Constructiveness (Phrenology)

Constructiveness (Phrenology)

Constructiveness is a faculty from the discredited pseudoscience discipline of phrenology. Constructiveness is the seat of initiative, creativity and originality. It confers the capacity to plan and construct, to design and invent, to organise and devise ways and means of carrying out projects with ingenuity and dexterity. It is localized on the temples, below ideality.

Interaction with other faculties

  • Constructiveness + perceptive faculties + causality: scientific mind, initiative and creativity (examples: Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein)
  • Constructiveness + negative perceptive faculties + causality: philosopher, founder of ideological systems
  • Constructiveness + strong perceptive faculties + ideality: artistic talent
  • Constructiveness + positive acquisitiveness + positive perceptive faculties: business and commercial propensity.

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