Vagarshak Arutyunovich Ter-Vaganyan

Vagarshak Arutyunovich Ter-Vaganyan

Vagarshak Arutyunovich Ter-Vaganyan (1893-1936) was an Armenian communist party leader who was one of the first victims of Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. Ter-Vaganyan was one of sixteen Soviet intellectuals who stood as defendants during the Moscow Show Trials. [ [ Moscow Trials: Organization by the United Trotskyite-Zinovievite Centre of Terroristic Acts Against Comrades Voroshilov, Zhdanov, Kaganovich, Kossior, Orjonikidze and Postyshev, August 19, 1936.] ] He was accused of being part of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite centre which allegedly prepared terrorist acts against Stalin, Kliment Voroshilov, Andrei Zhdanov, Lazar Kaganovich, Grigoriy Ordzhonikidze, Stanislav Kosior, and Pavel Postyshev. [ [ Moscow Trials: Examination of the Accused Ter-Vaganyan, August 21, 1936.] ] Under pressure, Ter-Vaganyan was forced to admit his "guilt." [ [ Moscow Trials: Last Pleas By Ter-Vaganyan, August 23, 1936.] ] He was shot and his personal property was confiscated by the Soviet Union. [ [ Moscow Trials: Verdict, August 23, 1936.] ]


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