Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!

Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!

name = Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space!
caption = original 1997 VHS cover
writer = Phil Vischer
director = Phil Vischer,
Chris Olsen
distributor = Sony Wonder
producer = Chris Olsen
starring = Phil Vischer,
Mike Nawrocki,
Lisa Pautz Vischer
Tim Gregory,
Kristin Blegen,
Jim Poole
music = Phil Vischer,
David Mullen | released = April 1997
runtime = 30 minutes
language = English
preceded_by = "A Very Silly Sing-Along!"
followed_by = "Josh and the Big Wall"
imdb_id = 0284609

"Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!" [ [,5&Search%5FArg=Larry%2Dboy%20and%20the%20fib%20from%20outer%20space&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=25&PID=14773&SEQ=20080115163526&SID=1 U.S. copyright records] ] is the eighth episode of the "VeggieTales" animated series. It was released in April 1997 on VHS and issued on DVD May 18,2004. This is the first adventure featuring the Larry the Cucumber as Larry-Boy, the hero of the city of Bumblyburg. In this story (subtitled "A Lesson in Telling the Truth"), Larry-Boy must confront a Fib that has grown beyond control. In this episode dealing with telling the truth, Larry the Cucumber appears as his alter ego, the hero of Bumblyburg, LarryBoy.


* Opening Countertop
* Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space
* Closing Countertop
* Music Video: Larry-Boy Theme


In addition to the ubiquitous "VeggieTales Theme" and "What We Have Learned," this episode contains the following songs:

* "It's Laura's Fault" (Sung by Junior Asparagus)
* "Larry-Boy Theme" (Sung by Nicole C. Mullen)




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