Dragon Skulle

Dragon Skulle
Dragon Skulle
Dragon Skulle
Box art of Dragon Skulle
Developer(s) Ultimate Play the Game
Publisher(s) Ultimate Play the Game
Platform(s) Commodore 64
Release date(s) Christmas 1985[1]
Genre(s) Action-adventure game
Mode(s) Single-player

Dragon Skulle is a video game for the Commodore 64 developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in late 1985. It is a sequel to The Staff of Karnath, Entombed and Blackwyche, and is the final title to feature the aristocrat adventurer, Sir Arthur Pendragon.



Typically for an Ultimate release, players are given a tantalising and cryptic introduction :

At last my journey's end draws near, as the Isle of Dragonskulle looms closer on the horizon. My search for the evil Skull of Souls had been successful. As I approached the Isle, I felt aware of an evil so powerful that my soul seemed in peril. The Skull had become aware of my presence. Almost at once, shadowy vapours began to envelop my craft and breathe images of death into my face. The terrified screams rang through my head of those who in distant times had challenged the Skull. Their souls torn from their bodies and consumed by its fiery breath. I began to wonder what terrible creatures had been summoned by the Skull to do its bidding and protect it from the magic empowered within me.
The vapours surrounding my craft, twisted and grew and out of them flew spirits of the undead, messengers from the Skull sent as a warning to those who would dare to challenge it.
"Thy soul shall be taken", they said in hideous whispers which seemed to echo around in my head. I watched in horror, as they leaped and danced around me as though in jest at my plan to destroy the Skull and his evil minions. Then as quickly as they had appeared, the spirits drifted away and back into the waters from whence they came. The vapours slowly cleared and there before me lay Dragonskulle, its twisted rocks and cliffs deformed throughout an age that was older than time itself.
A gigantic Skull carved from a mountain face leered threateningly down at me as I approached the Island's shores.
I knew that with all the terrible power the skull possessed, this would be my greatest challenge. My destiny now lies close at hand, as the Ultimate forces of darkness and chaos gather in strength and prepare to meet their final adversary."


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  1. ^ Outlaws / Dragon Skulle pre-release promotional brochure, published by Ultimate Play The Game in late 1985. Available to view at World of Spectrum: [1]

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