Slowly but Surely

Slowly but Surely

Infobox Album
Name = Slowly but Surely
Type = Album
Artist = Holly Golightly

Released = October 11, 2004
Recorded = Toe Rag Studios
Genre = Indie, Rock
Length =
Label = Damaged Goods
Producer = Liam Watson
Reviews =
Last album = "Truly She Is None Other"
This album = "Slowly but Surely"
Next album = "My First Holly Golightly Album"

"Slowly but Surely" is a studio album released in 2004 by singer-songwriter Holly Golightly.

Track listing

Songs are by Holly Golightly unless otherwise indicated.
# "On the Fire"
# "The Luckiest Girl"
# "My Love Is" (Billy Myles)
# "Keeping On"
# "Always and Forever"
# "Dear John"
# "In Your Head"
# "Slowly but Surely" (Ollie Jones, Randy Hobbs)
# "Through the Sun and Wine"
# "All Grown Up"
# "Won't Come Between"
# "Mother Earth" (Peter Chatman, Louis Simpkins)


* Holly Golightly – vocals and rhythm guitar
* Ed Deegan – Lead guitar and bottleneck
* Matt Radford – Double bass
* Bruce Brand – drums and percussion
* The Bongolian – Organ, piano and percussion
* Little Ed – Guitar and sitar
* Baine Watson – 6-string bass

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