2007 Champ Car World Series season

2007 Champ Car World Series season

The 2007 Champ Car World Series Season was the twenty-ninth Champ Car World Series, however only its fourth season under the Champ Car title. It began on April 8, 2007 and ended on November 11 after 14 races. Unbeknownst at the time, this would end up being the final contested season of Champ Car, as the following February, the series unified with IRL.

For 2007 Champ Car underwent some major changes. The opening race of the season was switched from the Long Beach Grand Prix to Las Vegas for the first running of the Vegas Grand Prix. The Long Beach Grand Prix was the second race of the season, followed by the Grand Prix of Houston. Also, the entire schedule will be held on road and street courses, and the events will be timed races instead of races for a set number of laps. The full 2007 schedule was announced on Wednesday, September 27, 2006.

Champ Car officials confirmed that Panoz would be the sole chassis supplier for Champ Car for the three years beginning in 2007. The Panoz DP01 will be built by sister company Élan Motorsport Technologies and will be powered by a turbo-charged Cosworth engine. The new formula is reported to significantly lower the costs of competing in the series, which was in turn expected to increase car counts for the 2007 Champ Car season. However, 2007 entries have not exceeded those of 2006.

ESPN announced a new, multiyear agreement that will mark the return of the Champ Car World Series to the network in 2007. [http://sports.espn.go.com/rpm/news/story?seriesId=5&id=2664958]

On January 16, 2007, Champ Car announced their return to Europe, for the first time since 2003, with races scheduled for September 2, 2007 at the TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands, and September 9, 2007 at the historic Zolder circuit in Belgium. [http://www.champcarworldseries.com/News/Article.asp?ID=11193]

On January 23, 2007, Champ Car unveiled its new logo for the Champ Car World Series and the Atlantic Series. According to its [http://www.champcarworldseries.com/News/Article.asp?ID=11207 website] , it is a sleeker design with the new Panoz DP01 chassis on the right with an emphasis on a chicane-style layout, representing the street track racing that dominates Champ Car.

Drivers and Teams


The following drivers tested for the following teams during the 3 official pre-season testing periods of the 2007 Champ Car World Series Season:

*The Denver Grand Prix was cancelled by Champ Car on February 1.

*The Chinese Champ Car Grand Prix, after having its original May 20 date postponed, was cancelled on April 2 after the FIA rejected Champ Car's replacement date.

*The Grand Prix Of Arizona was cancelled on August 29.

Full Series Results


Driver Breakdown

Roshfrans Rookie of the Year Standings

Rule changes

The new rules of the 2007 season included the implementation of standing starts at venues where they can be safely implemented. Additionally, all events will be timed events instead of running a set number of laps. As the time limit approaches, the drivers will be notified that they are beginning the last lap. The leader will NOT be shown the white flag, which will now be employed in a similar manner to its use by the FIA. Teams will also be allowed unlimited access to their tires during all qualifying sessions. The requirement for each team to use at least one set of the alternate Bridgestone Potenzas during the race will remain in place.

From this season onwards drivers no longer receive a bonus point for leading a lap of the race.

Engine News

The Cosworth XFE Champ Car engine program has been enhanced to provide better value and increased reliability as it prepares to serve its fifth consecutive season as the exclusive engine supplier to the Champ Car World Series. The life of the engines have been increased from 1,200 to 1,400 miles between rebuilds for the new editions of the XFE powerplant. The extended life is important to the budgets of the teams, which purchase engine leases for the entire season instead of buying each individual engine.

Rumours and Speculation


*It appears more than likely that Paul Stoddart, former owner of Formula One team Minardi, will start a team at least partly backed by Formula One promoter, Dutchman Harry Muermans in 2007. cite news | url =http://www.homeofsport.com/f1/news/item.aspx?id=16644 | title ="Stoddart's Champ Car plans still on" | publisher =homeofsport.com| date = 2006-08-10 | accessdate =2006-09-08 ] On December 18 it was announced that Paul Stoddart had bought the CTE Racing-HVM Team, and that it would be renamed Minardi Team USA.cite news | url =http://www.champcarworldseries.com/News/Article.asp?ID=11168 | title ="Former F1 Team Principal Paul Stoddart Joins Champ Car World Series As CTE Racing - HVM Becomes Minardi Team USA" | publisher =champcarworldseries.com| date = 2006-12-18 | accessdate =2007-10-29 ]

*Carl Russo's team, RuSport Racing, has been purchased by Dan Pettit of PKV Racing. Russo felt that the demands of his expanding telecom business Calix prevented him from running both a large company and a race team. The team will remain based in Denver and all key personnel will remain the same.

*Gerald Forsythe has announced he will likely field only 1 car, to be driven by Paul Tracy, for the 2007 season. But he has been announced that he will have a second car.

*It appears Gelles Racing will not answer the bell for the 2007 season as the team has cancelled its orders for the new DP01 chassis.

*Although the team considered folding due to lack of sponsorship, Conquest Racing has procured an unnamed sponsor and will be able to run 1 car in 2007.

*Despite rumors of a 3-car operation, PKV Racing has confirmed that it will only run 2 cars for the 2007 season.

*Teams RuSport and Rocketsports have confirmed that they will scale back their operations in 2007, running 1 car apiece. Further, there are rumors that these teams may unite operations in Lansing, MI with the potential of running as a single, two-car team for the 2007 season. Nothing has been confirmed in regards to this.


*Nelson Philippe is rumored to leave Champ Car and become a test driver for Toro Rosso and to also drive in GP2 or to race in NASCAR.
*Tracy signed a 5 year contract with Forsythe Racing earlier in 2006, while Power signed a 3 year deal with Team Australia back in 2005.

*Neel Jani & Dario Franchitti have been linked to a drive for PKV Racing for 2007, while Christian Klien has turned down the offer. cite news | url =http://www.eurosport.com/cart/champ-car/2006/sport_sto954813.shtml | title ="Klien offer sparks silly silly season" | publisher =eurosport.com| date = 2006-08-31 | accessdate =2006-09-05 ] cite news | url =http://www.homeofsport.com/f1/news/item.aspx?id=16861 | title ="Klien says 'no' to Red Bull offer" | publisher =homeofsport.com| date = 2006-09-09 | accessdate =2006-09-11 ] . Franchitti is however likely to re-sign with Andretti Green Racing in the Indy Racing League with a limited American Le Mans Series program. It was announced on 22 January 2007 that Neel Jani had been signed to drive for PKV for the 2007 season.

*Robert Doornbos has revealed he has tested with Forsythe Racing in December, leaving the option to race in America and test for Red Bull at the same time. He beat the time of Paul Tracy who had driven on the track a lot more.

*Alexandre Prémat has been linked to a drive for Mi-Jack Conquest Racing for 2007. cite news | url =http://www.paddocktalk.com/news/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=45145 | title ="CCWS/GP2: Alex Premat to Mi-Jack Conquest ???" | publisher =paddocktalk.com | date = 2006-11-19 | accessdate =2006-11-21 ]

*Antônio Pizzonia & Raphael Matos were linked to a drive for Rocketsports Racing for 2007. Pizzonia was confirmed as lead driver Giancarlo Fisichella's GP2 team in 2007 on December 6, ending speculation about his Champ Car future. cite news | url =http://www.f1racing.net/en/news.php?newsID=136376 | title ="Fisichella signs Pizzonia" | publisher =f1racing.net | date = 2006-12-06 | accessdate =2006-12-07 ]

*Jay Howard & Enrico Toccacelo have been linked to a drive for Dale Coyne Racing for 2007.

*Tomáš Enge & Ho-Pin Tung have been linked to a drive for multiple teams for 2007.

*Depending on a test with Newman-Haas Racing on September 12-13, it is almost certain that Graham Rahal will be offered a full-time ride with either Newman-Haas Racing or PKV Racing for 2007. Whether he takes the offer or moves to Europe to follow a Formula One career remains to be seen. cite news | url =http://www.speedtv.com/articles/auto/champcar/30855/ | title =" Graham Rahal Set for Newman/Haas Ride in '07" | publisher =speedtv.com| date = 2006-08-13 | accessdate =2006-09-08 ] cite news | url =http://www.paddocktalk.com/news/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=41404 | title ="Rahal to Newman/Haas Champ Car Team for 2007?" | publisher =paddocktalk.com| date = 2006-09-17 | accessdate =2006-09-17 ]

*Robert Doornbos, Jos Verstappen, Dan Clarke, Nelson Philippe, Katherine Legge & Zsolt Baumgartner have been linked to a drive for Paul Stoddart's Minardi Team USA for 2007. cite news | url =http://flagworld.auto123.com/en/racing/news/index,view.spy?artid=74086 | title ="Verstappen to Champ Car ?" | publisher =auto123.com| date = 2006-12-20 | accessdate =2006-12-23 ]

*A. J. Allmendinger agreed a deal to see him racing in NASCAR in 2007, ending his short lived association with Forsythe. cite news | url =http://www.speedtv.com/articles/auto/champcar/33568 | title ="Allmendinger leaving Champ Car for NASCAR" | author = Robin Miller | publisher =SPEEDtv.com | date = 2006-10-23 | accessdate =2006-10-24 ]

*Alex Tagliani has been in contact with Rocketsports Racing, Dale Coyne Racing & RuSPORT about a possible ride for next season, citing the unlikelyhood of returning to Team Australia due to their desire to run another Australian driver alongside Will Power in 2007 cite news | url =http://www.tsn.ca/auto_racing/news_story/?ID=184426&hubname=auto_racing | title ="Tagliani seeks another Champ Car ride" | publisher =tsn.ca | date = 2006-11-15 | accessdate =2006-11-16 ] . Ryan Briscoe was seen as the favourite option for the team cite news | url =http://www.paddocktalk.com/news/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=45066 | title ="CCWS: Tagliani out, Briscoe in At Team Australia???" | publisher =paddocktalk.com | date = 2006-11-16 | accessdate =2006-11-21 ] , however on 22 January 2007 it was announced that Briscoe would be joining Penske's attack on the American Le Mans Series driving their Porsche LMP2 car.cite news | url =http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/56413 | title ="Porsche sign Briscoe, Castroneves" | publisher =autosport.com | date = 2007-01-22 | accessdate =2007-01-22] . In early March Tagliani announced that he would be returning to Rocketsports, where he had driven in 2003 and 2004.

*(July 23, 2007) - Jos Verstappen still wants a proper seat in Champ Car. Must be with a well run team, good engineer, a full season, and well prepared. "My desire to race in Champ Cars is still large. If there is anyone who wants to do it, it is me."


*On January 15, the Denver Post reported that the Grand Prix of Denver, scheduled for August 19, would likely be cancelled. On February 1 it was cancelled by Champ Car.

*The VISA name has been removed as sponsor of the Las Vegas and Phoenix events according to their respective websites. It appears that the First Data franchisee didn't have authority to use the VISA name. First Data remains an official sponsor of both races.

*Kevin Kalkhoven reported that the Chinese Grand Prix, originally scheduled for May 20, would be moved to October to save transportation costs by being paired with the Australian race and to allow for more time for a potential major sponsor for the event. However, the FIA did not approve the date change and the race was canceled.

*(July 23, 2007) - Rumours have Rexall signing a two year extension to title sponsor the Edmonton Grand Prix and/or the possibility of team sponsorship.

*(July 23, 2007) - Daily Mirror UK has an article in the sports pages that mentions that American Billionaire Stan Kroenke was in talks with Champ Car to bring a race back to Denver.


*At the 2006 Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma, hastily organized talks were held between Kevin Kalkhoven, Tony George & Mario Andretti about the possibility of hosting "double-header" (two separate races for each league on the same weekend) race weekends between IRL & Champ Car in 2007. The events under discussion were the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg and another undisclosed road race later in the year. Currently any such arrangement is unlikely.

*On November 16, 2006 Champ Car confirmed the signing of a new multi-year television deal to show 11 races on ESPN2, ESPN, and ESPN on ABC in 2007, with the networks becoming the exclusive broadcaster in 2008. This deal includes broadcasts of the Champ Car Atlantic Championship and Spanish-language broadcasting rights.



*(February 13, 2007) - After what was noted as an extremely successful first season for Frenchman Simon Pagenaud, the reigning 2006 Champ Car Atlantic champion makes the move up to Champ Car with Team Australia. The Frenchman completes Team Australia's 2007 line-up, with him campaigning the #15 Aussie Vineyards/DP01 while teaming up with 2006 Roshfrans Rookie of the Year, Australian Will Power, who will pilot the #5 Aussie Vineyards/DP01 for a second season.

*(March 6, 2007) - Mi-Jack Products, a long time sponsor and team owner in the Champ Car World Series, announced today that it has agreed in principle to sell its ownership in the Mi-Jack Conquest Racing Team to current partner and former Indy Lights Champion, Eric Bachelart. Despite leaving Conquest Racing, Mi-Jack remains committed to the Champ Car World Series as a promoter and an announcement regarding its involvement in other areas of racing will be made in the near future.

*(March 8, 2007) - PKV Racing announced today that Tristan Gommendy has signed to be the second driver for the team during the 2007 Champ Car World Series season. Gommendy, who will pilot the #22 PKV Racing Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone machine, spent the 2006 season driving in GP2 and the World Series by Renault. The 27-year-old native of France started nine GP2 events for iSport International last year and four for Pons Racing in the World Series by Renault, earning one pole and one podium.

*(March 8, 2007) - After successful runs together back in 2003 and 2004, Rocketsports Racing is proud to announce the return of Alex Tagliani to the team for the 2007 Champ Car World Series season with the hopes of picking up with where they left off - in victory lane.

*(March 8, 2007) - Newman/Haas Racing, owner of seven Champ Car World Series titles has added Chicago-area businessman Michael Lanigan as a partner of the team.

*(March 9, 2007) - Minardi Team USA announced that Zsolt Baumgartner has been appointed official test and reserve driver for the 2007 season. The 26-year old Hungarian racer, who previously competed for Minardi in the 2004 FIA Formula One World Championship, will join Dutch driver, Robert Doornbos, for the two-day Champ Car World Series Spring Training session, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, commencing today. He will also be present at the majority of Champ Car weekends this season.

*(March 28, 2007) - Minardi Team USA is pleased to announce that Dan Clarke and Robert Doornbos have signed to compete in the 2007 Champ Car World Series with the Indianapolis-based squad. After a successful pre-season testing program, the team will debut its new DP01 chassis next week, at the season-opening event in Las Vegas.

*(March 29, 2007) - Champ Car teams Rocketsports Racing and RuSPORT announce that they will collaborate on efforts in the 2007 Champ Car World Series season with a technical and operational merge under the umbrella name of RSPORTS.

*(March 29, 2007) - Forsythe Championship Racing announced that it has secured the services of veteran Mexican Champ Car Driver Mario Domínguez to pilot the #7 Telmex/INDECK Cosworth/Bridgestone/DP01 for the first three rounds of the 2007 Champ Car World Series. This will be the second time that Dominguez and the Forsythe Team join forces, as the Mexico City native competed with the blue and white team for the full 2005 Season and four events in 2006, securing 2 podiums finishes, and a career first Pole Position for Dominguez at the Houston Grand Prix.

*(March 29, 2007) - Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing (NHLR) announced today that 18-year-old American Graham Rahal will join the team for the 2007 Champ Car World Series season. MEDI | ZONE will be the primary sponsor of the No. 2 race car.

*(March 30, 2007) - Canadian driver Alex Tagliani and RSPORTS announced a partnership with the Tide@Wal-Mart Victory Lap Charity Program for the 2007 Champ Car World Series season.

*(April 3, 2007) - Conquest Racing will be heading to Las Vegas with a new look and a new driver after it was announced today that they have signed New-Zealand born racecar driver Matt Halliday to pilot their # 42 - 42 BELOW Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone entry for the start of the 2007 Champ Car World Series season

*(April 3, 2007) - CDW Corporation primary sponsor of the No. 9 CDW/RSPORTS car driven by Justin Wilson, kicked off the 2007 Champ Car World Series season by announcing its returning and new co-sponsors. CDW welcomes back returning partners including HP, providing laptops and servers; Plantronics, supplying communications headsets; and Edge Tech Corp., providing memory and portable solutions. CDW also is pleased to welcome as new co-sponsor Time Inc.'s Business and Finance Network.

*(April 3, 2007) - Pacific Coast Motorsports announced their partnership with Imperial Capital Bank as the primary sponsor of Alex Figge's #29 Imperial Capital Bank/DP01 Champ Car for the first three races of the 2007 Champ Car World Series season.

*(April 4, 2007) – RSPORTS announced a partnership with Monte Carlo Resort & Casino for the Vegas Grand Prix. Monte Carlo executives and guests will be joining RSPORTS at the downtown street circuit to enjoy the excitement of the Vegas Grand Prix. The Monte Carlo Resort & Casino brand will be exhibited on Justin Wilson’s No. 9 CDW/RSPORTS car as he races for the 2007 Vanderbilt Cup. Hotel guests and fans alike will be able to see this car up close at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, as the No. 9 CDW show car will be on display this week.

*(April 6, 2007) - Bell Micro, one of the largest value distributors of storage and computer products, announced their return to the Champ Car World Series Paddock with RSPORTS and Justin Wilson for the 2007 season. The Bell Micro brand will be exhibited on Justin Wilson's No. 9 CDW/RSPORTS car as he races for the Vanderbilt Cup in the 2007 Champ Car World Series.

*(April 10, 2007) - EDGE Tech Corp announced its return to the Champ Car World Series through its partnership with CDW and RSPORTS.

*(June 6, 2007) - Pacific Coast Motorsports announced their partnership with Molecule Labs. Based in Benicia, California, The Molecule Technical Fabric Care System cleans, protects and refreshes Nomex fabric to ensure safety and comfort. Alex Figge's #29 Champ Car will carry primary Molecule livery this weekend at the Mazda Champ Car Grand Prix of Portland Presented by Joe's. Both PCM entries will carry the Molecule branding at the associate level throughout the rest of the 2007 Champ Car World Series season.

*(July 22, 2007) - Thanks to a third consecutive fourth place finish for Simon Pagenaud, the Team Australia duo was crowned Champ Car Canadian Triple Crown Champions following today's Rexall Grand Prix of Edmonton. The average finishing position of 5.2 just nipped N/H/L's Bourdais and Rahal, who averaged 5.5 over the three Canadian races. RSPORTS teammates of Justin Wilson (second) and Alex Tagliani (14th) finished third in the standings with an average of 6.7

*(July 23, 2007) – Minardi Team USA and Armstrong Limited have aligned once again for the 2007 San Jose Grand Prix. Armstrong’s dynamic new product, the Astro Express, will be launched in conjunction with the team at this year’s San Jose race. Armstrong Limited is a leading supplier of quality HVAC and fluid flow equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Established in 1934, the company maintains seven manufacturing facilities on three continents.

*(July 25, 2007) - Pacific Coast Motorsports is pleased to announce their associate partnership with the South Bay Plastering Contractors Association (SBPCA) for this weekend's San Jose Grand Prix. In its 45th year of representing Union contractors, the SBPCA contractors are committed to preserving the integrity of the plastering industry. The SBPCA's website is the portal to the plastering industry in the San Jose area, and the PCM entries of Alex Figge (#29) and Mario Domínguez (#28) will promote the SBPCA and its website by carrying the address, www.plasterconnect.com on their Champ Car's throughout the San Jose Grand Prix.

*(July 27, 2007) – Pacific Coast Motorsports announced its partnership with Redback Networks Inc., an Ericsson company that makes video-centric routers for 75 percent of the world’s largest triple-play networks. Already the title sponsor of the San Jose Grand Prix track, Redback Networks will cheer on American rookie Alex Figge in this weekend’s race. His #29 DP01 will carry the striking Redback Networks livery around the Redback Raceway. cite news | url =http://www.pcmracing.com/index.php?m=1&s=1&c=454&PHPSESSID=d42a4ff2375d440c0427eb6c0180c9f8 | title ="Redback Networks Sponsors PCM driver Alex Figge at the San Jose Grand Prix" | publisher =pcmracing.com| date = 2007-07-28 | accessdate =2007-07-28 ]

*(July 28, 2007) – Pacific Coast Motorsports and driver Mario Domínguez announced their partnership with Joseph J. Albanese Inc. Champ Car star Dominguez will carry the Joseph J. Albanese logos on the #28 DP01 at the San Jose Grand Prix this weekend. Founded in 1955, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc is a full service, self performing concrete contractor specializing in all aspects of site construction. Based locally in Santa Clara, the company’s motto, “Just Get it Done” matches the desire and dedication of PCM and Mario Domínguez, “I am very proud to represent Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. this weekend at the San Jose Grand Prix,” said Dominguez.“


*(March 10, 2007) - Three-time and defending Champ Car champion Sébastien Bourdais (#1 McDonald's Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone) demolished the existing track record at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca with 10 minutes left in today's final test session, with his time of 1:05.880 (122.295 mph) breaking the mark of 1:06.309 set in 2006 by Ricardo Zonta in the Toyota F1 machine when it came over to turn some laps as part of the Monterey Historics Festival.

*(April 7, 2007) - Monster Energy and its iconic M-claw logo will adorn the side of Champ legend Paul Tracy's helmet, effective this weekend at the Streets of Las Vegas race - Round One of the 2007 Champ Car World Series. Said Monster Energy's President, Mark Hall: "There's definitely a linear relationship between Monster Energy's rapid rise to the upper echelon of the energy drink market and Paul Tracy's brisk ascent to stardom in American open-wheel racing. We look forward to backing Paul in his quest for victory this summer on the Champ Car World Series tour."

*(May 17, 2007) - Team Australia driver Simon Pagenaud has marked a successful two-day test by beating the 2003 Champ Car pole time around the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course in Lexington, Ohio this week.Pagenaud again exhibited the pace and potential of both he and the new-for-2007 DP01 Champ Car, going quicker than the 2003 pole time of 1:07.058 set by Paul Tracy at the last Champ Car event staged at the circuit as the Frenchman set a best lap time of 1:06.28.

*(June 1, 2007) - Jan Heylen, who was recently announced as a driver in the inaugural Champ Car World Series event at Zolder, has now also been confirmed to a race seat with Conquest Racing in all remaining Champ Car races in 2007, beginning with next weekend's event in Portland. Conquest Racing is owned and managed by fellow Belgian Eric Bachelart.

*(July 20, 2007) - Sébastien Bourdais could achieve his dream of becoming a grand prix driver by the end of July - provided Scuderia Toro Rosso decides to take up the option it has on the Frenchman. Bourdais has tested on several occasions with the Italian operation and team boss Gerhard Berger confirmed at the Nurburgring that Toro Rosso has first call on his services, but only until the end of the month. Bourdais has been tipped to join STR since the end of last year, when he ran with the team during winter testing, but time expired before he could be extracted from his contract with Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing in the US. "I have to say he delivered what we were expecting from him", Berger told a press conference in Germany, "He has been quick, consistent and good with the engineers, so I think he has good potential."

*(July 22, 2007) - Champ Car veteran Mario Domínguez will replace the injured Tristan Gommendy in the #22 Pay By Touch MegaSpirea PKV Racing Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone car for today's Rexall Grand Prix of Edmonton, July 20-22, on the temporary airport circuit at City Centre Airport, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Dominguez, 31, takes over for Gommendy, who crashed during Friday's provisional qualifying and sustained an edema of two thoracic vertebras.

*(July 24, 2007) – Ryan Dalziel, driver of the #28 DP01 for Pacific Coast Motorsports suffered a broken collarbone while training on his bicycle Tuesday morning. As a result of the injury, Dalziel will miss the San Jose Grand Prix at Redback Raceway. Dalziel will consult with Dr. Terry Trammell in the next few days to determine his eligibility for round ten of the Champ Car World Series at Road America. The Scottish rookie will be back in the car for his “home” races in Europe in September. Pacific Coast Motorsports will announce the replacement driver for the #28 entry as soon as possible.

*(July 25, 2007) - Champ Car race winner, Mario Domínguez, 32, of Mexico City, Mexico will drive the #28 PCM/DP01 for injured rookie, Ryan Dalziel beginning this weekend at the San Jose Grand Prix.

*(July 26, 2007,) - Tristan Gommendy will be able to take part in this weekend's San Jose Grand Prix after receiving clearance from Dr Terry Trammell on Tuesday. The PKV Racing driver, who crashed out in first qualifying at least weekend's Grand Prix of Edmonton and had to miss the race, went to Indy for a check-over, where Trammell was able to discover that the edemas around thoracic vertebrae 11 and 12 were milder than initially thought.


*(February 14, 2007) - Champ Car announces the return to Circuit Mont-Tremblant on June 29-30th and July 1, when the Champ Car World Series returns to the famed circuit almost four decades after their first-ever race in the Province of Quebec.

*PHOENIX (March 6, 2007) - Based on a successful result from today's sound measurement, the day's final test run scheduled for 3 p.m. has been cancelled. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dale Jensen, Grand Prix Arizona Co-Owner, were on-site for the 10:30 a.m. run and jointly declared the test a success.

*(March 8, 2007) - JAG Flocomponents was introduced today as the naming-rights sponsor of the racetrack for the Grand Prix of Houston, which will now be called "JAGFlo Speedway at Reliant Park". Grand Prix officials also announced that as a result of the JAG sponsorship, major upgrades will be made to the facility for 2007, including significant improvements to the track surface.

*(March 9, 2007) - San José Grand Prix President Dale Jantzen announced today that Redback Networks, an Ericsson company, will be the title sponsor of the 1.5-mile, seven-turn downtown temporary street circuit in 2007, the "Redback Raceway.".

*(March 13, 2007) - Citing the need for further testing of its standing-start procedures, the Champ Car World Series today announced that it would not use standing starts for the first three races of the 2007 season.

*(March 13, 2007) - The Grand Prix of Toronto announced that Steelback Brewery has signed a multi-year agreement to become the event's title sponsor. The 21-year old racing event will return July 6, 7 and 8th to Exhibition Place as the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto.

*(March 26, 2007) - Bridgestone Motorsport was announced as the official tire of the Vegas Grand Prix, which kicks off the 2007 Champ Car World Series over a 2.44-mile course through the streets of Las Vegas April 6-8.

*(April 7, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series today finalized the European portion of its 2007 race schedule, announcing the movement of the Zolder date. The inaugural Champ Car Grand Prix of Belgium, which is to be held on the Zolder Circuit, will move from September 9 to August 26. The event will be followed the next week by the Dutch Grand Prix, which will take place September 2 at Assen. "The Zolder date was moved to ease concerns that the FIA had about our race being too close to a Formula 1 event at Spa on September 16, and we want to give the open-wheel fans of the region every opportunity to attend both races if they so desire." said John Clagett, Champ Car Executive Vice-President of Planning and Development. "

*(May 10, 2007) - Mike Nealy, President of Global Events Group, announced today that Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) has signed on as title sponsor of the Mazda Champ Car Grand Prix of Portland Presented by Joe's Sports and Outdoor.

*(May 24, 2007) - Champ Cars returned to the track at the Circuit Mont-Tremblant after 39 years.

*(May 30, 2007) - San José Grand Prix President Dale Jantzen announced today that five rows of seats will be added to Gold Grandstand 3 for the Third Annual San José Grand Prix at Redback Raceway, July 27-29 on the streets of downtown San José. The new rows are being added in response to a demand for seats in the highly popular, and recently sold out, grandstand located at the Toyota Hairpin Turn, Turn #1, which featured some of the best passes and most exciting on-track action during last's year's race on the improved 1.5-mile seven-turn street circuit. The rows will be added to the bottom of the grandstand and will therefore not impact any existing seat holders. The addition of five rows will bring Grandstand 3 up to 31 rows and add a total of 130 new seats.

*(June 15, 2007) - The Grand Prix of Cleveland announced today that LaSalle Bank is the new presenting sponsor of the event, which will officially be called the Grand Prix of Cleveland Presented by LaSalle Bank. The annual Northeast Ohio tradition returns to Burke Lakefront Airport on June 22-24.

*(June 21, 2007) - CanWest MediaWorks announced today that it will provide live coverage of the 2007 Champ Car World Series Canadian events, beginning Sunday, July 1 at 2pm ET. Global Television presents live coverage of each key Canadian race on the Circuit -- including the inaugural Champ Car Mont-Tremblant (Saint-Jovite, QC) on July 1; the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto on July 8; and the Grand Prix Edmonton on July 22. Each race will also be simulcast on Fox Sports World Canada.

*(June 27, 2007) - Jim Haskins, President, Grand Prix of Edmonton, announced today that it has signed Rexall/Katz Group, Canada's largest drug store network of companies, as this year's lead sponsor for the premier motorsport competition in the city and the province. The event will be known as The Rexall Grand Prix of Edmonton.

*(July 7, 2007) - Since signing a multi-year title sponsorship agreement in March with the Grand Prix of Toronto, Steelback Brewery of Tiverton, Ont., report sales of Steelback beer have "skyrocketed" over the last four months as the company launched into its promotion of the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto, including a national advertising campaign. "We are thrilled with the promotion and advertising for this event and what it has done for our company", said Steelback President and CEO Frank D'Angelo.

*(July 12, 2007) - Officials of the Dutch Champ Car Grand Prix announced Bavaria Beer has become the Assen race's title sponsor at a press conference at the Bavaria Brewery in Lieshout, Netherlands. The official name of the event will now be: Bavaria Champ Car Grand Prix Powered by Audi, Gant & Hertz.

*(July 25, 2007) - The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix has joined the Grand Prix Arizona in a fund raising effort to benefit the Phoenix area not- for-profit agency. Members of the Executive Council, 70 executives who support the Boys & Girls Clubs, are selling premium tickets in what is now called the "Executive Club at Turn One" for the inaugural Grand Prix Arizona and for every $450 ticket they sell, $100 goes directly to the club with a matching contribution made by Grand Prix Arizona.

*(July 26, 2007) - Blue Coat Systems, Inc., the leader in secure content and application delivery, announced the company will provide a combination of Web acceleration and video optimization, together with Web security and bandwidth management, for the WiFi local area network ("WLAN") that will be available at the Third Annual San Jose Grand Prix. The San Jose Grand Prix, the largest sporting event in the city's history, will take place July 27th-29th on the streets of downtown San Jose.

*(July 26, 2007) – Redback Networks announced more than 40 broadband video camera feeds will provide a personal video experience for San Jose Grand Prix race fans, July 27-29. The live broadband video feeds will be managed by Redback’s SmartEdge multi-service edge routers, and delivered to race fans over a wireless network infrastructure. The live video feeds can be accessed for free over Internet-enabled PCs and TV. One of the key contributors to the ‘video-enhanced’ fan experience is Dr. Alan Lippman, Redback’s chief video architect, and one of the original creators of one of the largest streaming media platforms in the world. In addition to helping produce a state-of-the-art video-enhanced experience, Redback Networks is the racetrack sponsor for the 2007 San Jose Grand Prix. As title sponsor of the track, the race will be held at the “Redback Raceway,” the downtown course that runs through the city of San Jose


*Zhuhai, China (November 30, 2006) – Roberto Moreno made history today in China as he took the 2007 DP01 on track at Zhuhai International Circuit, marking the first time a Champ Car has run in China. Moreno was in Zhuhai with an envoy of Champ Car representatives as officials from the City of Zhuhai, Zhuhai International Circuit and Champ Car announced the 2007 Champ Car China Grand Prix to a collection of local and national Chinese media.

*(December 20, 2006) - Champ Car teams from Michigan to California descended upon Indianapolis to take delivery of the new DP01 Champ Cars, which will serve as the exclusive car to the series in 2007. The newly-constructed cars arrived Monday in Indianapolis from the Elan Motorsports facility in Braselton, Georgia, and each team was greeted with a carbon-fiber machine distinguishable from the others only by a car number and a team logo affixed to the nose.

*(January 17, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series has retained Next Marketing as its exclusive worldwide sales agency effective immediately. Named as one of the top 20 sports marketing agencies in 2006, by Sports Business Journal, Georgia-based Next Marketing will be responsible for developing sponsorship packages and opportunities for the Champ Car World Series as well as the Champ Car Atlantic Series, along with working with the Series' stakeholders to increase sponsorship opportunities.
*(February 8, 2007) - iRise, the world's leading application definition software company, today announced that it has signed a long-term agreement to be an official sponsor of the Champ Car World Series and will be the official business software simulation supplier to the Champ Car World Series. As part of its sponsorship, iRise will be hosting a series of CIO Roundtable events using the excitement of world-class racing as a backdrop. Each CIO Roundtable will include peer-based content on the most pressing topics facing IT executives today, followed by opportunities for CIOs to network with each other in a truly unique environment.

*(February 12, 2007) - Champ Car World Series Tests Standing-Start Procedure For First Time - MSR Houston - Katherine Legge leisurely rolled her Dale Coyne Racing Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone Champ Car to a stop on the front straight while rookie Graham Rahal sidled up alongside and stopped. Both drivers fixed their eyes on a bank of lights perched over the track. The scarlet lights went dark as the two Champ Cars rocketed from their spots to make the first side-by-side test of Champ Car's new standing-start procedure - which will go into effect at the start of the 2007 season.

*(February 28, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series today bolstered its efforts in the communications and public relations areas by contracting with veteran communications professional Sid Priddle to serve as a consultant to the series effective immediately. Priddle's list of accomplishments includes successful stints with Team KOOL Green in the 1990s, Canada's famed Torchia public relations agency and has served as the head of communications of the highly-successful Champ Car Grand Prix of Edmonton for the first two seasons. Priddle was also the Communications Director for the Molson Indy for the first 10 years of the event and spent several years managing Player's motorsport programs. Priddle will be tasked with developing overall communications strategy along with numerous specialty projects as they relate to Champ Car communications. He will also work closely with Brener, Zweikel & Associates, which is Champ Car's outside public relations agency, in order to build a more comprehensive mainstream exposure plan for the series.

*(March 6, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series announced today that it had moved director of the Champ Car Fast Lap team, Cathie Lyon, to the position of Director of Partner Services. Lyon, who has been a vital part of the Champ Car World Series since 1989, will take over responsibility for partner services, and will be working closely with all of the series sponsors, partners and suppliers.

*(March 8, 2007) - Long a key component of the Champ Car Safety Team, Holmatro Rescue Tools have taken the next step for 2007, becoming the title sponsor of what will now be known as the Holmatro Safety Team. The Holmatro Safety Team is the longest-running and most-celebrated quick-response safety team in all of motorsports, providing at-track support at every Champ Car race since its 1984 inception.

*(March 8, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series today entered an agreement with Mazda North American Operations that will see the famed manufacturer become The Official Vehicle of the Champ Car World Series for 2007. Mazda will be able to showcase its performance cars as part of the Champ Car Pace Car Program, and will have its trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles featured as part of the world-renowned Holmatro Safety Team, Champ Car's fast-response safety squad.

*(March 9, 2007) - Champ Car will team with The NewsMarket (www.thenewsmarket.com), the media's online source for video, for digital delivery of Champ Car's video assets to broadcast news and online media outlets worldwide.

*(March 10, 2007) Aussie Vineyard's AU wine has been named as the "Official Wine of the Champ Car World Series". Team Australia co-owners Derrick Walker and Craig Gore and series co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven made the announcement during Spring Training at Laguna Seca Raceway in California today.

*(March 28, 2007) - Minardi Team USA co-owner, Paul Stoddart, announced that the Minardi two-seater team will appear at a number of Champ Car World Series race weekends in 2007.

*(May 14, 2007) - Champ Car World Series executives and race promoters along with a handful of Champ Car drivers are in Europe for a four day, four city tour where they will meet with media representatives, giving them a foretaste of what to expect when the Series stops in Zolder, Belgium August 24 - 26 for the Champ Car Grand Prix of Belgium and in Assen, The Netherlands for the Dutch Champ Car Grand Prix, August 31 -- September 2.

*(May 14, 2007) - The Champ Car World Series today tabbed veteran sports executive David Higdon to lead Champ Car's strategic development and communications. Higdon assumes a new role at Champ Car as Executive Vice President of Strategic Development and Communications after serving most recently as Senior Vice President, Communications for the ATP, governing body of the international men's tennis circuit. Since 1998, Higdon developed and implemented the ATP's public relations strategy, which included worldwide communications and promotion of men's tennis players and tournaments.

*(June 4, 2007) - Champ Car lost a member of its family on Friday June 1, 2007 as Denny Fedor passed away. Easily recognized by his handlebar mustache, Denny was always available to help. He worked with the Champ Car Pace Car program for more than 20 years, logging more the half-a-million miles in that time, easily making him the most experienced driver on the Pace Car team.

*(June 7, 2007) - Renowned production house, Traveling Light has combined with Champ Car to produce new television advertising for the 2007 season as part of a new Champ Car campaign entitled "Quotes" which ties print, television and internet advertising to a famous historical quotes. Traveling Light's 30-second television spot stands out as the showcase.

*(June 22, 2007) - Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT), and Champ Car announced that, less than halfway through the 2007 Champ Car World Series season, provisions have been met to assure that the Bridgestone brand will remain the series' Official Tire through at least 2009.

*(July 12, 2007) -­ Champ Car World Series President and CEO Steve Johnson announced today that Tony Cotman has been named Executive Vice President, Operations, effective immediately. Cotman, who has a long and distinguished career in motorsports, will be responsible for much of the day-to-day operations of the Series including legal, personnel, finance and marketing. He also will continue in his critical role as Race Director until he has identified a replacement and the best time to relinquish his duties.

*(16 July 2007) - The Seven Network (Australia) today confirmed the signing of an agreement to broadcast coverage of the Champ Car World Series. Today's signing strengthens Seven's commitment to the upcoming Lexmark Indy 300 on the Gold Coast and complements the network's partnership with V8 Supercars Australia.

*(PHOENIX (August 28, 2007) After nearly two years of planning and preparing for Grand Prix Arizona, the organizers of this Champ Car race have determined that it is no longer viable and are therefore canceling the event for 2007. [http://www.champcarworldseries.com/News/Article.asp?ID=12147 @champcar.ws]

Supporting Events

*Speed World Challenge GT and Touring will be at the Toronto Indy
*V8 Supercars and V8 Utes will be at the Lexmark Indy 300


*Ford announced it will no longer badge the Cosworth engines. Mazda has been confirmed as the new pace car and courtesy vehicle supplier.


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