizontally in three stripes of same the width: white the superior one, yellow the central one and red the inferior one, may be ornamented with sugar cane stems or without them.

Coat of Arms

The crowned I stands for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary (Isabel in Spanish). The shells are a symbol for St. James the patron saint of the town, as well as for the many shells found near the town.


Barrios (Districts/Wards) []

*Boca Velázquez
*Felicia Uno
*Felicia Dos
*Canta Sapo

*Jauca I
*Jauca II
*Santa Isabel Pueblo
*Paso Seco


*Aguirre State Forest
*Rivers; Cayures, Coamo, Descalabrado and Jueyes



The surrounding areas produces fruits and vegetables.


clothing, electrical and electronic machinery, metal products and nutritional products.


Landmarks and places of interest

*Aguirre Forest
*El Malecón (boardwalk)
*Indian Museum
*Jauca Beach
*Hacienda Alomar Ruins

Festivals and events

*Mango Festival - May
*Crab Carnival - June
*Patron Celebrations - July
*Cemí Carnival - October
*Turkey Festival - November

Notable "Santaisabelinos"

*Carmelo Colon Rivera
*César Miranda Rodríguez
*Benito Santiago - Baseball player; won unanimously the 1986 the National League's Rookie of the Year Award (San Diego Padres).
*Elvira Colón
*Carlos Muñoz
*Melwin Cedeño - actor, comedian, merengue musician, and singer.
*Carlitos Colón - professional wrestler known as "El Acróbata de Puerto Rico".
*Mario Ortiz - accomplished trumpet player, arranger and band leader of the 60's.
*Elvis Torres Serrant - Musical Director Limite 21 - released their first album in 1990 breaking new grounds in the genre of merengue.


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