Abydos (band)

Abydos (band)

Abydos is a German progressive rock musical project, formed by the progressive metal band Vanden Plas' lead singer Andy Kuntz. The origin of the name is in the ancient Egyptian city Abydos; where the God of perpetual reincarnation Osiris was worshipped, and where theatres were invented. Kuntz explains that he had chosen this name because the theatre plays an important role in his life, and that the album will be some kind of a reincarnation for his parents and three other important people in his life who have died months before the idea of experiencing a solo project.


* Andy Kuntz: vocals, background vocals
* Stephan Glass: guitars, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, percussion
* Michael Krauss: guitars, keyboards, piano
* Andreas Lill (drummer of Vanden Plas): drums


In 2004 Abydos released a debut album called "Abydos: The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitants of His Diary".The album features many rock influenced musical genres besides progressive rock, including instrumental rock, soft rock, symphonic rock, space rock, hard rock, post-rock and progressive metal. The themes of the songs are religious beliefs, aliens, alternative reality and returning to Abydos. Track 11 is a continuance to track 10.

The artwork of the album is by Kuntz (who is also a painter) and the female artist Li-wen Kuo.

Recently Abydos released a DVD of their show in Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern at June 6, 2007.

Track listing

# "The Inhabitants of His Diary" – 1:12 (instrumental)
# "You Broke The Sun" – 5:39
# "Silence" – 6:55
# "Far Away From Heaven" – 5:32
# "Coppermoon (The Other Side)" – 5:10
# "Hyperion Sunset (The Wisdom of The World)" – 4:47
# "God's Driftwood" – 6:10
# "Radio Earth" – 5:38
# "Abydos" – 7:25
# "Green's Guidance for a Strategic Adventure Game" – 1:17
# "Wildflowersky" – 8:29
# "A Boy Named Fly" – 12:03

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