Languages of Oceania

Languages of Oceania

Many languages are indigenous to Oceania; they belong to several families. The Austronesian family is the most common, found throughout many Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Australia is home to many diverse families of indigenous languages:
*Pama-Nyungan languages
*Gunwinyguan languages
*Macro-Pama-Nyungan languages
*Southwest Pama-Nyungan languages
*Bunaban languages (2 languages in two branches)
*Daly languages (11-19 languages in four branches, including Murrinh-Patha)
*Limilngan languages (2 languages, extinct?)
*Djeragan languages (3-5 languages in two branches)
*Nyulnyulan languages (4-8 languages in one branch)
*Wororan languages (7-12 languages in three branches)

Also, the languages of European settlers and colonial powers are common in the region, such as English in Australia and New Zealand, Spanish in Easter island, and French in New Caledonia, etc. There are also creoles formed from the interaction of the European and indigenous languages, such as Tok Pisin and Hawaiian Pidgin.

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* List of extinct languages of Oceania

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