Irwin (surname)

Irwin (surname)

Irwin is a surname, and may refer to:

* Andy Offutt Irwin, American storyteller and singer/songwriter
* Arthur Irwin (1858–1921), Canadian-American shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball
* Barney Irwin, professional wrestler
* Bindi Irwin, Australian child personality
* Denis Irwin (born 1965), former Irish football player
* Elaine Irwin, former American supermodel and current spokeswoman for Almay Cosmetics
* George Rankine Irwin (1907–1998), American scientist specializing in fracture mechanics
* Hale Irwin (born 1945), American golfer
* Howard Samuel Irwin, American botanist
* J. David Irwin, Electrical Engineering Educator
* James Irwin (1930–1991), member of the Apollo 15 mission and the eighth man to walk on the Moon
* Sir James Murray Irwin (1858–1938), British Army doctor who served in Sudan, the Boer War and the Great War
* Jared Irwin (1750–1818), former Governor of Georgia
* Jeff Irwin, American musician
* Julia Irwin, Australian politician
* Julienne Irwin, American singer
* Kenny Irwin, Jr. (1969-2000), NASCAR Winston Cup driver and 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year.
* Leslie Irwin (1898-1985), Australian politician
* Lew Irwin, radio broadcaster and founder of The Credibility Gap.
* May Irwin (1862–1938), actress, singer and major star of vaudeville
* Noel Irwin, (1892 - 1972), British World War II general
* Robert Irwin (artist), American artist
* Robert Graham Irwin (born 1946), British historian, novelist and writer on Arabic literature
* Robert Irwin (real estate author) (fl. late 20th century), real estate author
* Scott Irwin, professional wrestler and brother of Bill Irwin
* Steve Irwin (1962–2006), Australian conservationist and television personality
*Steve Irwin, Australian rugby league footballer
* Stu Irwin (1903–1967), American actor
* Terri Irwin (born 1964), American-born naturalist
* William Irwin (disambiguation), various people named William or Bill Irwin

ee also

* Irwin
* Erwin


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