Linear (disambiguation)

Linear (disambiguation)

"Definition:" The word linear comes from the Latin word linearis, which means created by lines.

"Usage in mathematics:"
* Linear, a property;
* Linear code;
* Linear equation;
* Linear function;
* Linear programming, a type of optimization problem;
* Linear system;
* Linear transformation;

"Usage in technology:"
* Linear amplifier, a component of amateur radio equipment;
* Linear cryptanalysis, a form of cryptanalysis based;
* Linear element, part of an electric circuit;
* Linear medium, related to information storage and retrieval;
* Linear motor a type of electric motor;
* Linear phase, a property of an electronic filter;
* Linear Technology, an integrated circuit manufacturer;
* Linearity (computer and video games);

"Other uses:"
* leaf shape a term in botany;
* LINEAR, the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research project;
* Linear A, one of two scripts used in ancient Crete;
* Linear B, a script that was used for writing Mycenaean, an early form of Greek;
* Linear narrative structure;
* Linear (pop group), a popular music group;
* Linear motion, motion along a straight line;
* Linearity (writing), describing whether symbols in a writing system are composed of lines;
* A kind of typeface in the VOX-ATypI classification;

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