Chong Pang Division (MP Mr. K Shanmugam)

Current and future development

In the [ Draft 2003 Master Plan] , a [ Sembawang Activity Corridor] was proposed. Plans are in place to develop an activity corridor stretching from the Sembawang Town Centre to the Jalan Legundi area. Mentioned in the Plan was the development of the Sembawang Bus Interchange next to Sun Plaza, as well as a Sembawang Sports Complex at the junction of Sembawang Road / Canberra Road / Sembawang Avenue. Park connectors linking Sembawang MRT Station and WoodlandsMRT Station are in the work, as well as a new park connector along Sungei Simpang Kiri from Yishun Avenue 2 to Sembawang Road, bringing people to the lively Sembawang Activity Corridor. A new Community Centre for Sembawang residents will be co-located with the existing Sembawang Neighbourhood Police Centre at Sembawang Drive.

Recent updates of the Sembawang Planning Area can be accessed [ here] .

Communal facilities

The new town contains some of the most common communal facilities found in Singapore, such as:
* Sembawang MRT Station. To preserve the kampong atmosphere of Sembawang, this station has a uniquely-shaped kampong-styled roof. Acceding to a request by workers from the Sembawang Shipyard, the Land Transport Authority constructed a bay for 350 bicycles as most of the workers cycle to and from work. This is in-line with the environmentally friendly mentality prevalent in the kampongs.
* Shopping centres, including the Sun Plaza shopping centre next to the Sembawang MRT Station, and Sembawang Shopping Centre which is opening in the last quarter of 2008.
* The [ Sembawang Community Library] , managed by the National Library Board is situated within the Sun Plaza shopping centre. It serves residents in the North West areas of Lim Chu Kang, Mandai, Sembawang, Simpang, Sungei Kadut, Woodlands and Yishun.
* Three primary schools (Canberra Primary School, Sembawang Primary School, Endeavours Primary School and Wellington Primary School), and three secondary schools (Canberra Secondary School, Sembawang Secondary School and the holding campus of Naval Base Secondary School, located there due to PRIME).
* Sembawang Bus Interchange, strategically located next to Sun Plaza, was completed in December 2005. This replaced the old bus interchange located at the Northern tip of Sembawang Road, just next to Sembawang Park. Some photos of the old interchange can be found [ here] .


Bottle Tree Village

The Bottle Tree Village is located at the end of Jalan Mempurong and is famous for its Bottle Trees ("Brachychiton rupestris") which have been specially flown in from Queensland, Australia by the owner Mr. Alex Neo and Mr. Colin Chia. Apart from the unique trees, other Australian flora can be spotted in the surroundings. An eatery, Sembawang Eating House, is located within this Village, serving traditional Chinese stir-fry dishes. (

embawang Park

Sembawang Park, a 15 hectare tranquil park developed in the 1970s and maintained by the National Parks Board, is situated at the Northern tip of Sembawang Road. One of the few parks in Singapore with a natural beach, the Wak Hassan Beach, this park is a heaven for city dwellers who are tired of the never-ending concrete buildings and sky-scrapers. It's a popular spot for campers as well as families who wish to spend an idyllic day by the beach. One can dine at the Beaulieu House, built in 1910, which was the residence of Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton (Commander-in-Chief British Eastern Fleet, 1940-1942). A wide range of fauna and flora awaits visitors, ranging from the spectacular Cannon Ball tree ("Couroupita guianensis") to the many species of birds which have made the park their nesting grounds. [ [ Birds of Sembawang ] ]

embawang Park Connector

The [ Sembwang Park Connector] is part of the Park Connector Network managed by the National Parks Board. As their name imply, these connectors aim to form a continuous loop which would hopefully connect all the major parks within Singapore. The Sembawang Park Connector runs parallel to Sungei Sembawang, a canal which serves as the demarcation between Woodlands and Sembawang New Towns.

impang Kiri Park Connector

The [ Simpang Kiri Park Connector] demarcates the Southern border of Sembawang New Town, starting from the Southernmost tip of Canberra Link and terminating at Jalan Mempurong, where the Bottle Tree Village and Masjid Penempatan Melayu Sembawang can be found.

embawang Hot Spring

The Sembawang Hot Spring, discovered in 1909, is located near the junction of Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue, along Jalan Ulu Sembawang. It is Singapore mainland's only natural hot spring and was once bottled for sale under the label "Seletaris" by Fraser and Neave, a food and beverage company. Located on land used by the Ministry of Defence, improvement works were carried out in the area surrounding the spring and it was re-opened to the public on 1 May 2002.

embawang Camp

Except by permission, the military base in Admiralty Road is open only to military personnel on official business. However, there are transport exhibits adjacent to the helicopter pad and naval exhibits in Endurance Block.

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* List of countries by northernmost point


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