List of The 4400 recurring characters

List of The 4400 recurring characters

The science fiction television series "The 4400" presents a wide range of characters. Recurring characters are those supporting characters who have appeared in multiple episodes and in multiple story lines.

April Skouris

April (Natasha Gregson Wagner) is the artistic free-spirited sister of NTAC Agent Diana Skouris. When she was introduced she was the "black sheep of the family": unlucky, unmarried, steady job-less, and very untrustworthy. Maia, was briefly tricked into using her ability to choose lottery tickets and wager on sports for her "Aunt April." After this was discovered, Diana told April she was not allowed to see Maia and to come back one day when she is a better person.

Later in the series April returns with a handsome boyfriend named Ben and a successful job at her own tattoo shop. Although things seem up for her, things take a wrong turn. She proves to be unlucky in her relationship with Ben (Brennan Elliott), recently losing him to her sister, Diana.

April becomes depressed and coming to the realization that her life is pointless she takes a promicin shot, gaining the ability to make anyone truthfully answer any direct question she asks. She used this ability to make a living blackmailing people, and falls in love with a man named Colin. However, one of her "marks" is the vice president of a Fortune 500 company which paid for hitmen and was selling defective armor to the military. The "mark" has April's new boyfriend murdered.

Shocked, sad, and frightened at her loss and the new danger she is in, April returns to Diana for help and for a short time helps them uncover the killer using her ability. April uses her powers to expose the head of the corporation to NTAC, and is later employed by the federal government, using her powers in interrogations. She and Diana leave off on a more positive note than before.

Gary Navarro

Prior to his abduction (January 5, 1973), Gary Navarro (Sharif Atkins) only worried about baseball and getting to the Major Leagues. After his return, Gary hoped to continue his life's goal. Although NTAC Agent Tom Baldwin had promised to help him gain control his recently emerged telepathic abilities, Gary was swept up and made a spy for NTAC, an NSA agent, and eventually a member of the 4400 radical terrorist organization, Nova Group.

Gary was first used by NTAC to spy on the newly opened 4400 Center, reading the minds of Jordan Collier to dig up information. After he was uncovered as a spy, he was taken by the NSA to be used to find 4400s from hostile nations. His job was to eliminate them before they could be used as weapons. Finding out he'd been used to kill his own kind pushed Gary to then join Nova.

While working for Nova, Gary was captured when he attempted to murder Dennis Ryland and was tortured by agents loyal to Ryland at the NTAC facility. When Tom Baldwin objected to his cruel punishment, NSA arranged to remove Navarro to another remote facility. Navarro was gladly freed in transit by the Nova group but after T.J. Kim's murder, Gary became dissatisfied with the Nova Group's operations and tired of the war, so he quit.

After a larger controversy where he escaped re-capture by NTAC thanks to Alana Mareva, Tom finally fulfilled his promise to Gary and helped him flee from the United States. Gary is currently a fugitive, reportedly in Canada.

Nikki Hudson

Nikki (Brooke Nevin) is the Farrells' neighbor and was Danny's girlfriend, until Shawn returned. Nikki and Shawn developed feelings for each other and dated until Shawn ran away to the 4400 Center. She returns later asking for Shawn's help curing her cancer-stricken father. They seem on the verge of renewing their relationship but Shawn calls it off, fearing that Isabelle will try to kill Nikki as an obstacle to her and Shawn's happiness.

Danny Farrell

Danny (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) is Shawn's younger brother who, because Shawn "stole" his girlfriend, is a staunch anti-4400 college student. Danny goes to the same college as Kyle. During season two, however, Matthew Ross suggested to Shawn that he should mend things with his family to help his image. Since then, Danny has healed his relationship with his older brother, though tensions still exist between the two.

The antagonistic relationship between the brothers flares up again in season four. Danny has felt that becoming a lawyer, in view of the powers possessed by promicin-positive individuals, has become pointless. In spite of his brother's advice, Danny wants to take promicin, and he mocks Shawn's warnings as fear that Shawn will no longer be the "special one". After realizing that taking promicin is Danny's own choice, Shawn gives a shot to him, but asks Danny to wait a few weeks to think it over.

In Tiny Machines, Danny, having heard about the test being developed by Kevin Burkhoff to determine whether or not an individual can tolerate promicin, approaches his brother at the 4400 Center. Though the test had not yet been completed, Burkhoff was able to predict, due to Danny's prominent Corpus callosum, that he would indeed survive if he took the shot. After doing so, Danny was unharmed - however during a visit home, in which he reveals that he is now "P-Positive" to his mother over drinks, the latter begins to exhibit signs of an aneurysm similar to those induced when individuals who can't tolerate promicin take the shot.

After many deaths, Danny realizes that his body is creating more promicin than it can contain and is involuntarily releasing it, infecting many. Much like the shots, the victims have a 50% chance of surviving and acquiring a special ability. He eventually seeks Shawn's help and is put on the promicin inhibitor, but is left with an ultimatum: die from the buildup of promicin or get off the inhibitor and risk infecting others. Not wanting to kill anyone else, Danny forces Shawn to euthanize him. Meanwhile, the ensuing chaos of people being infected promicin is used by Jordan Collier to bolster the support of his movement and take control of Seattle.

Matthew Ross

Matthew (Garret Dillahunt) was a lobbyist in the Collier organization who advises Shawn after Jordan Collier's death. Matthew ran the day-to-day business of the 4400 Center and it is hinted Collier gave him specific instructions of what to do.

Early episodes in the third season suggested that Matthew knows more about the 4400 and Jordan Collier's assassination than he has revealed. When Isabelle Tyler was contemplating suicide, Ross told her she was nearly invulnerable, but offered her a syringe that he claimed would kill her. In a later episode, a similar toxin was given to Tom Baldwin from the future in order to neutralize Isabelle.

Matthew is later murdered by Isabelle when she inflicted an instantaneous stroke upon him. He had manipulated her for some time, and informed her that her purpose was to destroy the 4400. He implied that his loyalty lay with a faction from the future, one that opposed the 4400 project. This faction would be described to Tom Baldwin by the future people, and were described as cold and brutal in their methods.

In the fourth season episode "The Marked", it is revealed through Curtis Peck's ability that Ross was among a ten-strong group of prominent individuals in society who have had their consciousness "hijacked" by the 4400-opposed faction. A side-effect of this operation leaves a mole underneath the subject's left earlobe, along with a vaguely X-shaped mark (hence the title of Curtis' Independent film and thus the episode). This mole is never actually visible in any scenes where Matthew was present, but it is explicitly revealed that he was the first known "Marked."

Heather Tobey

A school teacher, Heather (Kathryn Gordon) disappeared March 2, 1974. Her ability is to allow people to realize their full potential with regard to any special talent they may have. She unlocked artistic potential in several of her students. After several parents complained about their children being "altered," she quit. In the third season, she works at the 4400 Center's school. While taking the promicin inhibitor, her ability only worked on children, but without the inhibitor she can help adult 4400s focus their abilities, e.g., she helped Richard Tyler gain greater control over his telekinetic abilities.

She now works as an assistant to Shawn Farrell at the 4400 Center.

Cassie Dunleavy

The 4400 character
name = Cassie Dunleavy

caption = Tristen Leffler as Cassie Dunleavy
portrayer = Tristen Leffler
age = unknown
first = "The Wrath of Graham"
last =
family = unknown
Cassie Dunleavy (Tristen Leffler) is seemingly the physical manifestation of Kyle Baldwin's ability. She makes her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, "The Wrath of Graham".

Cassie first approaches Kyle in a park where she poses as an art student. During the course of their conversation she suggests Kyle inject his cousin, Shawn Farrell, with promicin to snap him out of his coma. Kyle takes her advice and Shawn is awakened.

Kyle later returns to the park to tell Cassie what happened, but she is not there. He tries to track her down at the art school she mentioned, but no one has ever heard of her.

When he next sees Cassie, (in "Fear Itself") he confronts her with this information. She does not tell him who she really is but instead encourages him to enter a house whose owner maintains a makeshift museum devoted to the 1918 cult, the White Lights. Among the artifacts Kyle encounters there is a book that describes the coming of a messiah whose portrait physically resembles Jordan Collier. There is also mention of a healer and a shaman, whom Cassie later reveals as Shawn and Kyle, respectively. She also reveals in this episode that she is Kyle's ability, and only he can see her.

In "Audrey Parker's Come and Gone", Cassie instructs Kyle to steal the book describing the White Lights prophecies that he had read in the previous episode. Kyle does as she asks, leaving a $100 donation for the curator as compensation.

Cassie later appears while Kyle is reading the book to tell him to meet her at the intersection of Forbes and Shady at 2 a.m., "where it's all beginning." She warns him that if he doesn't show, he'll never see her again. Kyle does show up at the appointed time, and is there to witness a car crash that leads to the liberation of Isabelle Tyler, in transit to her new holding facility.

Later, in the episode entitled "Tiny Machines", Kyle finally begins to lose faith in the wisdom of Cassie's advice. When Isabelle, under the influence of the now-Marked Tom Baldwin, turns her back on the movement and kidnaps Jordan Collier, Kyle angrily accuses Cassie of deceiving and manipulating him. Her response indicates that Isabelle's betrayal was all part of a larger plan, and that in Jordan's absence it will fall on Kyle to assume leadership of Promise City.

The Marked

The Marked are a group of people belonging to the anti-4400 faction in the future, and they are first revealed in their eponymous episode. They consist of ten "elites" sent from the future, whose goal is to preserve the timeline as it originally proceeded and to stop the 4400 - in particular, Jordan Collier. The Marked have taken over the minds and bodies of prominent people in the present day, manipulating the world in total secrecy. Due to the procedure involved in the implantation, The Marked cannot develop powers by taking promicin. They are revealed to have an X-shaped mark behind the left earlobe, as described in 4400 Curtis Peck's trailer for his film "The Marked", which would have unveiled the entire conspiracy.

The only explicitly revealed agents thus far are Drew Imroth, the CEO of the Ubient Software Corporation; Rebecca Parish, the director of National Intelligence; and Matthew Ross. It was Ross who primed The Marked's ultimate weapon Isabelle Tyler to destroy the 4400, although the plan faltered when she murdered him.

When Tom Baldwin is sectioned in a mental hospital for reporting Curtis Peck's claims of conspiracy, The Marked implant a sleeper agent inside him. Drew Imroth later reassures his comrades that when they need him, Baldwin will be there for them. After seeing numerous memories belonging to another person, Tom Baldwin is eventually overcome by the being formerly possessing Matthew Ross. Baldwin then uses his NTAC status to his advantage, capturing Isabelle Tyler and blackmailing her into taking back her abilities.

Following an attack on Ubient Software Corporation by a promicin-positive, the rest of The Marked have Drew Imroth kill his host so that he can be implanted into another host, Jordan Collier. Baldwin then forces Isabelle to kidnap Collier.

When Tom Baldwin is later freed from The Marked's control, he tries to rescue Collier, but is captured. However, Isabelle soon turns against The Marked, killing Rebecca Parish and freeing Baldwin and Collier at the cost of her own life. Baldwin, still retaining his memories of being one of The Marked, then gives Collier a list of the remaining seven.

Known members of "The Marked" include:
*Matthew Ross (deceased, agent transferred)
**NTAC agent Tom Baldwin (alive, agent deceased)
*Ubient CEO Drew Imroth (deceased, agent transferred)
**Jordan Collier (agent status unknown)
*National Intelligence agent Rebecca Parish (deceased, agent status unknown)


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