Liang Dao Ming

Liang Dao Ming

Liang Dao Ming (zh-tcy|t=梁道明|cy=Lèuhng Douh Mìng) was a 14th century Cantonese Ming abscondee (he is also a king of Palembang) inhabiting Palembang, Srivijaya. [ [ 14th century ZhengHe and the HuaQiao Policy 郑和的国家观与“华侨政策”] ] According to Ming record, he had thousands of followers and a sizable military troop in Palembang.

The Cantonese King of Palembang

During the declining of Srivijaya kingdom (around 1365-1400s), the Majapahit squashed down the Sumatran rebellions and conquered the thousand years kingdom, left only the area of Southern Sumatra in chaos and desolation. The capital of Srivijaya was in a shambles, Cantonese headman Liang Dao Ming established a base there and later he was pushed by his rebellion military followers to be the king of the region (Palembang), and so they named the new kingdom as Old Port (Chinese: 旧港 Gaw Gong Mandarin: Jiu Gang). The name Old Port was named when majority of Chinese Muslims from Ming China, and also from Palembang, migrated to Surabaya’s New Village. Meantime, other group leaders from Ming China, Zhang Lian occupied West Java and Ling Dao Qian took Pattani, and it was at this very chaotic period, the last prince of Srivijaya fled to Temasek (see Parameswara).

Liang returns home

The Kingdom of Old Port and Majapahit fought over the territory of the region, in within a decade or more, thousands of fleeing Ming armies, from Canton and Hokkien (Fujian), joined Liang in the battle. As the military powers of Old Port expand, in year 1406, the Ming emperor sent Liang’s fellow countryman, the censor Tan Sheng Shou, Yang Xin and others to negotiate pacification. Finally Liang, his partner Zheng Ba Ke and gangs decided to return home for peace tribute.

Pirates of the Old Port

Year 1407, admiral Zheng He on his second voyage returned back from Africa, he was attacked by pirates of Old Port Palembang, the pirate leader was Tan Chor Ee (Chinese: 陈祖義 "Chen Zu Yi"), a criminal from Teochew. Tan eventually failed and was captured alive, thanks to the help of Shi Jin Qing who sent a report in advance. Tan was brought back to Nanjing, Ming China for decapitation. In that same year, Shi Jin Qing sent his envoy to Ming imperial for tribute, the Ming emperor awarded him Xuan Wei Shi (Chinese: 宣慰使), a special title for his effort and granted him coronal cincture. Shi Jin Qing (Chinese: 施進卿), a Chinese Muslim of Hui family became the chieftan of the Old Port region and permanent resident there.

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* [ 列传第二百十二 外国五 The Ming Chronicle - chapter 324]

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